Overtime Yoga.

“What? Wait, was she just staring at his swelling member?” He wondered as they relaxed out of another asana. “Oh my god. She was...that slight smile was a dead giveaway.” As Alex coached the class into the next pose, he pinched tiny glances at her hot arse. It was obvious she'd been practicing yoga for quite some time. He had not seen a body in this class as beautifully curved as hers. Just amazing it is. Sexy, slender arms and legs, firm round butt and perfectly shaped boobs and torso, and the face of a model. What a package. There was no wondering as to why she was married. Speaking of which, these glances he was stealing were all the more exciting as her newly wedded husband, Mark was right there next to her in the yoga class. He was a very fit looking man who looked like he’d quite easily kick Alex’s fuckin’ arse if he got busted perving on his sexy new wife. As the practice continued the teacher tried not to look her way, but it was nearly impossible. Her arse just wouldn’t quit and neither would his now, nearly hard dick. He glanced over at her hubby as he tried to pay equal attention to all of the class members, hubby was kinda smiling also. Alex just passed this off as ‘being friendly’ and concluded the practice with the traditional relaxation pose. And that’s exactly what it is. The class members lay flat out on their backs, eyes closed and assume a meditative like breathing pattern. Continuing for about the next 2 minutes, this gave him loads of time to take in all of her smouldering hot body. As he rolled his eyes right over every contour and detail, took the opportunity to briefly adjust his swollen stiff cock as it had become embarrassingly bulged in his very loose fitting yoga pants. He wound up the practice and he invited any questions or queries to be brought to him. As the other class members slowly made their way outside, her and Mark both gathered their mats and towels, and approached the teacher at the door. After thanking him for the practice and making small talk for a couple of minutes he felt sure they both would be moving on soon. As he moved back to his mat so he could explain to her hubby, a pose in more detail, she gently bumped the door closed and came over to stand by her man’s side. Alex explained a little more about the pose and as he did, she seemed to be looking straight at his bulging pants....right at his stiff cock. Her man was watching her and smiled at his wife and the teacher. “Something here that you like sweetheart?” he asked her. FUCK!!!! Alex almost fell over as she promptly answered. “Hells yeah!!!” She leaned into her man and started to rub his rippled muscular chest and down over flat stomach, onto his yoga pants draw-string. She delicately began to tug on his pants belt, all this time he was molesting her gorgeous arse and reaching under to rub her beautiful soft mound. He encouraged her to slow down and he pushed her hand even lower. He gently reached over to her perfect boobs and began pinching each of her nipples. She then started to rub his member through his loose fitting attire and his cock began to swell. She grabbed it and started wanking him through his pants. She kept looking at Alex all the time and as he was too distracted to continue the pose, flopped onto the floor and just watched these two hot bodies go to work on each other. Soon they eased up and just began to kiss again. Their tongues and lips were wet with saliva as they run their hands over each other’s bodies. They gently folded their knees and dropped to the floor beside him. He was reluctant to leap in as any forced or uninvited merger may just bring a stop to these sexy proceedings. As they continued to kiss and fondle each other, the gob-smacked yoga teacher just sat and propped his body up with his arms, crossed his legs and allowed his hard cock to stand up freely. It was pretty obvious that they weren’t going to stop him and he could tell that she was extremely turned on by knowing that someone else was turned on by her. “I want you to watch me suck Mark’s dick,” She moaned, as she worked her hand into his loose fitting pants and exposed his stiff, hairless cock and nuts. “And by the time he gets my panties off I want to see your beautiful long prick out also.” she demanded.
So not to be one who likes to displease a lady, Alex was quite diligent in following any instructions or advice she was giving. As she began to release Mark’s long dick from his pants she couldn’t wait and just pushed her mouth over his swollen knob and began to gently and slowly move her lips back and forth over it. He just lay back as she subtly sucked him off. As he started to reach for her, now almost fallen down pants, the teacher remembered what she had said about wanting to see his dick before her panties came off, so he swiftly dug his thumbs in and off they came, and with a spring his cock was out for her to see. She was busily tonguing Mark’s member from top to bottom now and just as her attention was diverted away from his dick she noticed that Alex had obeyed her request and she acknowledged this by moaning loudly and quivering. She just loved the sight of another man’s cock as her tiny mouth was filled with her husband’s. Mark dropped her knickers and she helped him by shuffling them off the rest of the way. He reached back down and fondled one of her tits as she manoeuvred her knees around to be beside his head. She worked on sucking his balls now.
