Too Much Ain't Enough

His limp member was warm and soft in her mouth. She felt a pulsing and a slight tensing of his cock. As her tongue traced a path on it's underside her fingers gently cradled his sac and rotated and squeezed his almond shaped balls. The tension and hardening of his penis began to fill her mouth as a low moan emanated from his mouth. Her lips moved up and down his lengthening shaft, gently , slowly as she felt a warmth begin in her crotch and start to spread through her.
He lay on his back and opened his legs to give her better access, her long dark hair brushed his stomach as he opened his eyes to see this beautiful, sexy woman with her mouth wrapped around his shaft. He thought of the night before when it had been her wet cunt and protruding lips that had been doing exactly what her mouth was now being busily employed doing. She turned her head to see what affect she was having and the looked that passed between them was so sexual she almost came. But not yet.
She took her mouth away from his penis and straddled him. Sitting as high as she could on her knees, the tip of his cock nestled between her moist lips. She was so wet, her juices had begun to run down her thighs. She positioned his long, fat, cock at the opening of her vagina and suddenly impaled herself upon him. A scream of pleasure, pain, intrusion ripped from her as his strength filled her and her proud clit hammered upon him.
But he wanted it slow and deliberate and although she was on top he controlled the speed and depth of their love making.
He wanted to experience this woman, to drink in each moment of contact, of friction, of joy. He became harder, if that was possible and dictated the rhythm of her ride.
Her 1st orgasm had barely passed when he pushed her body back to allow him to play with her breasts, her stomach, her clit. It was now his turn to return the favour and so he nestled her open cunt over his mouth and told her to ride his mouth and tongue as if to drown him in her honeyed dew. His tongue, chin, nose were like a 3 pointed vibrator and she came in a flood of juice that he lapped at as a kitten to a bowl of cream. To him it was.
She was almost spent and needed to lie down, and so rolling over on her back, he placed himself above her and slowly entered her. His motion was slow at 1st, her cunt was so tight she wasn't sure she could take him, or even wanted to. His insistence opened her up and she was amazed at the sensation of her tight fanny around this beautiful man. They made love until they came together and each felt the love. the joy, the satiation of the other.

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