In Bloom - Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Lucy Vale stood in the open door, her eyes wide, her lips still puckered, the air leaving her lungs. Jason, his hand still on the knob, stood dumbfounded in front of her, his mouth agape, his own eyes slowly taking in the sight before him. They stood there for a second, silent, the only sounds coming from the soft hum of the office air-conditioning. Fingers had stopped clacking over keyboards, and Lucy could suddenly feel the astonished gaze of the entire office magnetised in her direction. There was an unmistakable scent of sex emanating from the office, an intoxicating aroma that still permeated Lucy’s senses despite the overwhelming wave of embarrassment that was beginning to wash over her. Lucy could see Jen Bloom in her chair, hair down and tousled, eyes wide, seemingly paralysed by the sight of Lucy in her bra and panties. There may have been a glint in those wide eyes, perhaps a moment of desire, but whatever had flashed across Jen Bloom's dilated pupils was hastily suppressed.
'Get.. get out'.
Jen Bloom's voice was croaky, barely recognisable, but it carried with it a cold sting of professionalism, the cruel knife of reality which was cutting through Lucy's fantasy. She stood there for a second more, hoping to perhaps stall the realisation that this was not some horrible nightmare. And then quickly Lucy turned, her cheeks flushed with colour, eyes down, her arms crossing across her chest. She somehow made it across the room, gathering her clothes in feverish magpie swoops, avoiding the silent eyes of her co-workers.
She pulled on her blouse, rushed her skirt up her thighs, and left the office, half running towards where she had parked the car. Once there, she put her head on the steering wheel, her blouse still only half buttoned, and started to cry.
For the next two days Lucy barricaded herself in her room, watching reruns of Friends and ignoring her phone. Jason had called six times, but Lucy didn't pick up. She couldn't stop herself from shaking as she relived her moment of madness over and over again. Each time, her decision to strip and instigate some sort of wild office orgy with her boss and co-worker seemed more and more ridiculous, and Lucy wondered if perhaps she needed some sort of professional help. Did she have a sex addiction? Her career was over now, she knew that – maybe she should just cut her losses and become a webcam stripper. On the third day, just as she was Googling the average annual income for online sex performers, Jen Bloom called.
For a second , Lucy thought about not answering it. The only reason her boss would be calling would be to officially fire her, and Lucy felt a little too fragile to go through that right now. On the other hand, maybe she would have an opportunity to explain herself, to justify her actions. Maybe there was still a chance at retaining a shred of dignity.
Lucy picked up the phone.
'Hello, Lucy'. Jen Bloom didn't sound too angry, at least. 'How are you?'
'I'm.. ok. I'm really, really sorry about... what happened. I don't know what came over me'.
There was a slight pause, and then:
'Where are you?'
A strange question, Lucy thought. 'Um, I'm at home'.
'In my room'. Another pause.
'Are you in your bed?' Jen's voice was hushed. Lucy Vale felt a tingle in her fingertips.
Jen Bloom’s breathing seemed to tickle around Lucy's ears.
'Can I tell you something, Lucy?'
'That day, that you walked in my office... right before... I let Jason cum on me'
The air caught in Lucy's throat. She gripped the phone tightly.
'We masturbated together. On my desk. And we came together'.
'I know'. Lucy somehow found her voice, but it was only a whisper. 'I... I could hear it'.
'Did you like it?'
Breathless. 'Yes..'
'Good... Lucy... What are you wearing?'
'Right now?'
Yes.. what do you have on.. or not on... I want to know...'
Lucy looked down at herself. A flush of excitement rolled through her.
'I'm lying on my bed... on top... the window is open. There's a breeze coming in.. I can feel it on my skin.. on my thighs...'
'Hmm.. what else?'
'Well... I have this yellow Micky Mouse T-shirt on... '
'Mickey Mouse? Cute...'
'Yeah.. I love him... his ears are popping out a bit.. my boobs push them out...'
'Oh really? I have to say, they looked great in the bra.. very firm...'
'They are.. but soft too... '
'Mm I'm sure they are nice to touch..'
'Yes.. they are... and to squeeze'
'Mm. What else?'
'Well... I can see the outline of my nipples through the shirt.. they are.. starting to get hard...'
'Hmmm... I think mine are too...'
'I hope so... your boobs are amazing... I'd love to see them in a bra...'
