Pink Hotel

After day or two at your place (Sandy) ,where we do usual household stuff like watching our lingerie go round & round in the spin dryer, its got to fit just right so we can see those feminine curves and masculine bulges. Sandy suggest a drive on Route 69, We get all packed for a gurls road trip to the Pink Hotel. As we drive Sandy start getting aroused by fondling your love stick, with a twinkle in your eyes, you start stroking my (Rachel) stockings your hand moves up to satin sexy knickers.

The driving in heavy traffic, requires some concentration and I say 'later in the drive' I lightly slap your hand away, you put on your best sulky temptress pouting face as you withdraw your hand and start fidgeting with your lovely hair.
An hour later the countryside has changed from urban jungle to native forest you hand wanders over and rests on upper thigh, slowly you feel my sexy satin knickers, I spread my legs a little while still being attentive at the wheel, you lean over and just then the sirens go on from the police car behind us.

We slowly pull over you slide back to the passenger seat adjust your seat belt, check your make up in the sun visor. I wind down the window with my driver's license at the ready, the police lady 'Madam your driver's license please' while she is studing it, I ask why was I pulled over she reply's without looking up 'erratic driving'. Then she looks up at me says both of you please step out of the vehicle with hands held high. I she is ready for action pistol & taser half drawn and baton at the ready. We alight from the vehicle.

Well well well we have a couple Cocks in Frocks she says 'hands on the bonnet and spread your leg gurls". We comply she slowly frisks us with one hand her baton in the other. Lots of attention to my breast area where she pulls out a couple of $100 notes checks my knickers and says there damp. Then walks around to you pats you down gets to your panties steps back pulls out the pistol "turn around slowly, lift your skirt and drop your knickers'" you comply. Police lady eyes your dick; 'Right Gurls we have no more moving violations and where are you going' I timidly reply the Pink Hotel madam. She then checks out car rego and drivers license on the police hand held computer. I will let you with a warning and your passenger is to keep her hands and mouth to herself.

We get in the car and drive off the police lady follows us for a while and turns off. We get to the Pink Hotel check in, the admin staff check us in. We freshen up after our eventual road trip and have a great dinner at the restaurant. A number of other hotel guests are there we make polite conversation on the way out I notice a lady with long hair, a red skirt and jean jacket. As we get ready in our room, for a night of passion there's a knock at the door. I open the door that lady is smiling at me with her hair up in a bun just that police lady earlier but now holding a set of handcuffs. She says sweetly I have some more investigations to do!!! XXOO

She walks in 'now gurls you can call me Madam'. Sandy and I (Rachel) yes Madam. Its 8pm I have to be back at work at 11pm so Rachel spread those legs and hands in the air pointing the baton at me. Sandy cuff Rachel to the bed post standing position. Sandy lift Rachel skirt and lower her green knickers Madam need to inspect what you were sucking on earlier today. Sandy cut off Rachel blouse I want see more of her bra. Sandy looks at Rachel says no. Madam swiftly but lightly slides the baton up between Sandy's legs resting firmly at her family jewels. I have to comply, so Sandy cuts off the blouse to reveal a green black stripe peep hole bra. Sandy two pace back now and stand at attention. Madam inspects ahhh clean fresh breasts slowly sucks them through the peep holes, Rachel member grows larger.

Madam feels the erection right Rachel get on your knees, Sandy help her down. Sandy now that Rachel has had her tits played sucked you need to down on knees suck those tities until they swollen and tender. Rachel liking the tongue action on her begins rocking on her cuffs as Sandy licks & sucks them.

Madam has been slowly rubbing her clit through that red skirt with baton resting on Sandy backside. Sandy Rachel is groaning you need to finish off what you started earlier today or I slap with ticket for moving violations. Sandy complies gets down on hand and knees her skirt rides up with the back and forward movement.

Madam is getting quite excited by this, lifts her red shirt reveal strap on harness as strokes her clit. She reaches over starts fondling Sandy backside with her hand Sandy groans with a mouth full. Madam begins to stroke Sandy member in time to her thusts on Rachel member. Time is slipping away.

Sandy says Madam please make me cum too. Madam says all in good time, puts on her police cap and lubes Sandy man clit up slowly inserting a gloved finger just checking for contraband. Sandy groans louder. Madam screws on her strap on vibrator with extra probe for her clit as well.

Okay cocks in frocks you are going come on my command do you understand. Yes Madam Rachel replies Sandy gives the thumbs up, hard to speak with your full.

Madam places strapon at Sandy's man clit and arch that back gurl as I push in vibrating strapon. Sandy is slurping on Rachel's ball sack and a gloved finger is circling Rachel's man clit.

Slowly the pace gathers at Rachel thusts her cock in Sandy's mouth, Madam is probing Sandy's man clit with her vibratoring strapon. Madam is starts to scream the orders I'm getting there Gurls as she turns up the intensity on the vibrating strapon Sandy is arse is bucking madly as she deep throats Rachel.
As Madam orders Rachel to cum Sandy inserts a finger deeply into Rachels man clit and massages her g spot, Madam reaches round begins stroking Sandy's cock that is dripping with precum. Rachel reaches a climax and shoots a load of hot cum deep into Sandy's mouth. Madam orgasms with shrieking grunts as she tugs Sandy's cock one last time and Sandy relaxes and waves cum just spurt out.

After cleaning ourselves up Madam say if you up this way again please call I know another police lady who wouldn't some of this action at the Pink Hotel.

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