Alex was absolutely stunned that this was all going on, so he moved the quickest he’d ever done to the door and squeezed the lock tight. Once back on the floor, he positioned himself to make the best of things and moved to the arse end of her. By this time she had straddled Mark’s face and he was 2 fingers deep inside her soft wet pussy. Her cunt was just as Alex had imagined it to be, bald and tight. She seemed to be struggling to accept those 2 fingers, but Mark was gentle and patient. With legs wide open and his stiff cock back in her mouth, she was now alternating between his nuts and dick and jerking him off in between. This was getting Alex so fuckin’ horny, he had trouble containing his pleasure. He would now and then reach down and start to toss himself off also, in a vain attempt to stifle his erection. It didn’t work, but it did however, please her enough to ask her hubby to invite Alex over to join the party. Hubby was understanding of his sexy wife’s desires and allowed the request. “Your cock doesn’t seem like it can get any harder Alex. Can I do something about that please? Get over here and let me play with it for a while.” she begged as Mark withdrew his fingers and began to gently lick around her clit. Her legs folded with the unexpected pleasure he gave her. Alex was there after a moment...kneeling beside them, she wrapped her tiny little hand around his large veiny dick. He liked to keep his member clean and shaven at all times and she loved to see that, as she planned to fit the whole thing into her mouth later, and she definitely didn’t want to get any hair in the way. As she straddled his face, Mark didn’t take long to be driving his tongue lightly into her open, pink cunt...licking from her swollen clit right up to her sweet tasting pussy hole, and dipping his tongue in again. She just loved this action and reciprocated by engulfing his stiff prick all the way to the base. Alex, all the while, is being teased by just her hand. When at that moment, she looked up at him and gasped, “Stuff your cock into my mouth.” She then turned her attention to Alex’s stiff rod and how she was going to fit that whole thing into her mouth. Starting with his knob, she licked it all over until he could handle it no longer, then he pushed it into her mouth...just the end. She was already being vigorously eaten out by Mark and she just loved this. The fact that she had an extra dick to suck on and play with was amazing for her. Mark’s pussy eating skills were driving her crazy and she momentarily lost attention from the cocks and just concentrated on pushing her open wet cunt right onto Mark’s face and mouth to push his tongue deep into her snatch. She lifted onto his mouth and began to ride his tongue like a dick. “OH FUCK...lick me...lick my pussy.” She cried. “OH!!..Cumming...Cumming...I’m Cumming.” As she came in his mouth, she furiously started to jerk Alex off while wrapping her tiny mouth around Mark’s long hard cock... ”Fuck my mouth now.” She demanded. He obliged by grabbing a handful of her hair and held her head solid. He gently began to push his rock hard member passed her open lips, all the way in...then withdrew it again...then back in. She just fuckin’ loved that. As her orgasm subsided, she pulled Mark’s cock from her mouth and replaced it with Alex’s. She lifted her tight little body of Mark’s and held herself up on all fours...still with her eager mouth tightly wrapped around Alex’s prick. She moved one hand onto his balls. Mark turned around on the yoga mat to be reversed to his earlier position. During this reshuffle she had diverted her sucking attention down to Alex’s shaven nuts and was licking them generously. Mark grabbed her by the hips, encouraging and manoeuvring her onto his upstanding wang. Now was the test of how much of Mark’s huge dick she could take into that tight little cunt. As she turned sidewards she gently eased herself down onto his prick, it was easier than she had expected as the tongue riding she gave Mark earlier had relaxed her muscles enough for an easy entry. She quickly engulfed that fat prick deep inside her pussy and was enjoying 2 cocks once again. She stuffed her mouth full with Alex’s stiff dick, and crammed as much of Mark’s cock deep into her tight wet cunt as she could and not damage her delicate self. Her nipples were hard with her excitement and both of her men were rigid as blood ran quickly through their long fat cocks.
