The new neighbour - part 1

It had been a crap day at work and Beth was looking forward to getting home for some quiet time. The drive was a blur as her mind wandered to the large bath in her ensuite where she would soon be laying, wrapped in the warmth of the water where she would forget all about the day.

Arriving home, Beth rushed inside and tossed her bag and jacket on the couch. She went to the bathroom and turned on the taps then poured in some scented bubble bath. A couple of candles were on the bench so she lit these and turned off the bathroom lights.

The bath filled as she stripped off her work cloths. The hot water felt amazing on her sore feet as Beth stepped over the edge of the bath. She had been on her feet all day….and this was just the tonic.

She lay down in the bath and allowed the hot water to soak her skin. She played with the bubbles for a bit then put her head back and closed her eyes.

“Did I lock the front door?”, she thought for moment. “Oh well, I’m not getting up now”.

Taking her mind off the day’s events, Beth searched for a happier memory. 


A new neighbour had moved in across the road recently. She had met him only once, but Beth’s memory of the meeting was still very fresh in her mind. She had been getting the mail one morning when she saw Andrew walking to his car. He was tall, fit looking, and had a shaved head. She had a thing for shaved heads. Looking up from the mailbox she had smiled at him as he looked in her direction. He smiled back, and then walked towards her.

Half way across the road Andrew, still smiling, started speaking. “Hi, I’m Andrew. I’ve just moved in and don’t know anyone in the neighbourhood”. He reached her and put out his hand to shake Beth’s. Their eyes locked as they shook hands and said hello. Beth felt a tingle in her stomach as their hands touched. She said hello and they made some small talk before heading back to their respective houses.

Beth had noticed that their eyes had not left each others the entire time they had spoken.


In the bath, Beth recalled this meeting and the feeling she had when their hands touched.

She moved a hand to her breasts and used her fingers to slowly circle her nipples. This was just the memory she needed to forget about the day. Her mind wandered back to Andrew as her other hand slipped down her stomach and found her pussy. “Yes” she thought, “this fantasy will be just what the doctor ordered”.

Beth slowly rubbed her pussy as she fantasied about the new neighbour.


Andrew had seen Beth arrive home from work and rush inside. He been thinking about her since they met and was looking for a reason to say hello again. Crossing the road he was thinking of a “not dumb” question to ask, just to see her again.

He reached the front door and knocked. As he did, the door pushed open. Beth had not shut it properly. Andrew called out but the ensuite was at the other end of the house so Beth did not hear him.

Wondering if something was wrong, Andrew stepped inside and looked around. He saw Beth’s coat and bag on the couch. Walking further inside he continued towards the back of house.

Arriving at the bedroom, he heard some low moaning noises coming from the bathroom.
Was this really happening? Should he call out? Nope, he thought….secretly hoping that what he heard was he what he thought it was….

He quietly peaked inside the bathroom waited for his eyes to adjust to the candle light. He saw Beth, laying in the bath, eyes closed. The bubbles had dispersed and he could see her hands…one on her breasts and the other rubbing her pussy. He stood for a moment, watching. Beth continued to rub her pussy, her hand increasing in tempo as her breathing increased and the moaning got louder.

Andrew stepped inside the bathroom quietly and kneeled down beside the bath. He slipped his hand into the water above Beth’s pussy and lowered it on to her hand.

“Here, let me help you with that”, he said….

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