Spa Night for 4

That message after a night with a new playmate.. the one that says how much they enjoyed your company, the ones that bring smiles to the eyes and to the soul. Yesterday was one of them days.
A wonderful night that involved mutual enjoyment and satisfaction. Knowing or at least hoping that it will be repeated again….

My message went off early in the afternoon. “What are you doing tonight?” I smiled automatically thinking 'you, hopefully doing you again' then come the next message, that had me even wetter.. “I got a message from a couple I have played with before, who want to catch up tonight, Do you want to come join us?”
ok so tonight is going to be even better, once I get past the meet and greet that I hate so much. Excitement builds.. shower and dressed, drinks in hand I head over. Nervous as hell but still excited. I arrive a little earlier than the couple expected and get to catch up a little first with Tony,(of cos what this really means is that I get to play a little before the others arrive..) Disappointment is not in his repertoire , so naturally I get the first load

his guests arrive, walking in the door and apologising for being late… they just come from Birdie Beach.(have to say here that I am jealous, have wanted to go there but keep chickening out). Tony looked at me as if to see 'see told you we should have gone there today when I asked you' . Introductions are quick and the convo is flowing easily. They are a great couple and down to earth.. Greg and Barb laugh easily and I know this will work out a great night. We have a drink and a bit of a chat and then decide that we might go test out Tony’s spa.

Wandering down through the back yard naked and hoping not to scare the neighbours. Love the spa set up it looks like a tree house… has all little doors that slide apart (just like a ladies legs) and opens straight into the spa.. we are all naked and the cool night air is sending goose flesh over our bodies. As we climb into the spa we realise that it is overly warm… so opening the windows it is… perhaps now the neighbours if they choose to look may get more than they expected to. We slip down into the hot water and laugh at how warm it is.…

I lean my hand across and start to feel Greg’s leg and higher to where his cock is hard and waiting. Mmm nice size. I know I need that to be in my mouth soon. Barb is the first to raise up and sit on the edge and we all are not far behind her. Tony is reaching and playing with Barb and as Greg lifts up to sit on the edge of the spa also I slide across and face him. I lean in and kiss him and trail my fingers down to where his hard cock is waiting for my touch. Its pulsing and wanting my mouth… slowly I trail it from his lips to his nipples and lower… Mmm skin under my lips makes me hot. Lower still as I take his cock into my mouth. Slowly taking his length and teasing it with a flick of my tongue as I get near the tip each time.

His wife is moaning as Tony is touching her pussy. He moves her around and has it where he is riding her from behind. Barb moans with each thrust of Tony cock each moan incites me to suck harder. My hands playing with Greg balls, my mouth wanting to taste all of him. Greg’s hands reach down to fondle my breasts and I tell him not to be too gentle with them as they are not that sensitive to touch. My moans are going straight to Greg through his cock as that’s where my mouth is.

I move off Greg’s cock and ask him if he minds if I play with his wife’s breasts while Tony is doing her from behind. That woman has gorgeous boobs that just call for teeth to nibble them. Barb is so vocal in her pleasure and that’s so arousing for all involved…

The spa is still feeling really warm so someone suggests that perhaps we should go get on a mattress and play with more room. There was no arguing with the logic of that. Going inside, I slip up to Tony’s room to grab the toys I had brought with me in case we want them as we are all playing. Back in the lounge room I toss the toys onto a couch so that they are there…

Barb moves over to kiss me and 'Oh my' she is gentle. Kissing her back and feeling each others breasts, she tells me she wants me on my back. Laying back on the mattress both the guys are watching us at first as we start to touch and tease one another. Kissing , our tongues giving us a taste of how we want to feel each other lower.

Barb lowers to my breasts and starts to tease and suck them. Biting down and enjoying them. Greg is giving words of encouragement to his wife but I can tell you she doesn’t need them. Lower still she moves and slides her tongue against my clit. “Oh yess,” I moan. Damn that’s nice. She flicks an licks me without hesitation . Tonguing me and teasing my, my body writhing and wanting more.

I want to feel her and taste her juices on my lips so I push her back down onto the mattress and tell her to “Let me taste you now” Kissing her I let my tongue trail small licks down her collarbone and to her breasts.. I take one into my mouth and nibble gently at first and then harder and harder. I go between both breast just playing as my fingers tickle her sides. Lower, lower I trail where my fingers have been till I get to that glorious mound of pleasure. I let my fingers tease her a little as I lower my head. I give gentle flicks of my tongue over the lower part of her pussy, inhaling the scent of her. Barb tells me “higher, lick me higher Jen” so I do.

Tony moves to where she can take his cock into her mouth and I have Greg move behind me. Barb is moaning as I am using my tongue against her clit and sliding it into her pussy to taste her deeply. I feel Greg’s hard cock at my pussy opening and am moaning as he enters me and slides his full length into me. Barb is wanting cock to so I manoeuvre around and we are laying side by side as we are being fucked by each others partner. The guys are driving into us as we meet each thrust with our hips rising to greet them. Our hands are teasing each others nipples and we are able to kiss and moan and enjoy what we are doing.

Barb begs for time out and is taking a breather but still enjoying watching her husband Greg fuck me. Tony moves over and slides his cock down my throat. I can taste Barb on Tony’s cock. Mmm Greg is pounding my pussy and is warning me that he is going to cum. “Yes, Fuck me” I am telling him. “More, more, more.” I am begging him. He slams into my pussy again and explodes. Our bodies quivering and wanting a breather. We have a drink and a chat.

After awhile we just naturally manoeuvre around.. Greg leans down to kiss me and it doesn’t take long until again I have his cock in my mouth. Sliding and taking him in deeper… licking around his knob and down under his balls… my hand slides beneath him and with a little lube on my finger I am gently easing it into his ass as I am having his cock fuck my mouth… “ Oh god Yes, Mme” he moans. Tony is near and is playing with Barb, again he positions her on his lap while sitting on the couch. With him driving into her pussy from underneath I look and move over to where she is.. pushing her legs a little wider I can access her clit while she is riding Tony's cock… the best of both worlds…

Tony after making sure that Barb has orgasmed again comes back over to fuck me… He knows that I love it when he slam fucks me so he starts to tease my pussy with his fingers and tongue, I reach down and help him. His fingers driving into me and my fingers rubbing my clit he soon has me gushing all over him. My body is quivering and my pussy is pulsing when he slides his cock hard and deep into me. Again and again he slams into me. Whack Whack Whack I feel his balls slapping against my arse as he is pounding me. My legs start to try to snap shut in excitement as again I am covering him in my juices. Breathing hard as my pussy pushes him out I need to catch my breath.

Laying and chatting and we know that its almost the end of the night and Greg decides that again he wants to play.. so kissing and touching as he gets hard and turns me over onto my knees. He slides into me as my pussy closes around his hard cock. He is riding me. My ass up and my head down… my hips are rocking and moving around as I enjoy all that is happening. Mmm slow long lengths of a cock sliding deeply into my pussy has me groaning, moaning and orgasms clenching my pussy around his hard cock.. . I collapse back on the mattress, exhausted but sated… we all catch our breath and vow to catch up again… damn that’s a hot night. So until next time….

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