So I met this girl online, her profile had no pics, but we got chatting and got along quite well! We chatted over a couple of nights and chatted about some fantasies she had (she liked it a little rough!!). So as the discussion developed we talked about living out on of the fantasies. (Now at this stage I had not see and pics of her, nor she of me) She gave me her address and told me that the front door would be open, and that she would be on her knees, naked, blindfolded, with her hands cuffed behind her back (by now you must think I have a thing for cuffs....not really but they are fun!!) and that I was to come in and used her in anyway I want, when done place the keys to the cuffs in her hand and leave.

So I turned up to the address and quietly I was nervous as shit!!!! The light over the door is on and there are dim lights inside...I grab the handle and to my surprise it open. I walk through the house finding the bedroom, there on the floor is a cute brunette, naked, on her knees, cuffed and blindfolded.....I paused taking I the view, I could tell she knew I was there. I slowly undressed (I'm rock hard by this time). I walk and touch her lips with the end of my cock, she flinched and opened her mouth to accept it, as I moved it away teasing. Bring it back i slid the full length into her mouth, placing my hands on her head I start to move in deeper and deeper, knowing that she liked it! Occasional she would gag, saliva running down her chin..... I stand her up and kiss her passionately pinching a nipple until she moans.

I turn her around bending her over, so her upper body is resting on the bed, her legs straight and spread and hands still cuffed behind her. I run me hand for her ankles up the inside of her legs until i get to her pussy, she is so wet that it's dropping down her leg....I run my tongue when from her clit to her arsehole, she is really moaning now. Seeing her tits hanging down I reach forward I sing her nipple a good twist as a burying my face back into her pussy, now she is pushing back into my face. I stand spreading her cheeks and slide my tongue into her arse, she moans wildly... Using her bound move her forward so that she's on he knees on the bed arse up face down on the bed.

I slide 2 fingers into her pussy and pump them In and out, using my other hand I slide and finger deep into her arse, she starts pumping back against my hand, I hold my hand still as she fucks herself on my fingers. Quickly taking my fingers away I plunge my cock all the way in with no hesitation, my balls now hitting her clit. Grabbing her hips I fuck with no restraint forcing my cock hard into her dripping pussy, the sound and smell of the room screams sex. Just as she does for the second time is 5 minutes, feeling her pussy squeeze my cock is heaven, just as she finishes cumming in pull out and fill her arse with my cock, all the way to my balls, there is a wet slap as my balls hit her pussy. Pounding in and out I can feel my balls building till I unload one of the biggest loads into her arse, pausing as my cock starts to soften I pull out. I dress and grab the cuff key, lean down and give her a kiss placing the key in her hands, turn and walk out the door without a word......we stay in contact and live out some other fantasies too, but her forced fantasy can wait for another time....

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