From beach to a fantastic friendship

In am writing this story with the permission of the couple involved. Their names have been changed to protect their identities.
Since I was 19 years old I have always been interested in nudism. On a warm summers afternoon last year I was at one of my favorite nudist beaches relaxing in the sun and swimming in the beautiful clean warm water.
I noticed a couple walking along the beach she was a gorgeous lady with long black hair and a beautiful smile the guy was similar to me tall somewhat athletic and both looked to be in their early to mid forties.
They set down beside where I was and began to set up their sun tent however they were struggling with getting it open.
After watching them for a few minutes I went over to introduce myself and offered some help. They gladly accepted my help because I think by then they were getting pretty frustrated with it and introduced themselves as Vicky and Chris. We got it open and we shook hands and had a little chat and then I went back to my towel. An hour later the guy came over and offered me a bottled water. I accepted greatfully as I totally forgot to pack any drinks with me.
He then invited me to join them for some crackers and dip so I packed up my stuff and followed him to the tent. We chatted for ages and went in for a swim together. The lovely lady of the couple wasn't nude at the beach instead she wore a nice one piece bathing suit that was powder blue which was tight around the bust area that really accentuated her cleavage and bust.
Whilst talking I told them that I used to work in IT and they asked me if one day I could take a look at their laptop computer as it had been giving them trouble.
Midway through next week Chris called me and asked what I had planned for next weekend. I told them that I was free an we arranged to meet at their place on Sunday.
When I arrived at their place and I was greeted at the door by Vicky she looked gorgeous wity long jet black flowing hair and a big smile. I went inside and was greeted by Chris I gave them some wine from a family members winery that we spoke about at the beach and Chris showed me the laptop that was on the kitchen table. I opened up the laptop and it was really slow to use and had a lot of issues so I suggested that the best course of action is to clean the hard drive and reinstall using the recovery disc.
We then went through the laptop the three of us backing up all their important files like family photos and the like when I clicked one of the folders to find out if they wanted to backup the contents we found it was full off nude photos of Vicky. Vicky apologized and said she forgot that those were on there, but I said that's fine I see that kind of thing all the time when fixing computers.
When we were done backing up the data it was time to clean and recover the computer this was going to take 45 minutes so Vicky said let's have some wine and go out and enjoy it on the new decking they had built. So we went outside and there was a large decking area with an outdoor setting and a spa.
I commented how nice the spa looked and being a hot day looked very inviting. Chris said why don't we all get in and enjoy the wine and cool off being a warm day. I told them that I have no bathing suit with me they said no worries just go nude like at the beach the backyard is private and they don't mind. So I stripped off with Chris and got in Vicky went inside and came back a while later wearing bikini bottoms and a white t shirt.
She got in and instantly I noticed that the t shirt became see thru and I could make out some very nice dark brown nipples which by now we're erect and they looked spectacular. After a while Vicky was saying that the t shirt was annoying her as it hot bigger the more it got wet so Chris said just take it off it won't matter as I have already seen Vicky topless on the computer earlier.
She looked at me and I said I am not opposed to it. Up until this point there had been no indication to me that Vicky and Chris were no more than a normal couple who have an interest in nudism, Swinging or wife swapping was never discussed and I never thought that they were into swinging even though I have been in the scene to some extent for the past 18 years.
With that Vicky reached up to take off the t shirt but was struggling because it was wet and enlarged so Chris stood up to help her it was then that I noticed that Chris was fully erect as he was well hung his cock was right in front of vicky's face as he removed her top.
As soon as the top was off her beautiful breasts were glistening in the sun her nipples look like they could pierce a car tyre they looked so long and pointy. I have never come across nipple like that in the past and was very curious if they were are rock hard as they look. Chrs stood in front of Vicky once she noticed his big hard cock she immediately took him in her mouth giving him a blow job that looked like it was heaven for Chris.
I felt myself getting hard so I stood up and began to wank watching this gorgeous lady devour her well hung husbands cock.
They noticed I was hard and wanking and Vicky stood up and pulled down her bikini bottoms revealling her nicely trimmed pussy. She sat on the edge of the spa and opened her legs and I went down to tasted her sweet pussy. I licked her as her clit grew and I tasted her juices which were lovely. I licked her until she came. We then towelled off dry went in side and upstairs to their bedroom. luckily I had a few condoms in my bag that I keep all my computer stuff in so grabbed the box and put one on my cock. Vicky knelt down on the bed and spread her legs I entered her from behind she was so tight I thought I was going to blow right there, Chris positioned himself in front of her and she took him in her mouth. This wasn't my first threesome but a long stretch but it was my first time I ever had anyone one the spit. I gently fucked her at first reaching round to feel her nipples which were firm and amazing. I blew after about 5 minutes of fucking but as usual stayed hard so I pulled out removed the condom as Chris layer her on her back and began to fucked her missionary style. Vicky wanted to taste my cum so I put my still hard cock in her mouth and my word she sucked me very nicely I came again she swallowed all my load and kicked my cock clean. Chris then blew a big load in her pussy with no condom and you could see the cum running out. We took a break went downstairs back to the kitchen without bothering to put on any clothes. Vicky looked a sight covered in sweat her hair all messed up we all had a laugh about how we all looked. After we finished the wine Vicky came over and knelt down in front of me and began sucking me again I got really hard and felt that I was going to blow again so we stopped and I put on another condom because I wanted to have her pussy again. She straddled me cowgirl style whilst i was sitting on the chair she was very wet this time then I remembered Chris just blew in her so his cum was aiding in the lubrication of her pussy she felt amazing. I blew again then again I took the condom off and she licked all the cum off my cock and left me clean.
Afterwards we all had showers and a chat and I found out that this was the first time they have played with someone else. They had been talking about it for a number of years and were unsuccessful in finding someone who they both like and feel comfortable with and was real they had a lot of time wasters. I was glad they chose me now we are good friends and do play together from time to time however this is limited as they have a young family

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