Outdoor music festival that got a bit hot and moist

Hot balmy night at a out door music festival...making my way to main stage for final music act positioning myself in front of grassed area centre stage...I'm standing alone when a lady positions herself in front of me...we say hello and talk about the band that's about to play and how crowded it is....the lady looked to be in her early forties slim a bit hippy looking with dread locks no make up a loose fitting long flowing dress and I noticed it had a split on her right side nearly up to her upper thigh and I could smell alcohol on her breath and that musty earthly perfume smell...she seemed a bit intoxicated and her speech a bit slured while she swayed too and through to back ground music

The lights went out and the crowd roared as the band came on stage and started to play and she started to move her hips in time with the music...the crowd behind us started to push forward and to stop myself from pushing her over I corrected my balance by putting my hands on her hips...I said sorry into her ear and she replied no worries hang on...as the music continued her hips moved with the beat and seemed not to mind my hands holding onto her hips so l left them there and she seemed to enjoy the attention

As the music changed tempo and rhythm my hands moved with her hips sliding up and down her outer upper thighs and feeling the upper elastic band of her pantys through her dress when my right hand felt her skin in the split in her dress which must have ridden up to her upper thigh so I left my hand there stroking her skin in time with her hips ...she seemed to turn her back slightly and moved her bum back into my crutch and moved her hips in a circular motion in time with the music and I could feel my cock getting hard which she must of felt the bulge in my shorts as she seemed to enjoy rubbing up against it

She touched my right hand that was still touching her skin on her upper thigh thinking she's had enough and going to remove it ,but instead guides it forward and higher as it slips under her dress in the spit and positions my hand on the flat of her stomach below her belly button my fingers feeling the elastic band of her panties and she slowed her hip movement's she turned side ways to me pushing my hand down further my four fingers sliding under the elastic feeling the warm flesh and feeling her public hairs ...she turned away from me as she removed her hand from under her dress now moving it behind her stroking up and down front of my shorts feeling my now hard hard cock..... mmmm.... now what.....do I step back and compose myself wandering if any one behind me is aware or watching....I move back a little and took my left hand of her hip and loosened the drawer string of my shorts and slid it down in side under my jocks to free and straighten to one side my cock as it was getting uncomfortable.....she felt and sensed what I was doing and as I pulled my hand out she slid her hand in pushing down on my jocks elastic her fingers feeling her way down the shaft of my cock to me balls all the time pushing the jock elastic lower until she hooked it under my balls my cock sprung free ....to late to back away now my cock hungry for more

I reached forward so my right hand fingers could move between her legs my my left hand allowing her easy access to my cock ...l slowly pushed my hand lower my fingers navigating through her pubic hairs my forefinger feeling the top of her warm pussy bulge....her hips now moving slowly can feel her heavy breathing through her body... now abivious to the music as my concentration is else where

I slide my finger down between her pussy crease as my finger slides over her clit bulge sliding into her hole she was now hot and very wet I could feel her body quiver moving my finger deeper into her hole l move my finger out and up to her clit where I didn't have to reach so far and had more control....her clit was hard and erect I started to tease and massage it in circular motions she stopped moving her hips and opened her legs further allowing easier access to her clit between her fleshy pussy skin folds ....l intensified the fingering her panties crutch sliding to one side .....i hear her moan even above the music my fingertips feeling more wet and sticky....she moans again and her head turns and she bits and kisses my neck feeling her hot breath and now sweaty hot body.....whispering in my ear .....don't stop....I'm near.....during all this she's been slowly stroking my shaft up and down my foreskin moving with the motion of her fingers and can feel the head emerging from the top of my shorts as with each stroke my shorts slide down further revealing more of my cock as she rubs the tip of the head I feel a urgency in my groin as I feel liquid oozes out and her finger rubbing it in warm and sticky......who's going to cum first.......

I concentrate on her and less on my throbbing cock that wants to explode....my finger in circles her clit my to fingers softly pinching her erect clit which is tipping her over the edge I feel her body begin to shudder in spasm....she must be near I continue to gently pinch her clit between my fingers when she grabs my fingerings hand and gestures to stop when I feel wave after wave of body spasms my fingers feeling warm juices flowing to tips of my fingers saturating here panty crutch her hand tightens on my arm as her rigid body relaxes

As l slide my hand out between her pantys and skirt her other hand on my cock in circles the shaft and moves my foreskin up and down with more vigor.....she whispers are you near and I reply yes....she answers back don't cum on my dress will you.....l quickly take my clean hankie out of my pocket and look down at her hand jerking my cock which excites me even more ....I position my hand with hanky as best I could to catch my cum....l lean forward and whisper now as she moves her fingers and palm of her hand as a cup as I feel this rush of eforia and look down as I squeeze my buttocks and rigid my legs as stream of cum squirt out of my cock her hand trying her best by feel to catch my squirting cum but embarrassing to watch every second squirt hit the back of her dress and can see sum lumpy pearl colour cum hanging from her dress ...as my cock relaxes to just a dribble I hand her my hanky as I push my still hard cock back into my shorts she turns to me with a grin as she wipes her hands turns away gathers her composure as I adjust my shorts and before I can say anything she disappears into the crowd as the music and band are still pumping

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