invited to a BBQ

My man and i booked a holiday in Cairns to get away from the cold wind and rain in Vic. Second night we thought we would go to a bar just near the hotel , being 23c still, i put on a nice low top and short skirt with white heals..... after a couple of rounds john went up to get another and a lovely couple turned around and just started talking... We chatted for hours and Wayne was very keen to catch up again .... so they invited us for a BBQ On their boat next day....
So when we arrived at the harbor there was about 5 couples on the boat/ship. It was huge had 5 crew looked like a battle ship ..... So after all the hello's and a drink or two the boat headed out to sea.... John had noticed that the couples were very close and some of the guys were rubbing lotion on other women other than their own....Soon we arrived at this lovely little clay in the middle of no where ....Not long after the bikini tops were coming off ... so i looked at John and he said if your ok with it, so took mine off too ... which caught the attention of the other guys .. and they offered to put lotion on me John smiled and said to me these people are swingers like us , and he walked off and left me ...By this time id had a few to many drinks and the sun was getting to me i felt very relaxed and told the guys they could if they didnt miss any spots..... they took me to the forward deck and told me to lay on my stomach while the three of them massage the lotion over me , which included inner legs .... Bill then told me that its time to roll over.. I did and i notice all three of them were very Hard..... I was nervous so i layed back and closed my eyes , before long they were sucking my naked breasts and kissing my body not massaging... Bill slipped his finger under my bikini bottom and said do you mind..... before i could answer he had them in his hand...he told me i was so beautiful and push my knees apart and went down on me his first just touching me and my whole body shook he knew exactly what to do before long he was massaging my clit with his lips i was out of control the other guys joined in each kissing me and nibbling my erect nipples ... i had never had mmfm before and was very nervous , they all licked and sucked me for ages ... but i decided i would go for a swim before it went where they wanted it cut a long story short we had a cocktail party on board that night which turned into a game of strip pool.... everyone played and there were many balls if someone put your ball in he would get to take you to the next room and remove a piece of clothes ... One of the girls put my ball in , i thought her husband would take me out but she smiled and took me by the hand , i was only dressed in bra and pants and heals by this time so i was thinking she would remove the heals . but she smiled and pull down my g string but as she did she half kissed and licked my pussy and then cupped it with her hand as she stood up then lead me back in.. everyone was looking so i didnt make eye contact, People started pairing off to corners of the room and into the next room i was only wearing heals sally who removed my pants took me by the hand and said ill show you how this works .i looked for John to save me but i spotted him in the far corner with his tongue down this tall blondes throat as she stroked his cock so he wasnt going help me she led me to a large bedroom closed the door and started kissing me i over balanced and fell on the bed she quickly was on top of me kissing and working her way to my pussy ... she was straight onto it her tongue and lips were so soft nothing like i had ever felt , as sonn as i relaxed she would reach to my nipples and pinch them with her pink nails , sending a sharp plain all over, i could feel waves of pleasure moving down my body after i recovered she pulled me back up and said did that work next time it wont only be us and that its entree she kissed me slowly again and took a hand full of my pussy with a big smile my turn tomorrow she said . John and i went to bed and had great sex i kept thinking about those three guys and how they wanted me....At 2am i woke and needed to use the toilet ... on the way back just dressed in a gown. i heard voices in the forward bar... so i stuck my head in and two of the guys and another tony were sitting at the bar and chatting over a drink... they wouldnt take no for an answer so i joined them... i was sitting on the bar and after a while wayne started kissing me which was very nice as he kept telling me how hot i was.....Bill lent over and undid the gown which dropped off my shoulders almost straight away . Wayne then cupped me from behind ... They gently lifted me off the sunken bar ... i told them take your clothes off pikers .. they did and were all rock hard it was such a turn on .i walked to the large lounge and just stood there with wayne kissing me tony playing with my boobs and bill on his knee eating me his tongue massaging my clit .... I had mind blowing sex with them for hours it felt so nice at one stage i had the choice of three and any size id never had anal sex which just happened and shocked me at first but he was very slow and gentle with me soon i was on my side and could feel both of them at once . i woke just before day light and went back to bed ... John cuddled me and said was it good ... we have been back to cairns several times for a BBQ since
kathy xxxx

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