Amazing swingers night

I go to Melbourne on business often and try and get out for some fun. I found this place that advertised it does swingers night for bi and anywhere in between couples and singles so I thought I'd give it a go.

I am bi but like women better so the thought of having it combined was very exciting. So I arrived around 7.00pm went in and changed down to a towel. Wandered a round a bit not many people about so wondered if it was going to be worth it. Gradually people started to arrive. I watch a porno and then went into the suckatorium. Didn't have to wait long before I felt someone sucking my cock and licking my balls. I could have cum then but wanted to wait to see what was cuming up.

Left there wandered around and saw a very attractive couple ( man and woman ) stripping off, and as they entered a small room were followed by a number of guys. I wasn't going to miss out so I went in as well. Her boyfriend started to fuck her in front of us and then she started to suck guys at the same time. I was lucky to be in the right position and she took my cock in her mouth and expertly sucked it. He boyfriend cam and she asked who was next. She fucked about 4 guys and was really getting sweaty and very wet. In between being fucked I slipped some fingers into her and she loved it. One guy got behind her and went to fuck her and she pulled away and said wrong hole and we all laughed. I'm not a young guy but still look OK so she asked me to fuck her.

I took it a little slower than the others and she responded by cumming a number of times. Great to see her sucking some more cocks at the same time. I then started to finger her arse while fucking her and she responded by cumming again. It was getting very slippy and very sweaty with all these people in a small room but fucking in front of them all was really turning me on and I came in a huge way.

She had so much stamina she was fucked another 3 time. Boy her pussy must have been tingling for a few days but she was really into it and seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I have been back but that's another story.

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