Her training has gone well

"I'm sorry" she looks down "I thought I'd surprise u. I didn't realise u would already have company "
A sly smile touched his lips.
"I'll... umm..I'll come back later"
She murmurs starting to turn to leave.
"Inside" said in THAT tone
Her eyes flick to the man behind him
"Yes..." she answers, she almost completes the sentence
"Yes what?" A warning has creeped into his voice
She blushes so pretty, eyes down.
"Yes Master" said quietly, shyly
"That's my good Fuck Toy" she is shocked to be addressed so in front of company, but says nothing.
He unlocks the door and lets her in, the stranger follows.
Master points to an area on the carpet next to the armchair, she kneels as always. Her training has gone well.
The two man disappear into the kitchen returning with cold drinks, he hands her water.
She kisses his hand after taking it. Finishing the glass she places it on the small table beside her, Eyes travelling to the fine chain attached to one leg, a leather cuff attached to the loose end.
"Clothes" one word her eyes snap to him flickering to the stranger and back. He raises an eyebrow. Quickly she undressed, no panties. Her training has gone well.
"Chain" she hands him the cuff and extends her left leg, he secures her.
The men talk, ignoring her, she sits in Nadu. Time means nothing, it simply passes, she is almost at peace, although she wonders about the stranger, their talk gives nothing away about him. Maybe an old friend, maybe a work mate.
Occasionally Masters hand slides absent mindedly through her hair, she almost purrs in those moments, her eyes closing in pure pleasure.
There is a knock on the door, she wonders idly if she should at least put a top on, but Master ignores her as he welcomes his new guest into the room, she knows to stay in Nadu. Her training has gone well.
She look at this new comer curiously. Just as he looks at her. His next words surprise her and draw her up straighter.
"This is her?"
"Yes" Master answers simply
"Hmmm. Stand up,Toy" says the new stranger.
She looks to Master for reassurance, he nods ever so slightly, quickly she rises, the chain jiggles quietly at her ankle.
"Come here Toy". she obeys, standing tall in front of him hands laced behind her head, her feet shoulder width apart.
Her training has gone well.
The other stranger joins Master and this man. They discuss her as if she were an animal, good posture, obedient, good length hair, so much more. Master tells the men of her training, how well she services him, her stamina, her pain tolerance. Everything. She is blushing furiously, even her breasts are rosy with it. That is when they start touching her, lifting her breasts and ass, walking around her.
"Master?" She is starting to become scared but she doesn't break position.
Her training has gone well.
"Steady" is all he says. Then continues to tell the first stranger just how capable her pussy muscles are.
She gasps as she feels it, a hand sliding up her inner thigh, her blush darkens knowing just how wet she already is from the attention of the men. The hand continues until fingers are sliding into her, they prod and tease, then slide to her sensitive nub. A gasp escapes her, but still she holds position. Her training has gone well.
Cruel fingers pinch at her nipples, another hand slides down her ribs, another down her outer thigh. Still the fingers sliding over her sensitive nub, she can feel the tingling starting, her breathing starting to speed up, a different blush taking over her body.
The tingles increase, and her muscles start to twitch, she is panting now. Still she stands in position. Her training has gone well.
A hand roughly tangles into her hair and pulls her head back. She gasps and starts to loose control.
"Master, please." She begs
"Please what?" Is his only reply
"Master,please may I cum?" Gasped out, eyes closed, the fingers are moving faster now. She doesn't even know who touches her so intimately, she doesn't care. Her training has gone well.
She groans, panting as the fingers continue to torment her.
"I would like to see her" the first stranger.
"Really?" Master so idly asks, "u don't want to see how long My Toy can hold out?"
"Not really, I believe u, I remember the last one" he chuckles
Master laughs
"Yes she was fun" he waits for a few moments anyway, watching as his toy twitches and try's so hard not to displease him.
"My Fuck Toy, on the count of 3 u may cum"
"Thank u Master" desperation so clearly visible.
