Pain in the Arse

Lenore lives next door to me with her mother. She is 19 years old and a lovely young woman, a little taller than me at around 5’9” slim build with nice girlish hips and a perky C cup bust. She did well at school and currently works full time as well as studying. All in all a daughter to be proud of, except for her taste in men.

Her current boyfriend is 34 years old, on welfare, lives in what he calls a share house but is closer to a squat. I know she could do much better, and think the only reason she still sees him is to annoy her mother. Her mother despises Aidan and she refuses to have him in her house.

That is where I came in. Lenore and I have been close for years. At one point I was also close to her mother but there was a falling out and things got nasty between us. So I was more than happy when Lenore asked if she could meet Aidan at my place.

The first time they came over was OK, they did some kissing and fondling in the lounge room before taking to my spare room. I don’t know how good the sex was but it was quiet! Never a good sign, and not much fun for me. The next time Aidan bought over some porn to watch, perhaps to try and shock me. If only he knew, my movies are way better. It was fairly standard American porn, and mostly anal. After Lenore and Aidan went into the spare room things did get louder, but not in a good way. They had a big fight and Aidan left.

When I spoke to Lenore she told me that Aidan had tried to force her to have anal sex. She wasn’t keen and he got the shits. I decided that this situation had the potential for fun for me. I explained to Lenore that I wasn’t that keen on anal either, but it could be fun in certain situations, as long as everyone was into it. She was worried about the pain as Aidan wasn’t the most gentle of people. I suggested that perhaps Aidan needed to understand what it felt like, and maybe that would make him more considerate. Amongst my toy collection I just happened to have a nice black strap on, not too big about 8” but still enough to give a good understanding of the need for patience, and lube.
Lenore put the plan to Aidan, he could fuck her arse, but only if she could fuck his first. I was a bit surprised when he agreed, but the next week he came over ready for a new experience. After a few drinks we went to the bedroom. As the most experienced I came along to help. I got Aidan to kneel on the edge of the bed, Lenore sat beside him and stroked his cock. I lubed up a finger and slide it into his arse, he tensed up but soon relaxed, Lenore was amazed by how hard his cock had grown. I worked another finger into his arse, along with copious amounts of lube. Lenore then joined me and we got her kitted up. She looked hot with a black cock jutting out from her hips. She moved behind Aidan and lined the cock up with his arse. I took her place beside Aidan and continued stroking his cock. Lenore started to fuck Aidan, slowly at first then building up the rhythm. Aidan didn’t seem to mind, his cock was leaking pre-cum and he soon shot a load all over my hand.
Once he had recovered it was Lenores turn, I got Aidan to lick her pussy first, until she was nice and wet. He then lubed her arse. I held his cock as he slid it into her, controlling the speed and depth until she was relaxed and starting to move as well. Once she was grinding into him I slipped under her and started to suck her tits and rub her pussy. The situation had everyone exited and Lenore soon started to build to a climax, her rhythm increased and this finished Aidan as well. He came in her arse. She pulled of and rolled over, Aidan sucked her pussy until she finished her orgasm.
This was the first but not the last time we played tis game. Next time I fucked Aidan while her was inside Lenore, she was rewarded with a rock hard cock and an extra large load of cum. I enjoy our games too, and the thought that her mother would have a heart attack if she knew doesn’t hurt at all.

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