First Dogging Adventure

From our first experience for outdoor sex we decided to try dogging, we researched the local dogging spots we went for a drive during the day and also night to get to know the known areas.
One night we decided to give it a try I wore a lacy bra and wrap around dress I had some high heels too but took some flats in case, one area was a Car park the other a park area. Hubby wore some shorts and a tshirt dressing for dogging more than style.
We drove to our first place sat and waited a while with no action at all, we went to the next and found the same so we went to the third and was also quiet so we decided to have some fun together anyway.
Ian got out of the car and walked around to my side by the time he opened the door with one hand his other hand had his cock out and stroking it I immediately spun in my seat and put my feet outside the car and started to suck his cock, while I was sucking him nice and hard he was taking pics of me at first I was put off by the flash then thought it may get a doggers attention, when he was hard I got out of the car wearing my heels and bent over the bonnet, Hubby lifted my skirt and flipped it over my ass and entered my bald pussy from behind, he was so hard that he had trouble getting his thick head into my pussy but it slipped in and he was balls deep in me. After a good fucking over the bonnet he suggested we walk over to the picnic bench, I changed my shoes to flats and we walked over, he had his cock out in the breeze and I was removing my dress as we arrived at the table it was a ¾ moon night he laid me on the table and he sat down on the bench part and started to lick me out I laid there looking at the stars and moon as I was getting my clit sucked and my pussy tongue fucked.
Hubby then stood up and inserted his cock into me again and we started fucking he was pushing my legs back towards my shoulders and was pounding me good and hard. Then in the distance we heard a car coming to the same area and park near ours a short time later another car came and parked on the other side. Initial instincts told us to stop but we were there for dogging so we carried on, 1 male from each car met and walked towards us, we kept fucking away, when they were really close hubby said hello to them they said hello back. Next thing hubby offered for them to join us without even asking me first this gave me a mixed emotion of being annoyed but highly aroused at the same time. The 2 guys declined our offer but asked if they could play also, I was a little confused by what they meant, next thing one guy was kneeling down and sucking the other guys cock, then the penny dropped, I laid there being fucked and watching a male stranger suck another guys cock, I had never seen this in real life and got me really horny, I started talking dirty to my hubby telling him to fuck my cunt harder, the dirty talk must of turned the guy on as he pulled his cock from the other guys mouth and wanked off shooting a load all over his face and open mouth. This got hubby really horny and asked me where I wanted his load before I could answer the guy on his knees said “on my face” so I said to hubby go on give him your load, hubby pumped me a little longer, one of the guys had walked off by then hubby pulled out of me and started to wank his cock at the guy on his knees I sat up for a full view, in the moonlight I could see the streams of cum shooting of the guys face and mouth the guy now had 2 loads on his face he thanked us and walked off.
Hubby got me to lay down again and he licked me to another orgasm, by this time the mosquitoes had found us so we decided to leave, we got dressed and walked back to the car. On the drive home we decided to start a Dogging Club.

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