"1... you will not hold back...2.... u will cum very hard for my friends...3"
She explodes , her body trembling, a groan turning almost into a scream as her body shook with it, her cum streaming down her legs as she pants and moans, her head pulling against the hand in her hair. She would have collapsed if not for a strong arm around her ribs and the hand between her legs. Her hands never leave her head, her legs remain shoulder width apart, she remains on her feet.
Her training has gone well.
Slowly she comes back to herself, her breathing slows, standing under her own strength, she breathes deap and resettles her position.
"My thanks Master...s"
"Very good " 2nd stranger says. "Quite pretty when she cums" 1st stranger. "It makes a difference when they don't look like a constipated bird"
Laughter, she smiles shyly, eyes lowered.
"Would u like to try My Fuck Toy?" Her eyes snap to Master. That is when she sees it, something in his look, he is watching her a little to closely, is this a test?, is he seeing if she would allow him to pass her around?, would he let her be so used?, does he expect her to protest. She would never deny him anything, she is his to use as he sees fit.
A blindfold, and earphones are placed, earmuffs to hold the earphones in place and music floods her senses.
Her collar is pulled down, she moves back into Nadu. Blind and deaf, she can only go by feel. Her hands are taken from her thighs and placed on male thighs clad in jeans. Her hands explore upward, knowing what is expected. A button undone with teeth, a zip slides downwards, she can smell the heat of him, this is not her Master. She takes him in her mouth. Her training has gone well.
Long eager strokes of her lips and tongue, as his hard cock pushes at the back of her throat, he isn't as long as Master but is thicker. His hands pull her face tight against his crutch as his fingers tangle in her hair, his cock blocks her air, he starts to fuck her throat. Short, sharp, thrusts, the head of his cock catching behind her tonsils as she starts to gag.
He lets her catch her breath. A tap under her chin reminds her to keep her tongue out, as his cock is thrust again into her throat, the fat glands hot against her soft pallet as he slides in and out. She can almost smell when he is about to cum, she can feel how his cock gets harder and stronger, his thrusts more desperate. He freezes in place as his hot cum shoots down her throat in spurts, she continues to suck after he cums, his cock leaves her mouth still hard. Her training has gone well.
And a hand explores her wetness, fingers entering her, she clenches around them. A hand on her back pushes her face into the carpet as the leather cuff is removed from her ankle. And a cock replaces the fingers inside her. There is no gentleness in this, she is fucked and fucked hard. This is what a Fuck Toy is for, to be used, fucked, and passed around as wanted or needed. The cock inside her tight pussy pounds at her, his pelvis slapping against her ass, as finger dig into her hips to pull her back. His cock, she couldnt guess at who's, sunk deap inside her, punishingly hard, a hard hand slaps at her ass, sending a ripple up her back and a tingle up her spine, how she loved it. Another slap on her other ass cheek and she gasps, the hard cock slamming into her, she clenches around him, tightening as her orgasm climbs through her, a hand tangles in her hair pulling her head back as far as it could go. lips descend on hers, catching her breath and the hard cock slammed again and again and again into her.
"Please, Master! May I cum!" She almost screams into the music. 2 taps on her left shoulder tells her she is allowed.
Her orgasms rips through her making her shake uncontrollably, and as she feels the cock spill it seed deep inside her, her orgasms continues, cumming and cumming for what seems like forever. And the cock finally slides soft from her hot flesh, only to be quickly replaced by another. And she is used just as throughly, hands on her shoulders pulling her back into him, whichever him it was, and his cock too spills its seed inside her, sending another orgasms through her body. Only after begging to cum again of course. Her training has gone well.
She is left, panting for only a moment, then, with a hand full of her hair, one of them leads her from the room. From the turns and distance, from the sudden change from soft carpet to cool wood she knew where she was. She almost wanted to sing with joy, the Play Room. She could almost smell the pleasure and pain in this room, with its hung paddles, whips, crops, ropes and chains, its wooden horse and standing cross, leather padding and bare metal. How she loved the hours she had had within this room. She knew it would be a long night when she was lifted onto the padded bench, on her back, her legs lifted and chained to the wall at her head, a thick strap tight around her ribs, and her wrists cuffed in leather lower then her body. She said nothing , excepting all to come almost eagerly. Her training has gone well.

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