Man Fest

I posted sometime back about my new bi friend
I winked at him even though his profile said straight.
To my amazement we met & had sex at his house that day!
We were on a secluded spot on the beach I was getting fucked
When 2 men were watching us, they didn't seem to know each other.
That got us going, we put on a show!
Didn't invite them to join us until after my friend came in my mouth.
We said hi
My friend the straight man who gives great head
Suggested we invite them over for a 4 way
The following weekend we hosted at his house!!
Both men arrived we had drinks went into the garden,
They told us how they enjoyed watching us on the beach.
We were all getting hard.
I went closer to one of our new friends and felt his hard cock, unzipped him and went down on him as I looked across my friend was getting sucked!
We were then all naked, I had oil for our cocks so we could watch each other wank.
We then went inside, incase neighbors could see!!
We fucked each other, Dominated
Ended up in a gooey mass of cum

Had pizza delivered started again

It's like my new bi straight friend is my partner, he's not but we meet regularly & enjoy watching each other performing as well as each other
I feel blessed to have him in my life


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