Her free hand...the one not cradling Alex’s nuts, was feverishly flicking back and forward over her swollen clit. This delivered the desired result, as she began to quiver into another mild orgasm. Alex had to pull out of her mouth as the sounds he was hearing from her were such a turn on he almost came right there into her mouth. He pushed her hand down away from his balls and she continued to grind downwards onto Mark’s stiff cock. While she was finishing her business on Mark, Alex was settling himself on his yoga mat preparing for her to switch pricks and move across to fuck him now. As she stood up, releasing Mark’s hot red cock, her pussy dripped slightly with her cum juice making Alex’s mouth drool. She then stepped over him, to be legs open either side of Alex’s dick. She was just about to lower herself onto him, when he grabbed her by the knees and motioned to her to squat over his face. He just couldn’t wait to fuck her tight little pussy, but he so wanted to eat that tasty wet box out first. She was more than happy to let this happen and she, in turn, aimed her soft pink pussy lips right onto his open mouth. In the same movement she cunningly dropped to her knees and pinned his arms under her shins. This move completely surprised him, and he was totally indisposed. She absolutely loved his feeling of helplessness and took full advantage of it. She placed her hands behind her back.
“Stand up gorgeous.” She asked of her husband as their yoga teacher licked her juicy pussy. He stood up right away. “I wanna get your big dick into my mouth now.” She requested as she proceeded to blow Mark as he stood there right above Alex’s head. She opened her legs a little wider so Alex could reach deeper into her box with his tongue. He lapped up and down her pussy lips from her clit right down to her little brown hole. This is what she really loves. A good rimming. Her man pushed his dong a little deeper into her little mouth as he reached down to grasp onto her hard nipples. This and the butt licking drove her crazy and she gasped for air around Mark’s long hairless dick. She knew that she didn’t want either of them to cum just yet so she, after straddling over Alex’s face, moved herself along his muscular, yoga toned body, all the way to finally be ready to take his huge erect cock. As she moved, this freed up Alex’s hands and went right back to caressing her firm brown tits. She raised her body up, to gather the head of Alex’s dick and edge it into her gapping wide snatch. It squeezed in much easier this time as her muscles were more relaxed and inviting. Still with her hands behind her back her continued to draw back and forth, sucking the blood to Mark’s now, very red cock. She could tell he was not going to last much longer by the look on his face and by the way his legs were quaking and convulsing under him. He stepped back and away from her and reluctantly moved over to his mat. There he lay down and just watched as Alex wildly fucked his sexy new wife. Alex reached over to grab her hips and push his long hard prick deep inside her and she began to grind up and down, Mark propped up on one arm. He was still hard as he continued to stroke off and watch his wife’s arse bounce around gently. This turned her on hugely and she stopped stroking Alex’s shaven balls and released her arms from her back to grab hold of Alex’s solid chest. She had a better grip this way and was able to move easier in unison with his pumps. They worked great as a team and pretty soon they had a fantastic rhythm going. He could pound at her box with everything that he had and she would take his cock all the way up to the nuts. Seeing this became so sexy to Mark that he could not wait anymore and was soon at her side again, this time both of his hands exploring every ripple of her torso and hot butt. He’d run his right hand all over her tight belly and pert boobs, while his left would be fondling her beautiful round arse. Alex was holding on tight to her hips now and as she would be pushing back and forth with every stroke, he was pushing her down into his rigid dick with everything he had. Pretty soon their three-way rhythm would begin to sync and she was approaching another orgasm. Mark knew this and as she was on the brink he would slide his saliva moistened middle finger deep into her tight little brown arsehole. She began to pound up and down on Alex’s stiff cock, crying out in ecstasy, “FUCK ME HARDER ALEX...FUCK ME FUCK ME....I’M ABOUT TO CUM.” As Alex wound it up another gear and started to put everything he had into her, Mark began to remove his finger, but she wouldn’t have that, ”NO NO...FUCK NO!!”...”KEEP IT IN THERE”...”PUSH IT IN ALL THE WAY”...”FUCK ME ALEX”....”POUND THAT WET LITTLE CUNT WITH YOUR HUGE COCK”....”OH MY FUCKIN’GOD...I’M CUMMING...I’M CAAAAAAMMING.” She was convulsing and quivering as she let out the sexiest screams he’d ever heard. Her tight slippery pussy was clenching his rock hard dick and he felt her legs clamp around his body. With his right hand, Mark was now pinching her stiffened pink nipples as her orgasm began to turn down. His finger slipped gently out of her bum and she started to lean forward to kiss Alex. He wrapped his large muscular arms around her and pulled her in close. She fell onto his hairy chest and closed her arms around his neck. Alex’s cock was still very hard and she could feel it deep inside of her. She could feel that he wasn’t done fucking yet and neither was she. And there was some fun to be had with Mark still. After a few moments she lifted herself on Alex’s still stiff cock and