She sits there on her bar stool, fingers playing with her almost empty wine glass. Blood red nails sliding up and down the stem, the rim of the glass stained with her lipstick. She looks around the classy bar, eyes running over the bodies of the men who are gathered there.

As she goes to turn back to the bar, she spots the man she wants. He’s walking through the door, pausing to let his eyes adjust to the low lighting. He too takes a moment to look around. As his gaze lands on her, she looks him straight in the eye, one eye brow rising, a small smile curving her lips.
He lets his gaze move over her body from a distance. He likes what he sees. He’s forgotten where he is standing and is bumped from behind, breaking the spell. He murmurs an apology to the people behind him and moves deeper into the bar. He makes his way toward her, moving slowly so he doesn’t show too much eagerness.

Seeing him being bumped from behind, she turns back to the bar, picks up her wine glass and drains the rest of the wine. She turns to her right, watching as he makes his way to the empty bar stool beside her. As he sits down he takes another long look at her body, running over her seductive curves. As his gaze runs down her legs, he notices that she’s wearing knee high leather boots.

He realises what he’s doing and quickly looks up, straight into her piercing blue eyes. She runs the pink tip of her tongue over her bottom lip, leaving a trail of moisture. “Buy a thirsty girl a drink,” she asks in a husky voice. He motions to the bar tender, orders another glass of white wine for her and a bourbon on the rocks for himself. He needs a stiff drink, it’ll suit the way his cock is at the moment.
“Let me introduce myself,” she says, sticking out her right hand. “I’m Carly and you are?” He grasps her hand, shaking it slightly as he responds with his name. “Pleased to meet you,” she purrs. He picks up his glass and takes a big swallow, choking slightly at taking more than he expected. He coughs as the bourbon burns down his throat, making his eyes water. She chuckles softly and pats him on the back.

“Don’t go dying on me now, I’ve only just met you.” She sips her drink as she watches him recover. Quite unexpectedly she drops her right hand down onto his thigh, feeling the muscles bunch under her fingers. Leaning close to his ear, she blows gently. “Come home with me, sugar. I’ll make it worth your while.” Her warm breath sends shivers down his spine, making his cock harden more in his pants. He looks at her, opens his mouth to respond. She moves forward quickly, pressing her lips against his. Her tongue snakes out and runs along his bottom lip.

Before he could return the favour, she leans back on her bar stool, serene smile planted on her face. Grabbing his glass, he swallows the rest of his drink, throws some money on the counter and grabs her hand. Pulling her to her feet, he heads toward the door of the bar, several heads turning to watch them making a hasty getting away, knowing smiles jumping to their faces.

Once outside he hails a taxi. A taxi screeches to a halt at the footpath. He opens the door, beckons for her to slide in, then follows behind her. Before he has a chance to give his address, she gives the driver hers. He looks at her with questioning eyes. She explains that her place in nearby and she’d feel more comfortable there. He grins and starts to lean in to kiss her but she stops him with a finger to his lips. A small frown furrows his brow.

She doesn’t answer the unspoken question, just traces her finger around his lips, leaving a tingling trail in its wake. She moves closer to him, still running her finger over his lips, evading his tongue as he tries to draw her finger into his mouth. Slipping her other hand into his hair, she massages his nape. She can feel him relax even more, so she allows the tip of her finger to go into his mouth, gasping as it touches his tongue.

The taxi comes to a halt at her house. He hands over the fare, opens the door and climbs out with Carly close behind him. As they reach her door, she pulls out her keys, unlocks it and pulls him inside, slamming the door behind them. She takes him to the lounge room, switching a lamp on low. “I’ll be back in a minute, changing into something a little more comfortable,” she says.

As she walks out of the room and heads toward her room, he starts to slip off his shoes and jacket, placing them on an armchair. Not sure whether to get totally undressed or not, he decides just to strip naked and be ready for when she comes back.
She enters her room, unbuttoning her white blouse. Pulling it off, she unzips her skirt and grabs a few of her favourite items. She heads back down stairs and into the lounge room. She spies him sitting naked on the couch. She laughs softly and tells him that she’s impressed. He looks up to find her standing half clothed. His cock hardens painfully as he looks at her wearing a black leather bustier, knee high black boots and black lace panties.

She walks slowly into the room, placing the items on a coffee table. She stands in front of him. He looks at her standing there, legs apart, hands on hips. She’s rocking back and forth a little bit. As she rocks her can see the moisture that’s pooled in her panties but on closer inspection, sees that it is on the inside of her thighs as well.

