Where have you guys been for the last 3 yrs??

Living in Midwestern USA had it's pros and cons. I had to work in another state to find good paying contract jobs and flying back home to the Caribbean meant at 12 hrs of travel but on the flip side, the swinger lifestyle in the Midwest was busy and folks were very cool and a lot of interracial play. I had been in Missouri for 3 years and was looking for a great group of local folks who where into interracial fun. After posting a message on a swinger site, I got an email asking if I was into group play with couples. This was one of the things I love so I answered in the affirmative. 2nd question are you ok with orgies and specifically interracial orgies featuring BBCs. Not issues at all since I used to organize orgies back in the Caribbean. So I got an invitation after providing the requisite info and meeting the lady to put my skills to the test.
So I turned up early at on the day and went up to the two interconnected rooms. It was just the organizing couple another black guy and this hot chatty middle aged shapely blonde with great tits who was already sucking the black guy's cock. So I stripped down to my boxes and was walking past the blonde lying on a foot cushioned stool preparing to receive her first fucking from the other black guy. As I walked past she reached out yanked my boxers off to reveal my rock hard cock, grabbed my cock and started to suck my cock seemingly in one go. Man she had skills and had cum from being spit roasted within the 4 min my cock started pumping cum down her throat in an amazingly loud and intense orgasm. After she finished swallowing my load and she said between moans from the solid fucking she was still getting " Hi, I'm Pam, glad to meet you. Betty said you were a nice addition to our merry group. When I turned around there were 3 other couples watching and smiling. Then the hostess said to BFF partner in crime from one of the other couples that were watching, Becky, this is Drew, the West Indian guy I told you about, let' take him for a spin to see if the interview was one his one off !" I just heard myself blurt out, "Fuck!! Where have you guys been the last 3 years."

Next thing I know they push me onto the king sized bed and Betty sits on my face while Becky starts to devour my already rock hard cock...next thought through my mind is life is perfect!! That was my introduction and induction into the Afternooners Fuckfest crew!!
PS: Chatted with Betty on Skype last week and we said , damn those were great times!!

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