late night fun

one of many fantasy...
All in the house are in bed I send a text , I get a reply "be there in 10 min" I reply "make the fuck sure you are hard and wrapped and no talking ,text when u at end of street". I receive the text. I go out the back to the carport turn the light off I have nothing on, I grab the pole and bend over and wait lightly stroking my hard cock . the roller door goes up then back down I hear breathing , unzipping the spit of a condom wrapper as it is torn open, then 2 hands grab my hips as I feel the large hard cock against my cheeks, I grab the lube and squizzes into his out stretched hand, I feel his hand rub his cock slipping a finger then 2 into my tight ass , then again 2 hands grip my waist and he slowly enters my tight ass, his moan and mine are quite but cant be helped as he gets to fucking my hole ,its not long as hands tighten on my waist as he pulls out , pulls off the wrapper and cums over my back so hot so fucken hot, I turn he is on his knees and takes my hardness deep into his mouth and sucks and wanks and sucks and I blow , with him taking it all not a drop spilled , I turn and go back to the door I hear the roller door open and close. now that`s a fuck.

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