'Maybe I should.. take them out... they like to be set free...'
'I think that's a good idea..'
'Me too. Are you wearing panties?'
'Um, yes... white cotton.. nothing fancy... some red trim on the sides...'
Lucy's legs shifted against the fabric of her bedspread. Her skin felt electric.
'My breasts are coming out of my bra, Lucy.. would you like to suck them?'
Breathless again. 'Yes.. so much...'
Lucy's hand had wandered up to the space between her ear and her neck. She ran her fingertips across her skin, down across the Mickey Mouse shirt, lightly running over her hardening nipples.
'Tell me how you would suck them...'
'Hm.. I'd take my tongue and slowly tease the outside of your nipples.. circle around them... while my fingers would caress beneath towards your tummy...'
'Mm.. keep going...'
'Then when your nipples get hard... I would take them between my teeth.. swirl my tongue over the hardening tips... and squeeze your breast...'
'Mm.. squeeze them hard Lucy...'
'I would squeeze them hard' – Lucy's own hand had crept underneath the bottom of her shirt – 'and suck them.. milking them...'
'Mmm I'm touching my nipples now Lucy.. they are so sensitive... I would love your mouth around them...'
'I would love that...'
Lucy's hand found the underside of her breast, her fingers dancing up towards her nipple.
'Lucy.. you're making me wet...'
Lucy felt her own pussy start to moisten, and she moaned softly.
'Are you getting wet, Lucy? Mmmm.. tell me...'
'..yes.. I'm getting wet...'
'I'm slipping my hand under my skirt.. between my thighs.. I want to see how wet I am..'
'Mmm.. keep.. keep going..'
'I'm pressing my finger against my panties... black lace... I can feel the moisture.. coming through... so soft and warm...'
'Mmm... I wish.. it was my finger...'
'Me too.. what are you doing?'
'I'm taking off my shirt.. I'm going to play with my nipples... I want to lick them...'
'Lick them for me... get them hard...'
Lucy pulled her shirt up over her shoulders and let it drop onto the bed, her long brown hair falling back against her neck. Her fingers slid across her breast, pausing at her nipple, and then her mouth came down to taste, licking the hardening nub.
'I'm licking my nipple.. getting it hard..'
'Mm just imagine it's my tongue... exploring you... tasting your warm skin...'
Lucy moaned and lay back down on the bed. Her hand trailed down her tummy, and began pressing against the fabric of her panties, feeling the wetness between her pussy lips.
'Lucy... I want you to taste my pussy..'
'Ohh fuck...'
'It's ready for you... wet... I need your tongue between my legs...'
'Ohh God... I want to.. I want to fuck you with my tongue...'
'Do it.. eat me...'
'In and out... sliding deep...'
'Yes... make me cum...'
'Ohh fuck..'
'My fingers are sliding inside me now. So deep. I'm so wet'
'Ohh fuck... does .. does it feel good?'
'So good. Are you fucking yourself? Where... where are your fingers?'
'Sliding in.. inside my pussy..' Lucy gasped as her forefinger found the wet opening and slid easily inside.
'Will you fuck yourself for me? Make yourself cum...'
'Yes.. feels so good...'
'Mmm as you fuck yourself my tongue finds your clit.. circling it, tasting your wetness.. flicking and diving beneath the wet folds of your entrance...'
'Oh God... I’m.. I'm gonna cum...'
'Cum for me, Lucy. Sit on my face and cum for me..'
'Ohh fuck me with your tongue..'
'Deep inside you.. fucking your wet pussy.. tasting you...'
'Fuckkkk.. oh God.. '
'Cum for me Lucy... let me taste it...'
'I'm.. I'm cumming...'
Lucy's orgasm broke over her body like a wave, her back arching up, her toes curling, the phone pressed hard against her cheek. Fires of pleasure shot through her fingers, down her legs, tingling across her skin, a low, breathless moan filling the room. Once it had passed, Lucy, her panties halfway down her thighs, fell back onto the bed, spent. Jen Bloom's voice cooed in her ear.
'I can't wait to make you cum in real life...'
Lucy couldn't respond, the air in her lungs reserved only for recovery. Eventually she scratched out a sentence.
'I.. wasn't expecting that. Thank you'
'Your welcome. See you at work tomorrow, Miss Vale'.
And then the phone went dead.

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