An ETUDE in Three Movements

Soft moans escape your lips as you implore my attentions not to conclude
My gentle hands soothingly lay upon your torso massaging and exploring all your secret places.
Taking you to great heights, again and again ‘till you can receive no more.
Arms wrapped around you, my body pressing deep against your warmth and wetness........

A gentle breeze escapes the night through the partially open shutters of our bedroom
We lie naked side by side sharing the warmth provided by the natural desire for one another.
Soft silk sheets cover and protect us from the draught as candles flicker.
Your breasts tingling with desire as you wantonly submit to your own arousal.
Our kisses have stimulated a deeper sense of passionate dissoluteness.
An unexplained intensity seemingly set to push our boundaries of desire;
With which to give enduring pleasure in abundance, and receive without expectation.
Caressing and gently arousing one another's senses with our tongues,
Our lips glide across those erogenous and mysterious places yet to be fully awakened.
Your upper body thrust forward in acceptance of my attentive hands and kisses.
Fondling, gently massaging away the last remnants of oil from your smooth fair skin.
Darkened nipples aroused, now prominent, tingling at the pinnacles of your shapely breasts,
Creating a warm and joyous sensitivity beyond our wildest dreams.

My hand reaches around your lower back pulling your belly tightly against my torso.
You gasp in muted tones as you feel the extent of my arousal.
Taking hold of my shaft and reaching down to tease my crown with your wet lips,
My hand simultaneously again guided to the velvet smoothness of your most secret place.
Mischievously I respond to your involuntary gasps of air beneath the tempo of your breathing.
My teasing fingertips flick and delicately brush the entry to your cavernous tunnel of pleasure,
Your moistness turns to wetness; your most secret softness becomes enlarged,
Your womanly form gently gyrates to a rhythmic sway of abandonment.
I plant long kisses between your thighs, tasting the sweet nectar of your anticipation.
Across one another we move in unison and in offertory arching upwards for acceptance.
Both our minds and bodies sensing the power of arousal is too strong to rebut or ignore.

With ever increasing heartbeats, the tempo of our passion accelerates.
Your legs wide apart, wetness on your inner thighs glistening in the flickering candle light,
I move closer to dispel those beads of moisture with my lips and upon my tongue.
Your rhythmic swaying becomes a crescendo, anticipating waves of ecstatic rapture.
With each pulsating movement of your thighs, I am at the doorway of your secret place.
I obey your muffled commands to plunge further with each and every stroke.
The tempo of our rhythm increases; lost to a primitive desire from within our minds.
Totally accepting we have reached that point of no return, our wanton desire satiated;
Our giving and receiving is rewarded with a crescendo of amalgamated orgasm,
We are locked in an unfettered embrace; two bodies as one.
The warmth of your inner thighs wrapped tightly around my hips as we lay still and silent.
My engorged manhood imprisoned deep inside the softness of your love tunnel.
We drift in and out of an unrealised consciousness, interrupted only by scattered clouds;
Casting shadows from the moon, as they traverse the open shuttered window

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