Sleeping Beauties Window

It's around midnight and I am horny, restless and cant sleep. I'm laying on my bed with my breasts exposed, I begin to rub my breasts and flick my nipples, getting more aroused. I notice there is a gap in my curtains and I cant get the thought out of my head that somebody might be watching me outside my window. I hear a noise, my heart starts racing and I get a little panicked but I tell myself nobody is there but start to really get off on the thought somebody can see me. I continue, moving a hand down to rub my pussy getting more and more aroused. As I start to get into it I suddenly think I hear another noise, it sounded like a zipper going down. I am now sure somebody is outside and the thought makes me even more aroused, moving the blanket so now my whole naked body is exposed. I start to rub my pussy quicker and slide my fingers inside me while my breast bounce with the movement. Still not 100% sure somebody is watching but getting off on the thought, I suddenly hear a cough and now there is no doubt. I stop and hesitate for a second, did I really hear what I thought I did? I am really turned on that somebody might be watching me so I spread my legs so if someone is there they can see me spread eagle on the bed pleasing myself. I now think I can hear heavy breathing but still unsure but the thought has me explode into an orgasm. I then roll over with a sigh and drift off to sleep still wondering if somebody was really there?

I roll over and go to sleep after pleasing myself. The man outside my window is not satisfied with just watching and wants to know what I taste like. He walks up to the front door to see if it is open and to his pleasant surprise I had forgotten to lock it. He wonders if he dares to go in, he is pretty sure I am asleep and thinks to himself perhaps he can go in and have a look. He gently opens the door trying to not make too much noise, he looks around and notices the house is quiet and starts to step slowly towards my door. He stands in the door way heart racing and hoping I wont wake up to discover him there. He slowly steps closer and stands beside my bed, kneels down and gently slides his hand under the covers, he brushes his hands over my breasts and circles my nipples. I am still fast asleep and don't notice, his heart still pounding he moves his hand down to my pussy. His cock instantly gets hard as he feels how wet I am. He very gently slides his finger up and down stroking my clit. He can't believe he is actually doing this and wonders what I'd do if I woke but he continues. I stir and move my hips, he stops and waits but still I remain asleep. His fingers naturally slide down my wet clit and gently into my pussy, I move again and let out a soft moan. I still appear to be asleep so he continues and pushes his fingers further inside me, still asleep as if in a wet dream I push my hips into his hand. He uses his thumb to rub my clit while continuing to gently move his fingers in and out of my wet pussy, again letting out a moan of pleasure. He stops again wondering if he should take it any further and then I move again this time opening my legs wider and thrusting my hips as if inviting him in. He hesitates but his throbbing cock is aching to be inside me so he gently moves the covers so that my pussy is exposed. He moves around to the end of the bed and gently climbs up in between my legs and is dying to have a taste. I still appear to be asleep so he climbs over me and moves his head down and gently licks my clit. I let out another moan, and push my hips towards him, he panics for a second but then starts to suck my clit hoping it will be a pleasant surprise. This time I wake up, at first thinking I am still dreaming but then I realise that there is somebody going down on me. A bit stunned at first but loving how it feels I lay there and allow the stranger to pleasure me. When after making me cum I start to say something, he whispers don't say a word and pulls out a condom and slides it on his hard throbbing cock and moves up over me squeezing my breasts and letting me feel his hard cock sliding on my wet clit and then sliding inside me. Still not sure what to say or do but loving how this stranger feels I surrender and allow him to fuck me. After we have both came he slides out of me and thanks me and slips back out into the night. I lay there completely satisfied and wondering who the mysterious man was and if he'd be back.

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