Once you go black . . .

We'd been thinking for some time that it may be a bit of fun to spice up our sex life. We'd been talking about doing it for quite a while,but had never got round to doing anything about it. Now we felt was the right time !

We thought that introducing another guy into our sex life may be fun,and if we all enjoyed the experience,we could catch up together on regular occasions as a friend "with benefits". We thought a nice respectful gentleman who offered us some different characteristics from my partner may be interesting and provide the extra fun and spice for both of us to enjoy !

Our long-term sexual relationship was fabulous,but with all the activity that we saw on amm,we wondered if we were missing out on enhancing our already satisfying sex life. We needed to find out !

I love and enjoy sex with my partner,he is a very generous lover who is very good at pleasuring & satusfying me,knowing his way around a woman's body. In deciding to spice up our sex life and try something and someone different, we were hoping it would enhance this experience. So who and what were our choices ?

We'd heard (along with everyone else) the folklore about dark skinned men from Africa provided something that many women sought. My partner used to live in Africa,and had been told by women over there that their appendage was much more impressive and satisfying sexually than fair skinned men. Was this true or just a fantasy ? Were black guys generally blessed with big cocks ? The thought of enjoying pleasurable sex with such a guy was certainly different from what I'd been used to,and upon reflection,the thought of trying this option really appealed to both of us !

We decided to give it a go and find out ! We checked through the variety of options available,and chose a few gentlemen to contact. We felt they seemed mature and respectful to understand that sex was far more pleasurable, satisfying and savoured slowly and longingly. They were very interested in what we had to offer,so upon chatting to a few,we arranged with one to catch up and see how we connected.

We knew that we may not like or connect with one another,however when we did meet up,there seemed to be an instant connection and attraction for both of us. My partner was only too happy for us to seek another guy to share our sexual experiences. In fact,he was very understanding, supportive and encouraging of me to experience another guy who was different from him and offered something I hadn't experienced before. We both feel very secure in our decision,so we were both very comfortable to see if we could enhance our sex life by having another guy join us !

We sat down and got to know one another over a couple of drinks and some nibbles (dips,cheeses & fruit,with water crackers). We were enjoying a lovely chat on a beautifully sunny and warm afternoon. We all felt very comfortable,and somehow it just felt so natural to get together with another guy and enjoy an afternoon or evening of sexual delights together !

We all decided to jump into our spa. We never wear bathers if we don't have to in the spa,so we all undressed and jumped in,in the nude. Well,when our guest removed his clothes,you couldn't help but notice his beautiful black cock hanging down from his groin. It was a gorgeous example of man-meat - a very impressive hunk of meat swinging freely in front in my eyes . . . and mouth !

It was cut and smooth,glistening in the sunlight and swinging freely hanging down between his legs. It was quite big and thick ! We sat down in the spa,and as soon as he put his hand beteeen my legs and start to gently play with my smooth pussy,I had to reciprocate by placing my fingers on his cock. I could feel his cock throbbing and growing in my hand - god it felt big !

His cock felt soo hard and erect,it just made my eager pussy start to pulsate at the thought of feeling him penetrate me and fuck me slowly ! I just had to see this specimen of man-meat. I asked him to sit up on the edge of the spa,so I could admire his equipment. He sat up,and there in all its glory,was the most beautiful looking cock I had seen.

I just had to taste his throbbing hunk of meat,so I put my lips over his bulging knob and gently sucked him,moving my tongue around the rim of his knob. As I slowly lowered my lips down his shaft,he started to groan in delight,and I tasted his pre-cum as it oozed out of his tip - it tasted lovely ! Our pleasurable afternoon had begun !

After enjoying some oral sex,he slid back down in the spa,and it wasn't long until I felt his fingers lightly touching my smooth pussy again. He slid a finger into my pussy and over my clit - I was already feeling very horny,so I moved my hand over to again stroke his hard cock. He was as stiff as a pole ! He possessed such a beautiful big hard throbbing cock that I just knew that my pussy would consume his length and girth beautifully,,and would make a perfect fit !

I winked at my partner who was looking and admiring the fun that was unravelling in the spa. Our guest and I played with one another's delights under the water,and when I said I was soo horny that I needed his cock inside me,he gently grabbed me (I'm a small and light frame),positioned my pussy above his big cock,and slowly slid my body down the length of his throbbing shaft.

My pussy is fairly tight,but I easily accommodated his 9"+ cock without any trouble,that it even surprised me ! It made a beautiful fit - I was soo very ready to take his length and girth,and although his size stretched and filled my eager pussy,it just felt soo good !

We slowly fucked as we chatted and sipped on our drinks. I was enjoying our fuck in the spa so much -, god his cock felt good ! My partner was really enjoying watching us too ! After a while,I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth again and suck his knob. So I asked him to again slide up and sit on the top of the spa so I could do that. His cock big and thick,cut and smooth,black and throbbing,hard and erect - It looked all of 9"+,this is what great sex is all about !

Although I could fit all of him in my pussy,I couldn't take all of him in my mouth,so I concentrated on his knob and around the rim - he was again moaning in delight ! I could feel it throbbing in my mouth and his pre-cum on my tongue. It was a very impressive cock,and as he should be,he was very proud of his equipment ! After enjoying each other's delights in the spa,we went inside.

We all played our adult sex board game Truth or Dare,which was a lot of fun. We licked,sucked and fucked our way around the board. We then got out the massage table and I had my partner and our guest give me an all over full-body relaxation massage (aka more pleasurable & satisfying sex) !

It wasn't long before I found a hard throbbing cock fucking my pussy and another fucking my mouth. Being "spit-roasted" either end by two throbbing hard cocks made me feel even more incredibly horny - I loved it ! We all played off and on all afternoon with sucking and fucking my partner and our new found "friend with benefits",until we had all cum,and that I had cum all over my breasts and pussy !

Our guest was such a delightful gentleman,and was blessed with such a gorgeous black cock ! We all got on so very well,that we all agreed that this would now become a regular thing and part of our sex lives.

Both my partner and I are very happy with our new found love for pleasurable and satisfying sex - I am now a convert to enjoy sex with two cocks at the same time ! But moreover,I am now a complete devotee of respectful gentlemen with big black cocks.

They said once you try black,you'll never go back - my preference in now black cock - my pussy craves it ! My partner understands how I feel,as he saw how horny I became when I could enjoy a lovely black guy possessing such impressive equipment !

Apparently,some black gentlemen possess even bigger cocks,and find it hard to find women who can accommodate their size and are able to please them sexually ! I'm here to show them that some mature women relish all they have to offer,and look forward to providing them with all the sexual pleasures and satisfaction they seek !

An updated story on this topic is just around the corner !

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