Learning fun for a bottom

As i was exploring the world of being a bottom and as i had a eager master who lived close back then he would message me saying get here for a lesson i would clean out inside and get over i would walk in strip down and go over to him and start licking and sucking his cock i would bob up and down until he was hard then he would say get on the rug slut ass up and head down he would lube up and slide in he would do one long slide in and then pound hard long deep strokes he would turn me over legs up on his shoulders and cum deep then i would suck his cock clean if he was ready he would have me ride him cowboy style
As i was a learner and happy to play i would be on his floor three to four times a week i was enjoying it so much for a period it was seven days on these seven day visits he bought in friends i would service them and enjoy the spit roast one at each end pumping away

The first friend was a bit bigger than him around seven inches but he was thick he was a much harder fuck and he would come at least once a week and fuck me with him on my knees with two cocks in my mouth and then deep throating who was ever in my mouth as time went on the friend asked me to see him alone sure i said i enjoyed his cock so we started seeing each other this lasted three years he fucked me twice a week then it was once a week due to work as i did not want to miss master he bought another friend in he was eight inches and he was a caring guy who fucked firmly but well i was sucking master and he was watching i was told to suck our friend i crawled over to him and undid his pants out poped this cock and i sucked him hard deep throating all of him he threw his head back and moaned master lubed up and slid in saying i will loosen him for u then the new friend wanted a go so they swapped .in went this hard rod and deep he went to pull out to blow and master said stay in he will take it he is our cum dump i nodded with a mouth full of cock

After the friend left i sucked master one more time he got a call and the caller twigged he was getting some come over i heard as i was sucking i heard the door open and then a voice a nice ass how long you had this slut for doing a while turn slut i turned around and there was the thickest cock i ever saw or had to date he came over and stuffed it in my mouth I could only get half in my mouth he was so thick he held my head and pushed more and more in i was gagging and sputtering he said suck bitch master was pulling his cock
How is his ass loose for u he just been fucked so he pushed me down and pushed in fuck it hurt so he lubed up and in he went breathing deep and feeling pain master was watching my ass swallow this nine inch monster once i felt him hit deep inside more than ever before i asked him to wait and he said no i am going to fuck u so hard and he did he pounded into me like i was a piece of meat he pulled out and then one deep push this assault went on for ages 30 mins all up he said during it was good to see your ass can take its a pitty your mouth couldn’t
A explosion of cum was sent into me hard deep thrust as wave over wave of cum entered me after pulling out he said Doug keep him we will destroy him regularly after he left i was laid on floor ass gapping cum inside master came back said was i ok i said he was brutal and he cannot do that again master said he broke me my ass was still open about ten mins i got up cum ran down my leg i left and continued to see the other friend s for a while
Then had family changes and got out of the scene now i am trying to get back into with one older master who loves a good bottom

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