Breaking in my car....

This is another true story about the couple I play with (name withheld) ....showing their side & my side.
We'd decided to go to the Gold Coast for the weekend. We had a few things planned, so weren't sure we were going to have time to catch up with Asa, but Saturday night we messaged to see if he'd like to catch up for a drink after work.
He was waiting outside our unit after we got back from dinner, so we invited him up while I quickly got changed. With a few cheeky flashes while I got changed.
We went to the Casino, had a quiet drink and game on the pokies... as we were walking around every now and then I would lightly touch Asa's arse or hip. Then we decided to go sit and have a coffee, I sat with Mr on my left and Asa across from me. As we were talking I slowly let my hand caress Mr's thigh slowly moving higher, and my foot slide up and down Asa's leg, creeping up higher and higher each time. I could tell by the pauses while he was talking and the look on his face I was having the desired effect.
We decided it was time to head off as we had a bit of a busy day the next day, but Mr suggested we go for a bit of a drive first. I sat in the middle of the back seat...perfect position to tease!
After a little bit of driving, Asa pulled off the main road & drove along a private lane. Mr looked back and gave me a little grin before letting his hand slide up my inner thigh....I leaned back..sliding my arse forward so he could easily stroke my clit. As soon as Asa had a chance at the next red light he slid his fingers along my thigh and straight into my wet pussy...then brought them up to his lips tasting...that just made me wetter. Mr mentioned that my lingerie must be getting in the I wriggled out of my black shimmering g string and flicked them into the front...where they were promptly hung on the rear view mirror!
As we were driving along, I started to finger myself, with the help of Mr and Asa whenever they could reach back. We kept driving for a distracting the boys as much as possible, first by taking of my skirt...then shirt....then bra. I was completely naked driving around we took turns of them fingering me from the front, and me fingering myself as they watched.
After about half an hour Mr said that we should pull over so Asa could get in the back with me....he didn't need to be asked twice! As they swapped drivers I said to Asa that he needed to get his jeans off NOW! And reached for his belt buckle and zip....he couldn't get them off fast enough for me! I couldn't wait to wrap my hands and mouth around his cock again!
As Mr was driving I knelt down on the floor (we are not new to car play, but even we couldn't believe how roomy Asa's car was!). I wrapped my mouth around his beautiful cock and could taste the pre cum....I started moaning in pleasure...then I felt Mr slide his fingers into my wet pussy and I moaned even louder. We needed to find somewhere to park...and quickly!
Asa laid down on the seat and I lowered myself into 69 was such a turn on for Mr to hear what was going on in the back and hear my moans as I cum but not be able to see anything. I told him he needed to pull over NOW! I needed both of them! After what seemed like hours he finally found a place to park and jumped in the back seat.....& I tore at his jeans begging for him to get them off.
The three of us in the back seat...first me between them stroking them both as they fingered me, then I sat opposite them on the centre console as they fingered me, joking that I could keep an eye out for cars coming up behind us...not that I did a very good job of that! I told them to stroke themselves...I was so turned on that I came....without anyone touching me!
It was decided we needed to video some of the action. I heard Asa say "We need to video Mrs X squirting" then I felt both their fingers inside me. Then as they both took turns flicking my clit, and plunging fingers deep into my pussy I could feel myself building....until I came...HARD! And squirted! It went everywhere ( I think even on the rear headrests!).
I love to give pleasure as much as I do receive, so it was time to tend to Mr and Asa. I knelt down and slowly lowered my mouth over Mr's hard cock, while Asa recorded. After a while Mr said, I think Asa needs some attention.....I didn't need to be told twice! Asa handed the phone to Mr so he could record as I slowly lowered my mouth over Asa's hard cock...running my tongue around the the tip and up and down the sides...cupping his balls. I was moaning in turned on I was close to cumming again.
I went back to Mr...and as I sucked on his hard cock I felt Asa's fingers slip into my pussy again...and it wasn't long until I was shuddering and cumming again.
I saw Asa stroking....and Mr started stroking as well..."Well if everybody is just helping themselves...." Not wanting to miss out, I started circling my clit with my fingers, and sliding them into my wet pussy...gyrating my hips and grinding against my hand as I came.....while watching Mr and Asa was such a fucking turn on!!! Then I heard Mr say he was close...Oh yes! What I had been waiting for! My mouth took over from Mr's hand sucking on him...moaning over his hard cock...until I felt him pump his load into my mouth....YESSSSSSS! I sucked the last drop from Mr before moving over to Asa's cock. I started pumping and sucking on him...feeling his cock harden and starting to throb...then that first delicious spurt as he came and pumped his load into my mouth. I sat up to lick my lips, then Asa said I'm cumming again...I didn't need to be told twice! I lowered my mouth again and eagerly sucked in his load again...Mmmmm two very distinct different tastes I said. One salty, one sweet...both delicious.
Mr got out of the car to start to dress again....and Asa's tongue was straight back on my clit. Mr started recording orgasm after orgasm hit me he was whispering for me to was such a turn on that it wasn't hard to cum!
Realising it was 3am, and we had to be up early, it was time for us to go back to the unit. On the way back we all laughed about what a great first time Asa's car had, and how soaked the backseat was from me squirting...