He stands up and moves toward her but she stops him with a hand on his bare chest. “I want to have a little fun with you tonight. You won’t get hurt,” she informs him. He raises his eyebrows questioningly at her but decides to play along.
She walks over the coffee table and picks up a set of handcuffs. She snaps first one on his wrist and then the other. After she’s cuffed him she lightly rakes her red nails down his chest and belly, stopping at his cock. She grasps him lightly, but then tightens her grip. With him still in her hand, she turns toward the table again, picking up the whip he hadn’t seen.

She walks toward the stairs, pulling him along by his cock. They climb upstairs, heading toward her large room. As he enters he sees her king size bed, lets out a sigh of relief and starts to head toward it. But is stopped when she tightens her grip even more, reminding him that she’s in control. He looks at her, then notices a large hook in the wall and a rope hanging from him.

A cold sweat breaks out over his body. He’s really worried now about what he’s gotten himself in for. She leads him over to the hook, letting go of his cock. She tells him to raise his arms so she can attach him to the hook. He does what she says, hoping that she won’t hurt him. She turns and walks away. While she’s got her back turned, he takes a chance to look around the room.

He notices there’s an armchair facing him about 2 metres away. And on the table beside it is a variety of sex toys. She turns back to him, picking up a feather tickler. As she comes back to him, she places a passionate kiss on his lips, pressing her body against his. Now he thinks this isn’t half as bad as he thought.

As she continues to kiss him, she takes the feather tickler, running it up and down his thighs and across his belly. Tossing the tickler away, she kisses a trail across his chest, down his belly, stopping before she gets to his cock. She drops down into a squat, his cock right in front of her face. She can almost hear him willing her to suck it, take it between her lips and make him cum.

But she doesn’t. With one of her hands, she pushes his rigid cock to the side, placing a kiss on his ball sack. Rising to her full height, she moves to the armchair and sits down. As she sinks into the seat’s cushions, she spreads her legs, her wet panties clinging to her pussy lips.

“Now if you’re a good boy, you won’t have to worry about getting hurt. This whip beside me is mainly for show, but I like to use it at times,” she informs him. She moves forward a little so she’s closer to the edge of the seat. Leaning back, she lifts up her left leg, placing it over the arm of the chair. Reaching down, she starts to run her fingers up and down the wet lace.

He can see her pussy lips slowly open under the lace. She slips the fabric to one side, giving him the perfect view of her sex. She continues to run her fingers up and down her pussy, but this time running them around the edge of her lips, not touching her swollen clit. He looks up to her face and sees her staring at him. She can read his mind, read that he wants to be the one pleasuring her.

Carly slips her fingers down low on her pussy, moving them in a circle around her entrance before pushing two fingers in as far as she can. Her eyes close and a moan escapes her lips. She pulls them back out and then slides them back in again, deeper this time. Without opening her eyes, she reaches over to the coffee table and grabs a vibrator from it. A small smile comes to her lips as she thinks of how good it is to tease this man, knowing he wants to pleasure her but can’t because he’s restrained.

Turning on the vibrator, she runs it over her clit, gasping at the sensations shooting through her. She works it around in a circle as she moves it lower and lower until she slides it into her. Raising her hips off the chair, she takes it deeper. He watches on in fascination, his cock twitching, his mouth watering, wanting to taste her. As he watches, she pulls the vibrator from her pussy, drops it onto the table and stands up, making her way to him. She releases him from the hook but leaves him handcuffed. She grabs the chain of the cuffs and pulls him back toward the chair.

Sitting down, she puts her leg back over the arm of the chair. Grabbing his head, she guides his head between her legs and tells him to lick her like a good boy. Not needing to be told twice, he sets a fast pace on her clit, running his tongue back and forth over her swollen bud. He shifts his tongue lower to lick at her entrance, but feels the sting of the whip across his naked back.

Not sure if she’ll whip him again, but willing to risk it, he slides two fingers deep into her soaked pussy. The loud moan she lets loose tells him that she won’t whip him. Finding her g-spot he works his fingers furiously on it, his tongue still working at its fast pace. “Good boy, good slave,” she praises him.

She shoves her fingers through his hair, holding him to the exact spot. “Don’t stop,” she says quietly. He can feel her pussy squeezing his fingers, letting him know she’s about to orgasm. Suddenly she jerks, pushing his face tighter against her clit. She lets out a scream as she squirts her cum over his fingers. He moves his mouth down, licking and trying to catch all of her juices.

Carly still has twitches moving though her. He stops flicking his tongue and is about to move his fingers out. Again the sting of the whip hits him across the back. “Don’t stop,” she tells him. Again he licks at her clit, noticing how much more she trembles and twitches with each stroke. He’s amazed that he can feel her pussy tightening again so soon. He stops licking and begins sucking her clit. This sends Carly over the edge again. She moans loudly as she bucks harder against his lips.

