I took her viginity

She was a virgin.

It was Friday evening. I had come home early from work, showered and clean from the days work, I was intending to settle down with the latest three episodes of “Game of Thrones” one of my mates had downloaded and handed on to me. My wife Nikki, our daughter Joanne and a life-long girlfriend of Joanne, Petra, had planned an evening out. The plan was to go out for an early dinner then off to the movies to see a late starting “chick-flick” and the two girls would have a “sleep-over”. I was to have peace and quiet until at least 12:30.

All was going to plan until about 6:15 when Petra came down with some complaint and made excuses to be left at home. Typical male, I paid scant attention to the proceedings and just as Nikki and Joanne walked out the front door, I was asked to check in on Petra from time to time to make sure she was ok. She would be in Joanne’s bedroom in the spare bed. I mumbled yes and was glad to see the back of them and the noise these two/three women were making. Petra it seems had gone to bed already.

About 30 minutes after the girls left, Petra appeared in the doorway of my den, looking like a model from a lingerie fashion show. Petra was almost 19 years old, little older than Joanne who had turned 18 about 7 months ago. She looked too good to be true. Over the last few years, as she blossomed into maturity, I had often caught myself looking at Petra think how nice it would be to “take” a pretty young thing like her but I cast those thoughts aside, after all, she was my daughter’s best friend and a child of my best mate and his wife. The idle thoughts of a silly old man.

Be that as it may, Petra walked into my room wearing an almost sheer sort of baby-doll top that just reached the top of a pair of lacy, string tied little pants, so small that I think they were barely covered her pussy. The top was open at both sides. It looked a bit like a bra with lace hanging from it. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was just a little slut.

Petra is brunette, about 5 foot 2 inches tall with a stunning little body that could not have looked better if it had been “photo shopped”. Her breasts were perky and round and bulged a little, trying to free them selves from the little bra top she had on. From a quick glance at her little panties, I could see a bulge caused by her pussy lips. The symmetry was perfection.

My cock immediately reminded me that it sometimes had a life of its own. Again I suppressed such foolish thoughts. I said to her that I thought she was sick or something. “I did have a headache but it is all gone now” she said as she put her hand to her forehead and walked over to the couch where I was slouched down and comfortable. She sat down beside me. This was nothing unusual as over the years, Nikki, Joanne and Petra have sat with me from time to watching tv, like we were all family. Petra leaned against me, took my right arm and guided it over her head and placed it on the side of her tummy, where the open fabric of her top had fallen away, just above her hip. She placed my hand was on her soft warm skin and she said that she felt much better now. She might have felt better but I was decidedly uncomfortable. To sit there with her fully dressed was one thing but she was almost naked. We sat in silence and watched to tv. After about five minutes, Petra looked up into my eyes and said “Uncle Kevin, (she always called me uncle), I have something important I need to talk with you about.” Well, there goes the tv show. I reached for the remote and paused to video. OK I said, what is it?

Sheepishly she looked at me and said, “I know you have had sex with my mum”. I very quickly removed my arm and sat up straight, pushing her slightly away from me and asked her what the hell was she talking about. She said she knew and it didn’t matter. She said had heard her mum and dad talking in their bedroom a couple of week ago when they thought she was not home. They were talking very explicitly about how you and Nikki had had sex with them. You were swinging. It seemed to me that it was quite often you were doing it from what they said. Mum told dad that apart from him, you uncle Kevin, to use her exact words, was the best fuck she ever had. She said you were kind, gentle and always considerate of her needs. She said you always looked after her. Then she started making funny noises and I realised that she and dad were having sex while they were talking to each other. It was a gross to imagine them doing that and the noises mum was making started to turning me off. I had never heard her before. It was awful. I had to leave the house for a while.

I was stunned. Sprung about swinging with her parents and she is sitting here half naked. The hard-on I was getting from her soft warmth had vanished. What was I supposed to say to all that? I had no idea. Petra then said something that blew me away. She said, “All the boys I have made out with, and I have done some pretty heavy petting, all of them are rough and hopeless. They have no idea”. She continued “I am still a virgin. From what I heard my mum say, you must be really good. So, while Nikki and Joanne are out at the movies, what I want is for you to be like my mum says you are, be gentle and considerate and take my virginity – here… tonight… Please!”