rolled away from him to lay naked on the carpeted floor. She remained extremely horny. Her gaze drifted over to her man’s eyes and with one hand she motioned to him to approach her...and with the other hand she reached down to slide two fingers right into cunt, now very wet with girl-cum. Mark obeyed her request and proceeded to kneel down beside her head. Without missing a beat she wrapped her free hand right around his semi swollen member and began to stroke it back and forth. She knew it wouldn’t take but a moment to stiffen him up again. As this was playing out Alex attended her torso and massaged from her thighs to her shoulders, occasionally drifting into help her other hand. And there it was...his dick was straight again. She instantly shuffled up onto one elbow, holding his hard cock tightly in her little hand. As she began to squeeze it, she gently lapped at the tip and the underside of his shaft with her tongue. His eyes rolled back in his head as Alex picked up where her hand had left off. He teased her pussy lightly with his fingers and she reacted by moaning and started to edge a little more of Mark’s fat dick into her eager mouth. She was growing more and more randy and Mark’s cock was in no time engulfed by her lips and soon she had his knob pushed deep in the back of her throat, his ball sack slapping her chin every few seconds. Having been fucked to a screaming orgasm only minutes earlier, she was wasting no time in pushing Alex away and suggesting that they swap ends. Mark went down to her open wet pussy and began to tease her clit and hot little pink hole, by sliding only the tip of his swollen hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. While Alex replaced Mark at her head, she wasn’t messing around with gently licking or softly tonguing...she just grabbed his long veiny prick and stuffed the whole thing deep into her wet mouth and began to vigorously suck him off. Mark took the cue as...”She’s ready,” and immediately plunged his long wide wang all the way into her wet tight pussy. She lay back down and turned her head to the side while Alex adjusted his position to accommodate the change. Mark was furiously fucking her as Alex pushed his hard shaved dick, right up to his balls, into her mouth. She grabbed onto one of her hard pink nipples and squeezed as she moved her other hand around to Alex’s round tanned arse. She pulled Alex even closer to her, then removed his cock for a moment to say... ”FUCK MY MOUTH BABY.” She then grabbed Alex’s hand and placed it behind her head. He knew just what she was doing and he proceeded to gather a handful of her hair and held her head down to the floor. She was pinned. Mark had slowed a little in his ferocity and was now holding her knees up and over her tits as he gained better and deeper penetration that way. His bald nuts were slapping against her arse. This turned her on even more. She motioned to Alex, who was just beginning to build up momentum, to really give it to her in the mouth. She opened as wide as she could open her pretty little mouth and Alex started to fuck it as requested. She was being filled out like an application form and she just loved the attention received from both hard cocks. As Alex had fucked her earlier and was very close to busting a load, he had to slow down a little so he wouldn’t cum right in her mouth. Mark was very close too but she wanted them to all cum together. She slid her nipple hand down to her dripping pussy and began to flick furiously her swollen clit, her other hand still under Alex’s balls and squeezing his arse, and pushing him to facefuck her faster. She wanted their cum. Mark glanced at Alex and they knew it was time to give her what she came for, hot loads of their sperm. They both gradually hastened their strokes to match their rhythm. She was building up also and her clit rubbing was frantic now. As both of her men became more excited she knew also that it was time to be blasted with their hot creamy cum. She pulled Alex’s rock hard cock out of her mouth, knowing me was about to shoot cum and wrapped her tiny hand around it. She squeezed it and started to stroke him off. In seconds he exploded, and these hot wads spunk came launching out all over her neck and chest. Mark saw his wife’s chest and hand covered in Alex’s cum and he too couldn’t last. She reached down and grabbed his hips and began to fuck him. She controlled the rhythm now and she had to make sure that she would cum also. He was her toy as she gripped him and plunged that rigid prick deep into her.
“Cum over me.” She said. “Cum all over my tits.” She pulled his dick out of her and he grabbed it and wanked it off all over her tits also. His cum squirted out like a fountain and she proceeded to finger-fuck herself to her own orgasm. One of her hands was smearing both of the loads of cum around her torso, then the other hand left her pussy and helped finish Mark’s load with him. Her hands were sticky with the cum of two men and she absolutely loved this feeling. She writhed and wriggled and quivered as her cum juice dripped from her now very open pink hole. She grabbed both dicks and lightly played with them as they fell soft. Mark fell down, face between her legs and started to lap at the lips of her tender red pussy. She opened her legs wide for him to suck out every last drop of her girl cum. Alex rolled down onto the floor and watched them as they kissed and played a little more. They helped her clean up and as they left, they made plans for home yoga practices next week.

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