A Beginning

Karen was tired, she seemed to be always tired these days. She sighed as she finished the washing up. Not for the first time she cursed her ex, Don, what went wrong with them? Karen was pressed to know. What she did know was that the passion had left long ago and while it took her some time to work out what she needed to do, once she’d made up her mind she felt much better.
She told Don the marriage was over, he wasn’t a bad man or a drunk or a waster, it was just a marriage of rote and she felt she owed it to herself to find out what she’d been missing all these years. She remembered being vibrant, a go-getter with ambitions and plans and she needed to have some of that back in her life. She wanted to feel and mostly she wanted to feel passion.
As she was putting the last of the dishes away, she saw through the window Peter, the pool guy, let himself into the yard. Karen had always cast a mischievous eye in his direction and she decided today was the day she would do something about it. She watched as Peter went about his duties, scooping leaves, emptying baskets. Karen, not for the first time noticed his broad shoulders, trim butt and athletic legs.
Picking her moment, Peter was leaning across the pool to reach a hose, Karen announced herself with an “Oh, hello”. Peter started and began to lose his balance, toppling with a healthy splash into the pool.
“Shit” he exclaimed on surfacing. “I’m so sorry” Karen said “I didn’t mean to startle you” she lied.
“Oh, it’s alright” said Peter, “hazards of the job, though it is a first, I guess it had to happen sometime.”
“I’m sorry it was me that popped your cherry” said Karen, a smile playing on her lips. “I’ll get you a towel, why don’t you come inside, take off those wet clothes & I’ll throw them in the dryer. By the time you’ve had a cup of tea they’ll be good to go”
That’s ok” Peter began, “No I insist” Karen interrupted “I’ll get you a pair of Don’s old shorts, though they may be a little big.” She said with a twinkle, “I don’t want you getting ill because of me.”
While Karen put the kettle on Peter dried himself and changed. Then he made his way to the kitchen. “Here’s the sodden mess” Peter said, handing Karen his clothes. Karen suppressed a laugh looking at him in clothes 3 sizes too large. “There’s not much to you is there?” Karen said. Peter bridled and replied “My work keeps me in shape.” “I see that.” said Karen, “I’ll just throw these in the dryer.” she said, walking past him standing in the doorway.
The next thing Peter knew was a warm hand come from behind him and sliding between the waistband and his slightly rounded yet still defined stomach. He gulped involuntarily as the fingers found and lifted his shrunken penis and enveloped it with a gentle warmth.
“Seems like you may need the kiss of life.” said Karen, pressing up against him as she pulled down the ill fitting shorts and kneeling in front of him began to run her tongue up and down his stiffening shaft. Peter protested, “Mrs Hill, this can’t happen” “Relax Peter, and call me Karen. Your cock says it can happen, you could say almost shouts it.” Indicating to him how quickly he was responding. She took his now hard, fat cock into her mouth and started to really work on it. She ran her lips up and down the underside of his slick shaft and sucked his testicles one by one into her mouth, teasing them with her tongue and pulling them gently downward. She ran her tongue teasingly up and down his saliva wet cock and lapped at his head, flicking the helmet while squeezing and pulling on his sac. She felt him tense up and knew he was close to coming, she gave his balls another squeeze and as his buttocks tensed a warm jet of jism hit her in the back of the throat. She almost gagged at the fullness of his load and letting his cock out of her mouth a second spurt hit her in the face, lacing her cheeks, nose and lips.
“You’re a very virile man aren’t you” she said, licking her come covered lips “and now all the tension is gone I need you to return the favour.”
Peter’s inhibitions seemed to have deserted him with his come and needing no second bidding his hands were all over Karen as she led him to the bedroom, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her mound, grabbing her firm and soft rounded ass.
Karen was shedding her clothes as she went and it was almost a race to the bedroom.
On arriving at the foot of the bed Peter turned her around and drank in the beauty of her womanly body. Standing in her bra and skirt she felt just a little embarrassed to have this man gazing with unadulterated lust at her, it lasted only a moment and then Peter was working her skirt to the floor as she unhooked her bra, freeing her full, now sensitive breasts. Peter became busy pulling her panties down commenting on the dampness that had them shaping her mound, “You shave, very sexy and you smell so hot, I’m going to enjoy tasting you!” Karen fell back on the bed and needing no encouragement he started licking Karen’s pink, flushed pussy. Her lips were full and getting fuller as his tongue worked up and down her slit, moving in and out of the folds. “Oh my God” Karen exclaimed as his tongue caressed her clit, now poking out of it’s receding hood. He slurped, sucked, teased her sex as Karen grabbed his head pressing it tighter to her, closing her eyes and allowing the sensations to pulse through her body. Karen hadn’t felt such abandon since forever.
Peter took his time to feast on her juices, inserting one finger then two inside her and working them in and out in time to his tongues ministrations.
Karen thrust her hips hard against his mouth and pressed his head tight against her demanding pussy. The build up that had been coming since she first saw Peter burst in wave after wave of of tingling nerves and carnal awareness. Her body was alive, almost a separate entity and God she loved it.
Her orgasm seemed to last and last, such a full and complete release of all the tension she had built over a long period of time. She was transported, briefly, to somewhere else and she wanted to feel this again.
“A beginning” she whispered to herself as the post orgasmic endorphins flooded her and she was vaguely aware of Peter lying beside her, kissing her nipples, tummy and thighs.
A smile played on her lips as she softly repeated, “a beginning” and sighed a contented sigh.

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