First time BiMle

A friend contacted me about a camping weekend to be held on some private property with access to a private home and a remote private camping area open only to friends. It was to be with friends of his, I had not seen him for a year or two since we finished school, both us were working in different industries, and had moved in different groups at by then. I recall he had the most gorgeous girlfriend, not sure where she was at this time.

In the end he and I were the only one along on the trip along with a back pack containing more beer than anything else, not that it was a long trip in. Set up, had some food and drink nothing eventful just chatting. Got in our sleeping bags when my friend in jest starts fake/soft wrestling me.

His hands though only had one target and by the time he touched my cock it was rock hard and full. Within thirty seconds he had my cock in his mouth I had no objection it was glorious. Without cumming myself I soon had his cock in my mouth a cock slightly larger than mine though uncut, I remember rolling the foreskin backwards and forwards in curiosity before sucking and pulling him until he came on his stomach.

He cleaned himself up and then turned his attention to my cock and body. After he had blown me for a while and stroked me he invited me to lay on top of him and rub my cock against his now resurgent cock. After a timeless period I came whilst we continued to move against each other. writing this now I can see that he probably got the ideas to try and screw me using my come as lubricant.

I found myself willingly spreading my legs in the face down missionary position whilst he attempted to screw me. I have no idea how experienced he was, I certainly wasn't with a partner when it came to anal play and sex. Though I was actually very experienced penetrating myself with fingers, dildos including dildo like objects, and by this time I had purchased one of those white ribbed vibrators of the late 70s and 80s for my own pleasure; even buying a life like cock sleeve that added that last bit of size that had my stomach churning in the best way when using that on myself. Touching that vibrator against the internal root of my cock would soon have me blowing.

Anyway my friend found his way part way in though it soon became sore for him rather than me, too dry? So he moved to thrusting between my arse cheeks, a thrill for me as he slid along the groove of my arse crack, soon blowing and grinding his come over much of my back and arse. We came to a halt then satisfied and sleepy after a further beer.

In the morning though breakfast was a fourth order matter as we started over again repeating all of the thrills of the previous night.

At sometime deciding that there was insufficient food at the camp we travelled back to private and vacant homestead to get some food whilst interrupting the trip with a serious of mutual blow jobs. The trip back to the private camp was a reverse of the outward trip though it did not satisfy us as started were we left off again.

I was very unsure about my feelings this experience elicited in me however it did not undermine my confidence that I was bi.

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