Last night I attended my first Swingers Party. Even for a massive sex fan it has only take me until now to make the move. I wish I had now done it years ago. Obviously I had pre booked and had my attendance confirmed on the morning of the day.

Walking around the vicinity in the dark, it was hard to find the two story townhouse tucked away amongst many others in the dark. There was one townhouse with a little light on top of the letterbox. I thought to myself this could be the place but other than for a couple of voices coming from inside the garage (later discovered it was the party's the smoking point), I thought better send a quick text rather than take the chance. Quick response from the party organizer and I was standing out the front of the right house with the little light on the letterbox.

I rang the door bell and was met by a lovely brunette (I will call her L) who introduced herself with a big and friendly smile. L was pretty girl in her early 20's. First impressions, this might be a good place. Once the business was taken care of inside at the front door, L took me around and introduced me to the guests, showed me the fridge for my BYO alcohol, free soft drink and nibbles. L showed me the ground floor, large screen TV playing porn, few chairs dotted around, the smoking point in the attached garage. It was time for L to show me the top floor. Winding staircase with nice little red lights on each fourth step up to the three play rooms and twin bathrooms. Two rooms each had one queen size bed and the third room two singles. L showed me the cupboards where to store my clothes upon hearing the dress down whistle which was due one hour after start time.

10pm L blew the whistle. I managed to steal a quick kiss from L. I then made my way upstairs and changed down into my boxer undies. Once back down
stairs in the meeting point near the kitchen, L who know decided it was her 30 minute break, grabbed my hand and led me upstairs saying to me "let's get the party started". No sooner where we in the first room with the queen bed, we where passionately kissing and in no time both naked on the bed. L said to me "girls are going to love this cock" so it's mine first. My great love is eating pussy as I love nothing more than the wet lips of a pussy. I could spend hours with my face between the legs of a sexy girl. She sighed a relief as she was moaning in no time saying my tongue was excellent. I got her off in raptures and slid back on top of her and started kissing passionately again all whilst she was rubbing my hard cock against her wet pussy. Then two guys walked into the room and there was three in the bed.

L then said she wanted a massage, so she took me naked downstairs in front of everyone and she lied down on a massage table and I rubbed her back in front of everyone all whilst she would not let go of my hard cock. More hands joined in helping to rub her body and pussy. That moment in time a girl who had just arrived (I will name her J) a friend of L's and she caught my immediate attention. I heard L whisper to J, he in me has a great tongue and mouth for pussy.

About 5 minutes later whilst still rubbing L, J appeared in a sexy nightwear, grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. J was a great kisser and it is hard to find that these days. J was a stunning brunette in her early 20's with dark skin and a sexy body. We both striped down and I couldn't wait to get between her legs and eat her pink juicy pussy. J was a squirter and in no time my mouth and face where covered in her juice (I love that) and I slid on top of her and our mouths met. I kissed and kissed her and after about 10 minutes of our mouths locked together, I turned her over onto her side, put on a condom and fucked her crazy all whilst kissing her with our tongues down our throats. By this time we had gained an audience and it was such a turn on. In the other two rooms I could hear the moaning pleasures and orgasms of other ladies. Fucking a sexy woman with an audience to the moans of pleasure coming from the other rooms was amazing. L cum about 5 times whilst I was deep inside her for nearly 30 minutes before I yelled out (I cum massively hard) and had a massive orgasm.

By now the rooms were full and the action frenetic on the beds. I walked around watching, getting hard again for more and more sex. I will stop at this point.

Five things I learned;
I am now a swinger party fan,
I love the group scene,
I love just being naked and whom I am,
If my next partner (where are you Victorian girls?) in she liked swinging, I would be rapt. It would excite me to watch my girl with other men and girls with she was bi and her watch me. We then go home and bareback like crazy.

The party was well run, friendly people all round, great facilities, and all the condoms and lube you need for your health safety.

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