The Last Story

Well this will be my last story once you have read it you'll understand it was also the last time I participated in playing with my now ex partner as in the past I have pretty much done it all like gangbangs threesomes and lots more most I must say I was fully into some as others on here will know not so pleasant but those times never made to the stories posted on here.
On all the occasions I felt I was very much in control of went on even though whenever I was in ecstasy I must say I did lose myself to the wonderfull moments the other person was putting me through well now to get to this final time with my ex.
As always my partner was the one that would organise things and I would have the final say if it was yes or no by checking out the profile of the guy or guys we were going to meet up with and nothing was any different this time and I got myself ready on the day putting something very sexy underneath wearing a short skirt a low fitting top and we headed off to the place we agreed to meet up with Malcolm we had few drinks nothing much seemed different I felt great chatting to Malcolm he then invited us back to his place which wasn't that far.
We arrived as Malcolm greeted us at his front door letting me enter the house first he led us to his kitchen lounge area he then offered to get us some drinks as Malcolm and I sat on the lounge next to each other my partner sitting on another chair as we chatted some more while having our drinks he started to touch my leg rubbing near my knee very lightly I then put my hand on his leg as his hand started move up my leg stopping at my thigh he then moved in to give me a long passionate kiss as we did this my hand moved up his pants to feel the bulge inside we then broke from our nice kiss and he commented I had finished my drink offering to get me another as he returned handing me my drink he put his down on the table he removed his top undoing his pants letting them drop he quickly removed his shoes and socks and sat next to me again telling me to finish my drink and as I did he started to kiss me again still nice and softly as he unbuttoned my top.
I by now had his cock out of his boxers and in my hand we kept kissing as he unclipped my bra he then moved his mouth away from mine and stood up with his cock near my face I began to lick it as he grabbed the back of my head fucking my mouth making me gag a few times soon he pulled his cock from my mouth helped me up he unzipped my skirt let it fall to the floor he took my hand as we walked to his bedroom once inside he put me on his bed lifting my hips to remove my gstring his mouth now found my eagerly waiting clit now at that stage I thought the feeling my head was having was from the way he attacked my pussy with his mouth but I knew different a little later cause soon as he moved his mouth away from my clit he was soon enough on top of me entering me so easily my head now was getting lighter by the minute but I was enjoying the way I was being fucked moaning louder than usual his movements started off slow at first but as I moan a bit more he got faster and harder.
This is the point I noticed something strange I could see that other guys had now entered the room not too sure how many but naked guys stood around the bed cheering the guy fucking me on I turned my head to look over to my partner he just had a big smile on his face but I felt sort of betrade as it was the first time I was not in complete control I knew now that this was all planned out as I tried to move the guy off me a few guys held my hands down and as Malcolm finished blowing his load of cum in me another guy entered me it kept going one guy after another I became weak and stopped fighting it as I started to go with it I heard myself degrading my ex by saying see how these guys are fucking me they are making me cum so hard stuff like that as I noticed the mood on his face change this was a way of getting back at him so I was now telling the guys to fuck me soon I had a guy underneath me while another fucked my ass hearing my self scream out louder once they blew their load I saw a few other guys had hard cocks asking them to take their turn looking at my ex he was now looking upset as one guy took me doggy style my partner left the room.
As the sex continued in the room the time arrived when the last guy had his turn with me as we finished I went out into the lounge room noticing a few guys sitting around having a few drinks and watching porn I noticed a few more guys outside smoking I went out looking for my partner I went over to Malcolm and asked him where he was he told me he took off a while ago as he was pretty pissed off that I was enjoying myself so much when he told me he thought that I would've been in tears instead I then asked Malcolm how I was going to get back home he said I'll call you a cab as he was about too I noticed my partner had taken my hand bag leaving me with no money or credit cards I then pleaded with Malcolm if I could borrow some money for the cab ride he got nasty and told me in no uncertain words to fuck off and get out of his place.
A few other guys shouted out hey we're not finished with her yet when two guys grabbed me threw me into the bedroom taking turns at fucking me noticing my tears made them feel more powerful as a few others gathered in the room they began edging each other on telling the guy who was fucking me to give the slut a hard banging by the time it came to the last guy I heard Malcolm yell out when your done show her the front door and as he finished a few of them got me off the bed giving me just enough time to gather some of my clothes and shoes but not enough time to put them on pushing me out the front door as I slowly got dressed more tears flowed down my face as I tried to find my gstring and bra I realised they must be still inside as I put my shoes on I rang the door bell when Malcolm answered I just asked him if I could just get my underwear he told me one of the other guys pinched them and he continued to tell me to fuck off or if I came back inside the guys would get a lot rougher with me.

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