The After Party

The After Party

Following a work Christmas Party, I met my wife Kay who had been at her work function to come home. Amy a work colleague of mine was also with me as we lived in the same general direction and intended to hail a cab to get home. As anyone who knows Sydney trying to hail a cab after midnight during Christmas silly season is nigh impossible.

We decided after a good forty minutes that we were not going to get a cab so the choice was obvious. We checked into a nearby Travel Lodge to get some kip. We trooped into the room, as you could imagine none of us was expecting to have an overnighter. We had all had a good time at the respective office parties so we were a somewhat jolly and very happy.

It was well past midnight and heading into the wee hours. I helped Kay get her bra off as she was having difficulty, Amy didn’t wear a bra as she had firm pert breasts. Kay has firm full breasts but just right for my hands to cup, which I did. Amy laughed as I cupped Kay’s breast and she, in turn, cupped hers to show them off. We were all on the double bed and in a stage of semi-nakedness. I had my shirt off and the two girls were topless. We proceeded to undress and then we were touching each other softly and inviting. Kay gave me a look and so I decided that I would give her pussy a little lick. Amy was touching her breast and occasionally Kay’s while stroking her pussy. I climbed on Kay and started to thrust into her. Amy had moved off the bed and was on the couch, legs splayed and furiously stroking her clit. The two girls were watching each other and the eyes enjoyed the sight of pleasure in the room.

We fell asleep and after a while, I awoke to visit the WC. I stopped by Amy who had fallen asleep on the couch, I grabbed a duvet to cover her beautiful firm body and as I did I stroked her breast and nipple which became erect. She let me guide her hand to her pussy so I could feel her wetness and I slowly fingered her. Kay turned over and seem to be asleep so I continued to finger and play with Amy’s clit. She came with a gentle sigh. I climbed back into bed and fell asleep holding Kay.

We awoke in the morning and found a note from Amy say thank you for letting her share the room, she had left some cash to cover costs.
Kay and I showered and dressed and made our way home, both feeling a little hangover twinge. It was until sometime later when we were making love that Kay said that she had enjoyed the evening and then asked if Amy’s pussy was as good as hers! She had been watching me play with Amy and said that she was also playing with her pussy under the sheets.

The next week nothing was said at work, it was as if it never happened. We have lost touch with Amy but often wonder is she remembers that night.

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