Another Way to Wind Down.

"So....there I stood...about 2:15 in the afternoon and I'd just finished my bike ride and dripping with sweat, suckin' back lungs full trying to catch my breath. You were in the lounge just finishing an episode of Breaking Bad as I stepped through the doorway pushing my bike beside and through to the garage. I stopped to remove my helmet, sunnies and gloves, and as I turned around you were in the hallway door. Your gaze rolled over me with a look of desire that I'd not seen before. Without a bra your breasts were large and firm and I could see your nipples through the tightly fitting top that I'd hoped, would be off your sexy body very soon. I began to move towards you heading for the shower. The look I saw in your eyes kinda told me that we were gonna get down and dirty. As I stepped first, you pushed me back towards the bench and reached for my hips and pulled me in close. Your arms wrapped around my shoulders as your lips pressed against mine. Our tongues darted about and we began to breathe in unison. As you know, your touch always gets me aroused and there I was...semi hard as you grabbed hold of the huge bulge that stood out from my Lycra cycling kicks. You rubbed and pulled at my now hard cock as we kissed. My hand ran down the length of you back to your sexy round arse and I clutched a hand full and squeezed. You pushed up against my stiff dick and held my arse. Our kiss unlocked and I asked, "follow me to the shower?" You smiled, replied "OK," and dropped to your knees while peeling my bike shorts down. You proceeded to engulf my hard cock and began pushing it in and out of your wet mouth. It was soooo fuckin' hot. After a couple of moments of you eagerly sucking me off, strangely I discouraged you from proceeding and we moved gently, though quickly to the bathroom.
There you finished stripping me, and I you. I lifted you up, onto the vanity, placed a hand at the back of your head and went back to kissing your sweet lips. I noticed the arousing scent of your wet little 'girlie' and I was hard again. As we passionately kissed, my stiff prick rubbed and poked around your swollen and wet pussy. You pushed my hand from your beautiful big breasts down to your moist hole and I ran 2 fingers up and down the length of your outer lips. Your hand gently cupped my balls and then reached upwards to wrap around my long thick member. While I started to push 2 fingers into your moist puss, 1 at a time, you continued to jerk my cock slowly back and forth. I couldn't stand this much longer, so I eventually moved your pleasuring hand off my cock and onto your breast and I opened your legs even wider to expose the inner lips of your hot, wet pussy. I knelt down before you...your open pink pussy right in front of me. I moved in to start slowly and softly kissing around it. Then very soon that grew into lapping uncontrollably up and down the full length of your slit...running my tongue up to your red swollen clit, and right back down to the puss-hole. Each time that I reached your clit you would gasp with pleasure and your nipples got harder. Then I'd plunge my long tongue deep into your sweet tasting, wet hole. Neither of us wanted this to end so we stopped and turned on the shower. You stepped down from the vanity and followed me under the water where we continued to passionately kiss and grab each other. You moved out from under the shower water and bent over at the waist. Your mouth was once again around my dick and sucking it. I reached my hand back and under your warm wet arse and to find beautiful slippery vagina. I slid a finger in and out in time with your sucking strokes. Then your breathing became heavier and suddenly your legs began to shake as I pounded 2 fingers in and out of your dripping wet puss. I could take it no longer, I was clean I tore a towel down from the rack and we raced to the bedroom.