I said to her “You cannot be serious…” but as the last word left my lips, her hand latched onto my half hard cock through my pants and she moved her mouth to mine and stifled the last word with her lips. Her tongue was inside my mouth in an instant. Without thinking, my tongue began to play with hers and I placed a hand either side of her head and held her face to mine so she could not escape my probing tongue and to hold her lips attached to mine. I almost melted at the softness of her lips and was captured by her kissing prowess. My cock hardened in my pants and her hand held it tightly at first before she began moving it up and down my full seven inches. By now, any thought of moral or ethical reasons to instantly stop this all from happening had passed. As my old dad told me “a standing prick has no conscience” and now my seven inches was (pardon the pun), “hard” evidence of that truism. I was going to fuck this girl tonight. I was going to break the hymen at her pussy entrance and fuck her. She in return was going to learn how to really please a man, that is, if she needed much instruction if she were to be judged by her kissing ability.
My hands left her face and found their way to the smooth soft skin between her boobies and her panties. I luxuriated in the tenderness of her body and caressed her wherever I could find bare skin. Our lips hardly parted as we continued kissing. The touching, kissing and the dance our tongues were performing was swelling my cock and it felt harder than it had been for years. The rush of excitement and lust was almost overpowering.
Soon I found the clasp of her top and undid it. I lifted it away from her breasts. Oh what a sight to behold. Two ripe mounds a little over a handful each. They were creamy white in colour, without a blemish anywhere and topped off with nipples that were already hard, standing proudly above her breasts. My hands began moulding themselves around her creamy breast and my thumbs and finger began pressing and squeezing her nipples, teasing them with pinches and pulling, until they were ready for my mouth.
My lips left her lips and I kissed and softly sucked on her neck. She threw her head back and moaned as I kissed her neck and down her body to her breasts. On reaching one her right breast, I kissed and licked and gently sucked all around her tender softness. Her perfume filled my head and the taste of her body took my mind back to my youth. I teased first her right breast, all over it – except her nipple. Petra moved her body about, trying to get my mouth on her nipple. She took her breast in her hand and tried to guide it to my mouth but I avoided her actions. I slowly kissed my way to the valley between her breasts and then to her left breast where I administered similar loving treatment to it as had her right. Petra was making little whimpering sounds as I was teasing her left breast and playing with her right nipple with my fingers. Finally, I took her left nipple and sucked it hard and fast into to my mouth. A cry of pleasure escaped from Petra’s lips. Her hands came to my head now and pulled my face into her breast. I sucked on her long warm nipple and with my tongue, rolled it around inside my mouth, nibbling gently with my teeth, sucking hard then softly, deep into my mouth. I filled my mouth with as much of her breast as I could, devouring the taste of her young body and ripening her for what was to come. I took my attention to her right nipple and repeated the performance. Petra began to tremor as I sucked on her right nipple. Her cries were getting louder as I teased that nipple. Her whole body began to shake. Her hand tightened around my cock. Suddenly her body stiffened and a different sounding cry left her lips just moments before her body fell limp. OMG! She has orgasmed and I had hardly touched her.
Petra wrapped her arms around and snuggled her warm body up close to mine. I let her calm down like that and relax for a few minutes before we started again.

I stood up quickly undressed, except for my undies. I stood in front of her and reached for her hands and placed them on my cock and balls. “You know what to do” I said and she immediately began to caress me. She then pulled my undies down and took my cock in her hand. She looked up into my eyes and smiled as she began to stroke my cock with one hand as her other hand moved to hold my balls. I could see a dribble of pre-cum on my cock. She kept her hand away from the wetness but with slow deliberate movements, stroked the length of my cock; my balls still cradled in her other hand. I told her to lick the wetness off the end of my cock and then to kiss it. The movement of her hands stopped and with innocence in her eyes, she looked up to mine in some disbelief. “I have never done that before” she said. I told her, if she wanted to loose her virginity, she must do whatever I tell her. I told her that what she learns tonight, with practice, will set her on a course to become a most desired lover. She smiled and then placed her tongue on the end of my cock. Immediately another droplet of pre-cum popped out of my cock. Petra licked it all up quickly and looked back into my eyes and said “it tastes sweet”. I said “now kiss my cock. Kiss the end of it and all up and down the outside of it”. Petra did as I said and soon my cock was wet and warm from her sweet lips and it was covered in her saliva. “Now take it in your mouth”. She said it was too big to fit in her mouth but I told her not to be silly; my cock was only just average size. She looked very unbelieving and a bit scared but she opened her mouth wide and took my knob inside her and closed her lips around it. The warmth of her mouth caused some more pre-cum to exit my cock. She looked up at me and her eyes smiled at me. She has her first cock in her mouth and it was mine… My cock!

With each instruction I gave her, she responded well. Soon I had her sucking my cock like a expert. She pushed her face onto my cock and withdrew, sucking and licking me like an icy-pole, each stroke of her mouth trying to remove the saliva left there from the last stroke. Soon my cock was reaching towards her throat. She turned head from side to side and my knob pushed into the side of her cheeks, fucking her mouth. I then told her that to do this right, she must take all of a man’s length in her mouth, to swallow it all down until her lips were at the base of his cock. Anything less was a disappointment for her lover as it was a detraction from her abilities as a good lover. Petra complained that it was much too big for her to do such a thing. I told her it was just practice. She would gag a little at first but quickly get used to it and she would soon love doing it to her man. She wanted her virginity a thing of the past and this was a means to an end. She said she would do the best that she could.

