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My ex fiancee and I had done mfm a couple of times in the past but went quiet for a few years. We were laying in bed one night and somehow the conversation turned to 3-somes. She asked me what I really thought of her while we did them. I told her that it was so sexy watching the look on her face while she sucked my cock while taking another cock in her pussy and how much it turned me on. I asked her what she was thinking during it and she said that it was the most amazing feeling having 2 guys. I asked her if she would ever do it again and she said she would like to but didn't think we would be able to find someone she was comfortable with.

A few weeks later I was chatting to a mate on Facebook and he told me that he was pretty sure he and his gf were gonna split. I knew he had always perved on my girl and they had always been friends so I asked him if he'd be keen to join us. I was a bit surprised when he said he couldn't because he was a good friend to us both and didn't want to fuck that up. I said that's ok and left it at that.

About a week or so later he messaged me saying that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about it. I told him that we had done it before with other blokes and it wouldn't fuck up our friendship and he said he wanted to. With him on board I told him not to mention it to my girl and we would find a way to surprise her.
My brother's engagement was a few weeks later and he was there with his gf. My gf was drinking and I knew this was our best opportunity. I said to him that it could happen that night if he was still keen.

Well the party was starting to wind down and my girl said she wanted to go clubbing. I told her to go out and I'd see her at home. She went out with a big group that included our friend and his gf so I didn't think it was going to be our night.

She rang me about 3 a.m. and said she was on her way home and our friend was with her. She thought he just wanted to keep drinking with me and that's why he was in the cab with her.

When they got to our house we just sat in the lounge room drinking. After awhile he went out for a smoke. I whispered to her "do you know why he's here?" She said he wanted to keep drinking and I said he's here cause he wants to fuck you. She didn't believe me at first but when I told her that me and him had spoken about it for awhile, she said she wanted to but wanted a shower first.

She went to go take a shower. When he came back inside and I told him she wanted it.

She came into the lounge room just wearing a t-shirt and undies. She sat down next to me and we started kissing. While we kissed I felt her start to move around so I opened my eyes and saw that our friend was taking off her underwear. She wriggled forward while still kissing me as he started eating her pussy. She pulled away from me and said take your cock out. I took my pants and boxers off and was hard as fuck already. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her mouth
She sucked my cock as he ate her for a while then he got up and took his clothes off. He got on the other side of her and she stated going from cock to cock sucking and licking.

I grabbed her off the couch and put her doggy in front of him. She went back to sucking him while I licked her cunt and arse.

After a few minutes she turned to me and said "fuck me" so I got up behind her and slid my cock into her hole. She was loving it as I pounded her and she had a mouthful of dick.

I could tell he wanted to fuck her so I pulled out of her and said "ride him". I sat away from them a bit so they could fuck while I watched. I was getting hornier and hornier watching my cute fiancee grinding on another cock, so when she said come back I jumped back in.

For the next hour we fucked her in every possible position a girl can suck and fuck 2 cocks. She had cum a few times and we were ready.

I was on top of her fucking her on the floor while my mate was up near her head slipping his dick in and out of her mouth. She said to us "tell me when your going to cum". My mate was pulling his cock while she licked it and said he was about to blow. She pushed me off her, got on her knees and told us to stand either side of her. She was rubbing her abused pussy, watching both of us pull while she waited.

He started moaning so she turned to his cock and opened her mouth. He shot his cum into her mouth, on her face and a bit on her tits. She let the cum in her mouth drip out of her mouth and onto her body. As I saw this I couldn't control it anymore as she took my whole load in her mouth, looked up at me and swallowed. We all just collapsed completely exhausted.

I'll never forget how turned on I was knowing my pretty, innocent looking fiancee loved being a naughty girl!
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