Birthday wish

I have been planning a Birthday Celebration and in the lead up to the big day I asked him what he wanted most for his 50th birthday.
He wanted to get away, for a long weekend on the GC to spend some time relaxing and getting away to enjoy some different surroundings.
On the Friday night our first night out we went to the local surf club to relax and get some dinner
Over dinner we were discussing his birthday wishes and a very unusual request was brought to my attention. My husband had asked for a threesome not a FMF but a MFM. This wasn’t a complete surprise due to our fantasies and role playing in the bedroom.
However the request to make it a reality was both exciting and risky as we have only ever played the idea in our heads while in the bedroom together
Call it my Birthday wish he whispered in my ear, before he headed off to order the meals
My mind was spinning out of control, what just happened. My husband had just suggested we bring another male into our bedroom for his birthday.
We he returned he could see the shocked look on my face and replied you wanted to know what I was wishing for on my birthday that was it.
About 3 stiff drinks later my thinking on the birthday wish was changing and we were playing around with some hypothetical situations, which in turn removed some of the nervousness around the request.
It was going to be a once only opportunity and he explained how it could enhance our relationship in and out of the bedroom. Later that night I found out he had posted a profile on a website for the sole purpose of a possible 3 some. I was Nervous and excited when I heard he had been talking with someone interested in meeting with us, and he assured me that if I felt uncomfortable about the situation we would just decide it wasn’t for us.
The next day I spent weighing up the pros and con of such an experiment, in our relationship the risks versus rewards and by that afternoon, I whispered in his ear while we were having sex would u like to see me with a younger or older male, he said it was my choice so I decided younger.
We had the most intense sex that afternoon that we had had in a while.
Later that afternoon he sent a text and within half hour a phone call had been received and he went out to the balcony to have a conversation which lasted about 20 minutes.
He came in and said we were going to catch up together in an hour across the road from where we are staying at a coffee shop.
We got there early and I had never been so nervous, for every male that walked past the table I could feel my heart beating so quickly. Some minutes later I went to the bathroom and on return found a young gentlemen sitting next to my husband with his eyes watching my every step from the bathroom. He stood up to introduce himself and wow did he smell nice.
Some 30 minutes later he excused himself to make a phone call, I leaned over to my husband and whispered he’s definitely my type and he replied I know, and you’re his type.
We left the café and invited Samuel up to the unit, while in the elevator my heart was racing with excitement and I was squeezing my husband’s hand so tightly.
We went out onto the balcony with some wine to get to know each other and ensure that if at any one at any time felt awkward, that it was ok to stop whatever’s going on.
10 minutes passed and my husband asked me to undress in the bedroom and put on one of his favorite pieces of lingerie with heels on.
While in the bedroom I could over hear their conversation on how attracted Samuel was for me.
When I came out wearing a red chemise and heels I decided to turn up the heat and sat down on Samuel’s lap, he was lost for a moment not sure on what to make of it.
Moment’s later, one hand still holding his glass and the other now resting between my knee and thigh.
My husband asked if was comfortable sitting on his lap and I responded with a oh yes
We finished the bottle and decided to move towards the bedroom,
Samuel asked to freshen up and take a shower, so this was going to be the first screening of him naked and I walked him into the en suite and watched him undress before showering.
Yum was my first response while staring at him, looking over his Mediterranean athletic, toned body that was nicely hung.
I went back out to the bedroom and my husband was lying naked and aroused on the bed.
While he’s in the shower would you like take me in your mouth he asked? So I did.
We could hear the shower stop and the intensity lifted I was on all fours when Samuel came out this time completely naked and semi aroused. I could feel the anticipation building as he knelt behind me and started kissing the lower parts of my back and working his way down. I could feel his tongue making contact with my very sensitive parts and my husband watching my eyes roll back, with his every lick.
Some moments later it was my turn to be the centre of attention, hubby asked me to lie on my back and we change positions. I slid the chemise off my shoulders to expose my breasts
Samuel was now slowing licking and kissing his way towards my mouth, my husband was working in the opposite direction towards my thighs. Samuel paused at my breasts for a few minutes as the nipples were now very erect. I kept looking down to see how engorged his penis had become; it was now rubbing against me while he was playing with my breasts.
I was so horny & stimulated like no other time; I was so ready to be penetrated by either male it was all about my pleasure and taking me to the next level.
It was like my husband was reading my mind and slowly moved away, allowing my new toy boy to make his way on top of me. His lips were now kissing up my neck and he whispered to me how hard he was for me.
I closed my eyes as he found his way to my mouth and I widened my legs, I could feel him massaging his erection against me. He was thick and not going to slide in without some help
So I decided to put him in my mouth first and let my husband start with me. I have never given oral and been penetrated at the same time, indescribable sex.
My husband was so hard, as he watched me take Samuel in my mouth. It wasn’t going to take long before I felt ready for him again.
So I asked for them to swap places and this time Samuel found my wetness more than accommodating.
I could feel every inch of him and his hardness as we got into a sexual rhythm in missionary with my legs apart and hands holding onto his back, then with every thrust he gave me, I could feel him going deeper than with my husband. He was now sliding his body up and down creating a rhythm and making me so horny in the process,
I was laying there moving my hands around feeling the muscles on his body as he continued sliding himself in and out. I looked over towards my husband sitting in a chair with a smile on his face watching me.
I asked Samuel if he would like a rest and lay on his back for a while so I could use cowgirl position
And give my husband some attention at the same time. I got on top and signaled my hubby to come over and join in, I gave him the longest head job I could remember, It was serene being the middle of all this. My Husband was getting to point of needing to come so he stepped away to avoid coming too early and sat back down with his erection.
I decided that I was going to make the most of Samuel while I’m on top, so I turned around so he could play with my breasts while I rode his hard on. He was reaching so deep I could feel a adrenalin rush come over me while I was moaning in pleasure.
I leaned forward so he could put his mouth over my breasts and send me towards an orgasm
Within five minutes he had me calling out, that’s it just fuck me, fuck me hard, and yes god yes
I had such a long and powerful orgasm that it left me shaking all over and needing to lay down on the bed so I could continue enjoying the rest of it in missionary position
He had a smile on his face when he saw me totally satisfied and asked If needed to take a break from him
No I replied I want to keep this feeling for a while,
I suggested we try doggy position for something different and let my husband join me again this time from behind while I play with Samuel
You’re so wet and your pussy’s swollen hubby mentioned in taking me from behind. That seemed like an invitation to him to penetrate me as hard as he could for as long as he could.
Then after a short while he asked Samuel to swap places and did I feel the difference again
In moments I was moaning with his every thrust, this time trying to keep hubby in my mouth at the same
Within a minute or so I tasted male ejaculation in my mouth from a very horny husband.
He was smiling watching my mouth fill up.
It wasn’t long before I felt Samuel increasing his rhythm from behind, his hands now firmly holding my waist as his hard on was now ready to erupt as well
I could feel him get really hard for 10-15 seconds and his breathing changed just before he let go of his orgasm with a loud moan
I was filled in both vagina and mouth and it never tasted so good!
We were still feeling very naughty and 30 minutes later we were ready to go again
I leave that for another time
49and lovingit

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