This time he moves away while she’s still shuddering. He sits on the floor, watching her face as she comes down. She opens her eyes, they’re bright from the pleasure she just had. She leans forward, kissing him on the lips, tasting her own cum. She runs her tongue over his chin, cleaning him up a little. “Let me take those cuffs off you,” she says. Grabbing the key, she unlocks them and takes them off him.
Seeing his chance, he grabs them from her, snapping them on her wrists. “What? What are you doing?” she asks.
“Now it’s your turn to being handcuffed,” he informs her.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” she pouts.
But he lifts her, carrying her to the hook where he was attached not too long ago. He ties her to the hook, facing the wall. He reaches around the front of her, unzipping the leather bustier and pulling it off her. He then rips her black lace panties down her legs and gets her to step out of them. Now she’s naked except for the boots, but he’s decided to leave them on. He leans close to her ear and tells her she’s not to make a noise.

He runs his hands over her, starting with her breasts, her nipples pebbling against his palms. He squeezes them, a small moan rising from her throat.

With one hand on her breasts, he runs the other down her spine, cupping and squeezing her arse when he reaches it. He pulls his hand back and slaps it across her arse cheek, a sharp intake of breath her only response.

He stands directly behind her, rubbing his cock against her. The hand at her breasts makes its way down her belly to her pubic mound. He pushes her back against him. He moves back from her a bit, moves her legs apart to where he wants them. He goes to the coffee table and picks up two items, the whip and a set of anal beads.

He kneels down behind her, getting the perfect view of her pussy from behind. He takes her whip, and runs the handle around the tight entrance of her pussy. He slips it inside of her, pushing until almost the whole handle is inside of her and she’s quivering. He pulls it almost fully out of her and then pushes it back in. He slowly fucks her with the whip handle, watching her pussy muscles grip at it.

He stops and pulls it fully out, dropping it to the floor and dips his index finger into her. He pulls his finger free of her and works it gently around her rear hole. As he continues to work her arse with is finger, he slides the anal beads into her pussy to coat them with her juices. Pulling the beads out, he slowly slides them into her arse, until they’re all inside.

He massages her butt cheeks, making sure she’s nice and relaxed. He grasps his cock in his right hand, slowly stroking it, letting the wet tip rub against her arse. He tells her to lean stick her arse out a little and to lean forward a little bit. Once she’s moved to the way he wants her, he reaches around the front of her, spreading her wet lips.

He moves in behind her, finding her entrance and slowly pushes deep into her. Carly forgets what he told her and lets out a moan as his throbbing cock fills her. The sound of the hard slap he deals across her arse cheeks echoes around the room. The sting causing her to hiss. He grabs her by the hips and starts to thrust in and out of her.

He pulls all the way out, then shoves back into her, his balls pressed against her clit. His slow fucking is driving her insane. She wants to feel him slam into her, his balls slapping at her clit. She tries to look over her shoulder at him, but the fall of her hair makes it difficult. He senses her needs, pulls her hair back from her face, grasps it in one hand to pull her head back a bit.

Her moan vibrates through her, making him slap her arse cheek again. He steps up the pace, wanting to fill her full of his thick white cream. He pulls back and slams into her, a grunt of satisfaction coming from him. He does it again, pulling her head back a bit more. He leans forward and starts to kiss her neck, then sucks on it, branding her.

He lets go of her hair only to gather it again, getting a better grip. He’s throbbing so much. Her pussy is clenching on his thick shaft. One hand in her hair, the other on her hip, he slams her harder and harder. He’s grunting from the effort, Carly’s begging him, to cum, to make her cum again.

She starts to shudder, squeezing his cock, trying to milk him. She screams as her orgasm hits her hard. He remembers the anal beads and slowly pulls them out of her arse, one by one. She bucks back against him. He lets go of her hair, grasps her hips with both hands and slams her again, once, twice and then shoots thick wads of cum inside of her twitching pussy. As he’s still coming, he pulls out and sprays the rest of his seed onto her back and arse.

Knees trembling, he leans against her, catching his breath. He kisses her shoulders and asks if she’s alright. Head bent, she murmurs that she’s perfectly fine and that she’d like to be released so she can sit down and let her legs become stable again.

He unlocks the cuffs and helps her to her bed. She lays on her stomach, her breathing back to normal. He straddles her hips and softly massages her until she drifts off to sleep. He heads down to the lounge room, gets dressed and leaves her a note.

**Call me anytime you wish to play again…..maybe next time we’ll do my fantasy, lol. XXX**

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