We will return

It was a 40 degree day and being in a mobile trade air conditioning was few and far between. Had a job where the customer had organised for their vehicle to be left at their mothers house as they were from out of town.
Arrived around 9.00 and knocked on the door, a woman came out of a side room into the hallway. With being warm already the hallway continued to the rear of the house where the back door was open and showed a shapely figure approaching.
I introduced myself as did she as "Jill ", she said the car was around the back and told me to get my ute and meet her there. As she turned i couldn't help but to watch her silouette walking towards sunlight and showing her gracefull curves.
Moving around the back and setting up i now know why I could see her figure. She wore a fine lace robe that hugged her ample breasts and flowed over the rest of her body becoming firm again on her hips.
Trying to compose myself and not get caught i started small talk as i received the keys. Jill said if i need anything she would be inside, nah all should be right i said and started to get to work.
An hour had passed and Jill returned with a glass of ice water only this time had changed into a white singlet top and high jogging shorts- Damm how am i going to get around this ? Her areoles were quite visible thru the singlet which huged her hips with a hint of tummy and her shorts showing fuller figure . Her breast where large but not to low.
Working on my knees Jill knelt to pass me the water bringing her cleavage together making my semi erect start leaking pre cum and growing harder. Wearing stubbies without undies (feels better in summer) i hadnt realised the head was out and glistening.
Jill asked if i liked what i saw and obviously i agreed- no way of hiding my erection.
Jill admitted she liked flirting with tradies and ones that appealed to her made it further and i am one of the lucky ones.
With disappointment and apprehension i admitted that also very appealing that i was married to a woman that doesn't mind sharing and i also said with 3 there would be more fun as i admire but do not touch without her
Jill replied " well when do i meet her?"

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