First Date Night

One evening I walked past the ensuite and heard the shower running, I thought it was a little early for Mrs D. to be showering thought no more of it and went to watch TV.
About 45minutes later I could hear her high heels on the tile as she walked down the hall as she stood in the living room doorway she was wearing a little black wrap around dress, I could see black stockings and her 6 inch heels, I then said to her “Where are we going”.
Her reply was “Nowhere”.
I asked her “Why are you all dressed up for”. Her reply was a shock to the system when she replied.
“I am going on a date, don’t wait up” and continued to walk out the door, I thought she was joking next I heard her car start and she left. I immediately tried to call her but went to voicemail. I kept trying on one attempt it said she was on the phone. A short time later I had a voice mail and I played it.
“I didn’t want to be rude so I thought I will tell you where I am going, it’s on a date with a guy I have been chatting too, he has a huge cock and I decided to see what it feels like inside my mouth and pussy, you know I love to play with my 12 inch dildo from time to time so tonight I want the real thing, not sure what time I am coming home yet so don’t wait up, will chat more when I get home, love you bye.”
I tried calling her back but it was pointless she would not answer, I started to think of her having sex with another guy with a big dick thinking what she would do, next thing I noticed my cock getting harder, to my surprise this was turning me on. I went and started watching porn using the search “Big Cock Fucking” and this drove me wild imagining Mrs D. doing these things. I kept checking my phone and continued to watch more Big Cock porn. Three hours later my phone rang again.
Mrs D. said the following “Listen I am getting a really good fucking from this guy.” She was literally fucking him as she spoke. “I am going to be staying the night so I will see you in the morning, by the way I have broken our rule and let him fuck me bare back, go on fuck me hard again.” I could then hear her moaning loudly as I heard him pounding away on her after about a minute of him fucking her and her moaning loudly and talking dirty the phone went dead.
I stayed up a little longer and thought I better go to bed, the thought of her fucking a stranger got me horny and I jerked off and fell asleep. I was woken by my phone and looked at it I had a text from her I opened the message it was a pic of her and this huge hard cock in her face. Shortly later I got another message with a short video and it was her sucking this huge cock and talking dirty telling me how this cock was bigger than her dildo at home and she loved how a real big cock felt inside her. I jerked off again as I watched the video.
I waited a while there was nothing else so I went to sleep. I woke the next morning to the sound of the front door closing and high heels coming down the hall to the bedroom. As she walked in she said “Hi baby how did you sleep did you miss me, I sent you a pic and video for you to jerk off too, I hoped that help you sleep.
I was angry but also horny as she undid her dress and took it off, she stood there at the end of the bed in her lace bra, suspenders and stocking and heels. Her stocking tops had cum stains where the cum had run down her leg and pooled in the nylon material, my cock went hard she pulled the sheets back and said do you want to go sloppy seconds, I agreed and she got above me and squatted down as she came down I could see how red and puffy her lips were from the fucking she got, as I entered her I could feel all the cum in her pussy. We fucked for ages till I blew a load in her, she got up and said “That’s the third guys load in me in 12 hours I am so naughty” and went to the bathroom. As she walked into the room the penny dropped “Third Guys Load” who else did she fuck?

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