My wife knows I crave cock and she is happy for me to play alone.

I winked a man on here who was straight, he looked very masculine and he turned me on.
Later that day he sent me a message saying he liked my profile and he could accommodate.
We met for coffee first, it was amazing. when we shook hands he pulled me close and I could feel his hard cock!!
Quickly downed the coffee and eagerly back to his place, he drove me up in his car and pulled his cock out of his pants, i could no believe this, his profile said straight.
Pulled into his driveway, he didnt put his cock away, it was out his zipper,
He got out of his car, came around and opened my door, i was in awe of him, followed him up to his house, just watching his hard cock, oh boy.
Unlocked the door and went inside. He grabbed me and kissed me hard. Demanding I get my cock out, i was wet and sticky from all the pre cum.
Letting him take the lead, he sucked my cock, kissed me, took off our clothes and he bent me over his dinning room table and gave me what for, he knew how to fuck ass.
He stopped him self from shooting his load, pulling his very hard cock out my ass.
I then got him to suck my cock, he was greedy for it, I layed him on his couch and fucked his ass, whilst wanking his cock. We then went into his bedroom and into the garden, this went on for hours.
We meet fairly regularly now,
We met on the beach a local nudest beach where people go for sex, we fucked in the dunes, a couple of nudes saw us they were rock hard, they didnt join in we were too into each other, however the two men are comimg for dinner at his place next weekend, I am exploding in my pants thinking about it, will keep you posted. A cock fest.

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