A morning at Obelisk Beach Sydney Harbour

A morning at Obelisk Beach Sydney Harbour

Many years ago we decided to visit Obelisk beach having visited it a few summers back with Maria a friend of ours on a busy hot weekend. Our friend was not a nudist so enjoyed the scene in her bikini. Kay, my wife had experienced nudist beaches when she toured Europe in her early twenties. Kay rolled her one piece to her waist and exposed her breast to the sun and light breeze. We stayed a while and enjoyed a quick dip in the warm Sydney Harbour water.

Time had passed and we were at a loose end having taken a day off work. We decided to do a trip to Obelisk as we had both enjoyed our last visit. It was a warm spring work day and reasonably early in the day. Karen can’t take too much sun as she has fair skin.

We got to the beach and it was virtually ours save one soul. We found a spot and proceeded to strip down and apply sun protection. Having applied a liberal amount to all parts of the body including nether regions we don hats and sunnies and watch the world go by on the harbour.
Some time had passed and Kay was enjoying the light breeze drift across her freshly trimmed pussy. I could see she was getting moist as she manoeuvred to ensure her pussy caught the breeze. I was getting a twinge in my penis watching her.

For those of you that know Obelisk you would also know that there are a few rocky outcrops across the beach. I was on one side while Kay was across so that we looked like an L-shaped position.

Little did I realise that Kay was giving the young chap a free show. She was teasing him by spreading her thighs and then closing them. Occasionally, she would rest her hand on her pussy, pretending to brush sand from her engorged lips. This went on for a while and she was enjoying giving the chap a show. When I went for a dip I noticed that he had a massive hard-on and was giving himself a massage.

I watched the show from the water, Kay was enjoying watching him watching her.

We left the beach to him and when we got home it was on for young and old, but that is another story. We do still talk about that day at Obelisk and that was nearly two decades ago.

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