If The Shoe Fits

Jenny had had one hell of a day. She was assistant manager in a shoe shop on the High St and it seemed as if her boss was unable to do anything at all to keep the business afloat other than chat all day to her friends on the phone. To top it all off she had left early citing a headache. Jenny knew it as a lie, she’d overheard her arranging drinks at a local wine bar with her girlfriends.
It was nothing new for Jenny to lock up and it was almost that time. She sighed as she was placing the last of the stock back on the shelf when she heard the door chime to a new customer.
‘I hope this won’t take long’ she thought to herself ‘I’m dying for a wine and a long soak.’
She came out of the stock room to find a worn yet still handsome man looking at the cowboy boots they had.
‘Care to try them on sir?’ she asked
‘Yes I would’ he replied ‘Do you have them in a size 10?’
‘No problem, take a seat & I’ll get them for you’ Jenny said.
‘I know it’s closing time and I’m sorry to keep you’ he said as Jenny knelt at his feet and prepared to help him with the boots. ‘That’s ok’ she said ‘ I wasn’t rushing off anywhere.’
Jenny looked up when she said this and saw him quickly bring his eyes up to hers. She felt herself begin to blush as she realised he had been looking down her blouse. ‘ Sorry I didn’t mean to stare’ he said ‘ but to have such a sexy woman at my feet is rare for me.’
Jenny reddened more as she averted her gaze from his and could feel herself tremble slightly and a slow warmth spread from her head to her pelvis.
‘ Here, let me do that ‘ he said as he leant down to pull the boots on. His hand brushed her breast in doing so and Jenny could feel his warm breath against her neck.
She looked up and he kissed her, softly, warmly as more heat spread through her. She felt her nipples harden and a desire to feel his mouth upon hers.
He kissed her with a passion that lassoed her breath and held it prisoner as his hand found her breast and he rolled her erect nipple between his fingers, sending spasms of pleasure through her.
A sigh escaped her as the warmth she initially felt became a furnace. Her panties shaped her lips as she became wet, yet on fire and the rich smell of sex filled the air.
‘I just love the way you smell, there is no greater aphrodisiac than the scent of a woman. Come sit here and take those panties off so I can taste you as well.’ The stranger said.
Jenny was helpless to do anything other than obey as she sat on the sofa. Pulled her panties off and opened her legs.
His tongue traced slowly up her inner thigh and as his thumb and finger pulled back her hood his tongue continued on the path, parting her lips seeking her pink, proud clitoris.
Jenny moaned out loud as his tongue flicked across her nub and she pushed her hips forward.
His lips and tongue pulled open her outer labia and then the softer, blood swollen inner lips caressing the kernel of her clit.
Jenny’s breath came in gulps as the heat within exploded into a multitude of shocks causing her to grind her pussy against his mouth and scream with a primal voice.
She’d never felt such and immediate a reaction to such a forward approach but was lost in the carnal physicality of the encounter.
His honeyed tones washed over her as she lay spent on the sofa.
‘ I see you’re in no condition to box them up, can I come back tomorrow to collect them?’ he asked.
Jenny was only vaguely aware of assenting and of hearing the door chime as he let himself out into the passing traffic.

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