Cum as you are.

I have a special request for you Lyn, may I ask you?” “Of course, please go ahead” she replied. “I would like you to do for me what you do in private, I would like you to masturbate for me and perhaps enjoy me doing it with you. Would you like that?” “Yes I would” Lyn replied without even thinking, she knew why she was here and what she wanted to do. This sounded like a perfect place to start.
Brian unzipped her dress, slowly lifting it up over her head. “Mmmm he said, you look fantastic in that lingerie, you are such an exceptional woman" "Would you mind if I just take your bra and knickers off and leave the rest?” “As I said Brian, whatever you wish” she replied. Brian slowly removed the delicate items and Lyn stood there almost naked. The warm room meant she was comfortable, more comfortable than she ever expected. She was nervous, almost shy. Ridiculous really, here she was on this man's bed, spread-eagled, there wasn’t anything to hide now, he could see it all. Slowly she slid a hand up to her breast, gently rubbing her nipple, licking her fingers to lubricate them. Then slowly she brushed a hand over her pussy, she heard Brian gasp, he was enjoying her show. She eased a finger between her lips and up over her hood. She was wet, very wet. Slowly she worked her finger up and down her slick slit, she loved the softness and the wetness, so slippery and so sensitive to the touch. Lower and lower her finger slid, closer and closer to her entrance with every careful stroke. She allowed her finger to run either side of her lips, the inside, where the moist juices made her finger slick, to the outside where she teased her proud, hardening clit. Lyn ran her finger around her pussy, sometimes teasing her puckered anus with just the lightest of pressure. She closed her eyes and allowed her body to full with the feeling of her building cum. The feeling intensified once Brian's warm, wet tongue flicked across her nub, enough pressure to feel it was there but not enough to allow Lyn to thrust her hips against it. Brian's tongue moved down her slit, sucking the honeyed juice that flowed, his teeth gently pulling on her lips, opening her up and then burying his tongue deep inside her hole. His face was glistening with her cum as she continued to toy with her oh so sensitive clit. She felt the orgasm filling her entire being as she focussed on the attention being given to her sex, her own finger speeding up and rubbing frantically across her clit, aided by Brian's phallic nose as he thrust his tongue deeper and faster within her, to add to all the pressure Brian pressed his thumb against her anus, teasing and slightly penetrating that pleasure zone. Then the dam burst and the most intense of orgasms ripped through her, a flood of wetness engulfed the hungry tongue, intent on tasting it all Brian sucked and drank all that she had. Her clit now too sensitive to touch, Lyn collapsed with the aftershocks rising and receding inside her. She lay drained on the bed as Brian took himself in hand, his cock, hard with it's vein prominent and pulsing, it didn't take much for him to explode cum over Lyn's face and breasts and she smiled while tasting his seed.

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