I sat down on the couch, laid back and spread my legs so she could kneel between my knees and suck me. My cock was rock hard in expectation as her mouth came over it again and she opened her lips wide and moved her mouth down my cock until I felt it hit the top of her throat. She immediately withdrew with a gagging sound then a little cough. I said to her “Now Petra my sweet little angel, what a perfect start you have made”. This gave her confidence and she tried again, then again and again, but each time her gagging reflex became less and less. “Take me in, deep as you can, slow as you like, then hold me there as long as you can. Don’t try to push hard and stop just before the gagging starts, then hold my cock like that as long as you can”. After doing this over and over, my cock felt like it was in paradise and her eyes no longer watered every time my cock hit her throat. I cannot remember the last time my cock was sucked so beautifully. I was in heaven. After about 10 minutes of this ecstasy, I said to her, next time, when my cock is at the back of her throat, push down on it a little harder and swallow. As you swallow, open your mouth and lips wide. Petra again closed her mouth over my cock and tried to follow my instructions. The first three times she pulled away with the gagging but on her forth attempt, the head of my cock slipped past the tightness of the back of her throat and my entire cock slid into her mouth. She immediately withdrew and with a little cough and tears in her eyes and sheer excitement in her voice exclaimed “I did it! I did it! Oh my god I did it!” I answered “Yes you did my beautiful little princess. Keep that up and you will make me cum”. With that, she plunged my cock into her mouth again and over and over drove my cock down her throat. With the prior 20 or 30 minutes of being sucked by this beautiful mouth, my cock lasted for only about two or three minutes of this deep throat treatment before my cum welled up in my balls and then began to pump her mouth and throat full of my sperm. I felt my cock spurting into her mouth and it kept pumping her full of cum as it slid deep down into her throat. Petra continued to suck my cock from its head right down until she could get no more of me inside her mouth, swallowing cum as the sound of her humming with enjoyment echoed in my ears. I had not cum so hard in such a long time. As my cock began to soften, Petra kept licking and sucking. He held it in her hand and put her mouth over my knob and tried to suck even more cum from it. It was becoming too much for me to take and I was shuddering with extreme pleasure every time she sucked and popped my cock from her mouth. I had to stop her.

When my cock had finally softened, I got up and got some “lube” and a towel to put under her – to catch the inevitable blood. She sat on the couch and it was now my turn. I sat down on the floor and spread her legs. I undid the strings on both sides of her panties and slid them out of the way, revealing an almost hairless pussy with nice puffed lips, just as they looked when I first saw her come in the room. I suggested she lay back and I would pleasure her as never before. Now I applied lube liberally all over my re-hardened cock in readiness for the final plunge.

Laying Petra back, I started by lifting the foot of her left leg to my mouth and I kissed and sucked on her foot before I slowly worked my way up to towards her pussy. She giggled a bit but soon began to realise the pleasure she was getting from it. The giggling soon changed to sweet moans of joy and her breathing became heaver in anticipation of my lips reaching her pussy. I kissed her inner thighs and the back of her leg, right up to her bum before kissing around to the front of her leg. I bypassed her pussy lips and down her right leg, following the reverse path of what I did to her left leg.

I held her legs wide apart and lowered my mouth directly over her pussy lips, startling her because it was not what she was expecting. I pushed my tongue between her sweet wet lips and moved it up and down the length of her lips. She was by this time almost crying for more as the pleasure I was giving her was driving her towards another orgasm. I sucked one of her lips into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue and teeth. Petra’s body was shaking and moaning from pleasure was just like the sounds she made when she had her first orgasm. I released her pussy lip and then spread them both apart with my fingers before running my tongue from her bum right up to her clit. I then sucked her other lip into my mouth and played with that. Finally, I opened her lips again and put my mouth directly over her little clit and sucked it into my mouth. Petra groaned and shuddered as her second orgasm approached.

I began rubbing her clit with my fingers as I knelt up and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I applied a little pressure and she pulled away. I held my cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down between her open pussy lips. I pressed my knob against her clit and moved it backwards and forwards over it. I then slid the length of my cock back and forth over her clit until she started shaking uncontrollably and another orgasm began. As this orgasm started, I moved my knob back to her hymen and as the sound of her next moan left her mouth, with the weight of my body fully behind me, I drove my cock into her, tearing her hymen apart, spreading her cunt hole wide and plunging the full length of my fat lubricated cock all the way into her cunt, stopping only when my balls hit her arse. Petra’s pleasurable sounds of orgasm turned to a scream of shock and pain and threw her arms around me and held me as tight as she could. I could feel her hot blood dribble across my balls as the tears from the pain poured from her eyes. She did nothing but hold me tightly as she knew, she was a virgin no more. I fucked her to three more orgasms that evening before filling her tight little cunt with my cum. Thinking of her tight little virgin arse now, I told her there is one more lessen she needs to learn, but that could wait until next time.

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