The green monster rears it's head...

Having moved from the US to Australia, I was not sure what to expect given all the stories I had heard. I had left the the 10yrs and some great couples and playmates behind to move halfway around the world. Six months later I was beginning to become very disappointed with the stark differences here. I encountered a distinct lack of "openness" to interracial swinging and I was beginning to regret my move ever so slightly.

I met a mid 50s divorcee soon after arriving after we had chatted while I was getting ready to leave the US. She was very attracted to black guys and we enjoyed some very intense and long playdates because we hit it off immediately!! The first night we met in person, we were going to have dinner but after the first kiss 5 min after I got into her car, we decided to get a room where I got to please this 3 hole lady before dinner. It went well and we had several playdates and even spent 2 days together...I died laughing when the first morning while on the 2 day 1 on 1 sex binge, she called her BFF to apologize for not calling her back. She said "Sorry but this is longest time since 6pm last night that his cock was out of me!! We had talked initially about doing 3sums and orgies and her finally doing a 2 BBC type of lady!!

I started to travel to Sydney for work and on returning from my first trip she said something that concerned me though the agreement was we were having NSA fun and it was about pleasure and great company with no demands. After returning from a business trip we caught up a few days after my return and after a very intense back to back 45 min of mind blowing pussy and then anal, we started talking about doing the 2 BBC 3sum and trying swinger party, she said out of the blue "I don't think I could deal with seeing you play with another woman." Where did that come from, I asked myself as the sirens went off in my head. Sighhhh, here we go again!
I get and understand that there will be times that feelings develop but I have and never place demands on anyone once everyone is on the same page but really?

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