As we moved to the bedroom I watched your beautiful round arse wiggle as you walked. I went straight to the window and opened it, then drew the curtain back to allow bright sunlight in for us to explore each others bodies. I turned from the window to see you had already started without me. But I didn't take long to catch up and my cock was hard again. But before I could even touch you, I was pushed away as you reached for a toy in the side table. You encouraged me to kneel between your legs and wait like a good little slave while you continued to play. Your right hand clasped your nipple as your other guided the quivering toy down between your legs and onto your swollen red clit. As they touched you writhed with pleasure and my dick stiffened and pulsated engorged with blood. I tried not to touch myself but, like a good little slave I obeyed your command and started to jerk off for you. This only made you hornier and me harder. You then pushed it a little further down and glided the vibrator to meet your pussy lips and allowed only the tip to go inside. By now I was allowed to move around to your side and you asked me to play with your beautiful big tits. I was only too happy to oblige. As I ran my hands over your breast and brushed your nipples you started moaning and pushing the toy deeper into you wet pussy. That was too much for me and I just had to get a taste of your sweet little honey pot. I rounded your leg and positioned myself right between your wide open legs and watched you as you fucked your snatch furiously and just before cumming you pulled out the vibrator and grabbed my head and plunged my face deep into you open cunt. My tongue darted in and out and I licked your pussy up and down as you guided and pushed yourself into my face. From my nose to my chin was glistening with your juices. I continued to lap at your tight snatch as you lifted both of your legs up to expose your beautiful little brown hole. You gently pushed me down and I was right onto it. I slowly spread your arse cheeks to open them further and easier to pleasure you. My tongue popped in and out of there and my cock was hard and ready for your puss. So, on your command I climbed up and over your open legs and was about to start deeply fucking you when you switched and threw me over onto my back and quickly fulled your mouth with my stiff and generous cock. You engulfed the full length of it and pulled at my balls as I held the back of your head and pumped unto your open slobbering wet mouth. You groaned with pleasure as your other hand moved south for some self fun. You stroked and fingered that tight little cunt of yours as I mouth-fucked you gently. Your pulled my dick out of your mouth and slid down to my clean shaven balls and proceeded to lick and suck on and around them as I wriggled my way around to get underneath you. I began reaching up to your hot, and by now red pussy and started to open it up as your mouth slid back down the length of my very stiff dick. When I got your dripping wet puss open I immediately plunged my tongue deep inside and began flipping it around in there. You convulsed in ecstasy as my open mouth surrounded your entire slit, my tongue darting up and down from your bum hole to your clit. You had trouble holding yourself of the bed, so I quickly rolled you over to be under me. I spun around and our faces met and we passionately kissed as my raging hard prick entered your open wet pussy. I pushed into you and you met me back in the same thrust. We kept this rhythm going and progressively grew faster and faster then stayed there, pounding in and out and back again. Your fingers gripped my arse as we fucked like animals. We were both ready to cum all over each other, but controlled the urge enough for you to flip around and face away from me. Now up on your knees, I drove my still hard and aching cock right into you and began fucking the hell out of you. I just kept pounding that tight little thing until you burst forth...pushing me out and squirting your girl-cum all over my cock and balls. This wasn't over yet. You eagerly demanded that I jam it in again. So, like the good little slave that I am, I plunged that big dick back in and continued to ram your tight little hole. I think it was only seconds until you stopped me and invited me into your arse.
You rolled onto your side and reached back to grab my hard dick and jerk it, preparing me to enter your arse. You smeared some lube around your butt hole and directed me toward the target. Your precision was spot on. Straight in I went and you let out a groan of ecstasy as I began to build up pace. We had a real rhythm going and you grabbed your pussy and started to stroke your clit heavily. I replied to this by timing my thrusts and I quickly gather pace to match your strokes. Your other hand slipped very neatly to your pussy and between plunges of my long stiff cock , you slid in your middle two fingers and pushed deeply. As our sync became more obvious we began to pant and moan together. This was a clear sign that the end of our hot sex was near. I started pushing in deeper and so did you. Your slippery wet pussy was dripping lady juice down your leg and was also transferring across to my balls. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so as I leaned backward to withdraw, you quickly rolled over and drew me into your side. “CUM OVER ME BABY!!!” you pleaded as I shot huge wades of hot cum all over your belly and tits. You were not finished yet...all the while still pounding your swollen clit. As the last of my hot white sperm dripped onto your belly, you convulsed into a quivering orgasm and started dripping more juice onto the bed. As we lay there panting in the afterglow, our bodies still twitching and pulsating, you smeared my cum across your belly and pussy....still massaging your clit and shaking every time you touched it. As we fell asleep I thought of how we can end other bike rides.

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