Beach House interlude

I whisk you away to a beautiful coastline to a beach house perched on top of the cliff, while you dressed in your favourite skirt and suspenders with an elegant but form fitting blouse.
As we walk across the driveway, I gently take hold of your hand, and slowly move you closer to me, I can smell the lovely perfume you are wearing. We retire to the upstairs bedroom with majestic views through one way glass. Slowly and with arms tentative wrapped around each other we soak up the pleasure of just being together.
As you are admiring the coastal view from the bedroom, I'm surveying your delectable derriere xx.
I slowly move to you, begin to softly massage shoulders and gently caress the nape of your neck, your body tingles with anticipation. You murmur more as run my hands down your reaching round to those beautiful breast which I tenderly cup and stroke your nipples through your top, while kissing your neck.
I feel your breathing slow as you take my hands and guide them down your front to a bulge protruding from skirt. Slowly I stroke this bulge through the skirt, which begins to stretch out. My other hand wanders around backside where I lift the skirt, begin to massage and slide my hand between your legs fondling your nickers. You clutch the four poster bed rail for support as you spread legs for better rear access. Your backside quivers as I apply firm circular motion to your perineum your ball sack tightens, I can feel the bulge growing further, slip my other hand under your skirt and release an upstanding member from confines of your nickers as I stroke the tip the pre-cum seeps out.
Being prepared I reach into mini backpack and put on a glove with a little KY on bend you over while you gaze at the scenery I slowly massage your male pussy I can feel you relaxing those sphincter muscles as your scrotum tightens, while stroking your finely veined member which is starting to twitch like it has mind of its own. Your breathing is slow and panting interspersed guttural grunts. I work that finger further into your man pussy your hips are gyrating in time to my stroking of your firmly erect member. I reach a little further begin massage your prostate while firmly stroking you I can feel the precum, then you start these little whimper screams which slowly build until you CUM with such intensity we could have bottled it from a metre away. You just keep cumming for eternity until your spent. I release my grip on member, extract my finger from your man pussy and hold you up as legs are jelly. From backpack grab some tissues clean up cum marks on your nickers and skirt, then gently walk you to the large ensuite, where we have warm relaxing shower. Buts that's another story

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