I knew Mr & Mrs X were visiting the Gold Coast, but I wasn't sure we'd have time to meet. But while at work, I received a message asking if i'd like to meet for a few drinks later on. Naturally I was happy to, even if only for drinks & chat.
I finished work a little early, drove home, then showered & changed. Then I drove to their unit to pick them up, & we went to the Casino to chat & relax. As usual, Mrs X was looking absolutely amazing...I practically needed a drip tray to catch my drool! We had a couple of drinks, chatted, then went to have a few games on the machines. While walking among the machines I could sometimes feel Mrs X's hand brushing against my butt & hip, & I knew she was enjoying herself!
We soon sat down to have coffee & a bite, & at the table I could feel her foot massaging up & down my leg, teasing me. I wanted to do the same, but with shoes on I was worried about leaving dirt or scrapes along her legs! lol. But she was certainly having an effect, & when I stood to go to the toilet I could feel a dampness along my upper thigh from precum. I guess I should have worn underwear....
It was approaching 11:30pm, & we decided to go for a drive in my new car ( a Subaru Liberty Sedan ), & so Mr X sat in the front passenger seat, & Mrs X sat in the back. At first I wondered why she was sitting in the middle back seat, but it soon became apparent when she smiled & opened her legs to show off her sexy panties!
I decided we needed a private area, somewhere quiet, so I pulled off the main road & into a private lane. Mr X looked back, then reached out his hand. I wondered why, then quickly guessed, & looked to see his hand between her thighs! Mmmmm, I had to reach too, & soon my finger was stroking her delicious, wet pussy lips, sliding a finger in. Then withdrawing my hand, I brought my fingers to my face & licked my fingers. It wasn't long before her sexy g-string was hanging from my rear view mirror, & I adjusted it to get a better view of where her fingers were.
After a bit more driving, perving, & fingering, I pulled over to the side of the road, & Mr X sat in the driver's seat, while i sat in the back, next to Mrs X. Then he continued driving. Almost immediately her hand was on my belt, & I helped her undo it, unzip me, & slide the trousers down around my ankles. Then her head lowered & her lips slid over my hard cock, sucking on the head, then sliding it deep into her mouth. I'd been waiting for this, & it was Heaven! While she continued sucking on me, Mr X reached back & slid his finger into her moist pussy, finger fucking her. I knew I had to taste her, so I suggested I lay down, & she climb on top in a 69, so we could both enjoy. Soon she was grinding her mound on my face, as I licked her, while she sucked my hard cock. I kept thinking "I hope Mr X finds a quiet place to park soon, so we can all enjoy even more!"
After 10 or 15 minutes he found a quiet, dark spot, & parked. Then he got out & sat in the back, on the other side of Mrs X. She was naked now, & sat on the centre console (between the front seats), stroking us both. I started fingering her, & turned my phone video on, to capture the moment.....& it was just as well, because very soon she started moaning & gasping as her orgasm approached. To my pleasant surprise she squirted over my hand, up my wrist, & over Mr X's legs! Now it was time to suck us both, so she knelt down & started sucking her husband's cock, while he filmed it on my phone. I sat there, stroking my cock, watching, & thinking all sorts of yummy thoughts. Then he softly said, "I think Asa needs some of that", so she turned, & leaned down over my cock, taking it into her mouth, hands cupping my balls, while her head moved up & down. I could feel the excitement building, & I looked down at her beautiful face, moans of pleasure escaping her lips as she sucked. After a little bit, she went back to sucking Mr X, & I started fingering her. Soon she was cumming again, head collapsing onto his stomach. Then he handed me my phone.
I started stroking my cock again, & she looked at us both stroking & said "Well this is all very interesting...if everybody is just helping themselves...." & sat back on the centre console, fingering her pussy, joining in the self-stroking! This was turning me on, watching her gorgeous face & body, as she was so obviously turned on watching us both stroking at the sight of her. Naturally, I was videoing this! At one point I changed hands, so I could hold my phone in my right hand, & stroke with my left hand. At that moment Mr X whispered that he was close to cumming because she said "Oh yes....oh yes!" & moved her head close to his cock, as he continued stroking. Then he stopped & she lowered her mouth over his cock, sucking the cum from him. He said "ohhhh gently, gently. Ohhhh fucking teeth". I could only chuckle, as I imagined her teeth must have been scraping him as she eagerly sucked every drop from him. I started stroking harder, & felt myself building so told her I was cumming. She quickly moved over to me, saying "Oh yes, another one please", & as I stroked harder & said okay, she lowered her mouth over me, pumping my shaft, & sucking. I felt myself cum a little but had more in me, so when she pulled her head back, I continued pumping harder. She licked her lips & said "Mmmm two very distinctive tastes". I soon felt myself rising again. "I'm cumming again" I said, & she lowered her mouth again, as I shot into her mouth.
Mr X climbed out of the car, apparently soaked from all the squirt that had hit him, & I leaned close & started licking Mrs X's pussy again. Mr X started filming this too, & she came in waves, each time I'd lean back & allow her time to recover, then begin licking her again. I wanted to keep going, but it was getting late, so we got dressed again, & drove back to their unit.
On the drive back they both commented on how spacious it was in the back, surprised that we'd all three just played comfortably there! Also, that it was great to have "broken in my car"! After dropping them off, I started driving home, while also checking the video footage....dayummmmm it was so clear & hot!!! And i knew that Mrs Palmer was going to exact her toll over them.

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