Neighbourhood Watch Part 3 (Final)

Ok...this is the final part of the story. And first off I have to say I was a bit more rushed when I wrote this one so the quality of writing probably isn't as good as the others. Hopefully that won't matter. :P's a yes, I know some parts of this story wouldn't probably go down too well if performed in real life....but hopefully, it's still fun to read. And finally...this will probably be the last story I post as changes to the site's guidelines mean that I can't post most of my other stories (as they take place in public places). Enjoy. :)

I stop at the doorway to the backyard and watch as you stroll, naked and beautiful, up to your pool…before you dive straight in. I can feel the heat of the outside on my naked body and start to sweat almost immediately. Walking to the pool I watch you swim to the other side then put your back to the wall and stretch out your arms along the edge of the pool. The cool water feels so good against your skin. I walk towards the pool and watch as you position yourself in front of one of the pool’s water jets. The water forces itself onto your ass then down your slit and past your pussy. You start to squeeze one erect nipple as you rub your clit. Oh god that feels so good! Listening to your moans and cries of pleasure, my cock starts to swell once more. Putting one hand on the wall to stop you for going under, you lean forward and push your ass against the water jet. The waters squirts directly into your pussy now, almost like a liquid vibrator. Still rubbing your clit you come closer and closer to an orgasm. You leave your clit and spread your pussy lips as wide as possible to let the water in unhindered. You grind your ass against the wall, forcing the water to wiggle around in your pussy. OH GOD!!! You start to cum and let go of the wall. You sink under the water as you shudder with an orgasm. Rubbing your pussy with both hands you sink to the bottom. Several moments pass as I watch you on the bottom of the pool rubbing your pussy and twitching in climax. Your lungs start to burn just as your orgasm fades. Pushing up, you break the surface of the water and take a deep breath. Now you want my help.

You beckon me in with one finger. I don’t need to be asked twice. I dive into the pool and swim underwater to where you are waiting for me. Before I break the surface I suck on your swollen pussy lips for a few moments. I can taste your cum with the chlorine. I come up right in front of you. You wrap your arms around me and kiss me hard on the lips. I am a little taken back but enjoy your kiss. Your tongue flicks in and out of my mouth and swirls around my tongue. I grab your ass and pull you in close to me as your wrap your gorgeous legs around me. Still kissing me, you begin to grind your pussy against my hardening shaft. Carrying you, I walk to the shallow end of the pool and place you on the large step in the corner. Although it’s not really a step as I could easily stretch out on it and still not fall off. It’s more like a bathing area of about 6 inches of water. The shallow end of the pool is only about 3 feet of water. After sitting you on the edge of the step I pull my tongue from your mouth and get you to lean back slightly. I take your perfect nipple in my mouth as I continue grinding my cock onto your pussy. No penetration yet. I suck the pool water from your nipples, first one then the other. The water on your skin feels so good sliding against me. I unwrap your legs from around me and spread them wide, exposing the pussy I now know very intimately. I stare at it for several moments, just watching the water lap up against it. Even after all we’ve been through, you start to feel a little self-conscious, so you close your legs and push me away.

Getting off the step, you keep pushing me until my back is against the wall. Taking my cock in your hand you begin to softly stroke it under the water. With only three feet of water in the shallow end, standing up would normally have my erect cock completely out of the water but I slump down and lean against the wall, letting my legs float. You continue stroking my hard cock. The cool water feels nice while stroking, almost like a lube. Every once and a while you stick your head under the water and lick the top of my shaft. It’s so sensitive I flinch with pleasure every time. After several minutes of this you take a deep breath then go under water. You wrap your lips around my shaft and begin to suck. Oh my god! You gently play with my balls as you continue sucking. After about a minute of this you come up for air, leaving me very close to cumming. You give me a sly smile then swim back to the step. Such a tease. I walk back to the step where you are now holding onto it and stretching out over the pool, your breasts, pussy and legs exposed to the sun as you float in the water. I step between your legs and stare at your pussy. Your asshole is just below the waterline. Reaching under you, I raise you up slightly until your ass is out of the water. I rub a finger from your clit to your anus. Shivering with delight you place your legs over my shoulders as I begin to lick your pussy. I rub your asshole until it loosens then insert one finger. I can feel you tighten on it every time my tongue touches your clit. Your juices start to flow once more as I push my tongue into you. This time I can only taste you, not the pool water. And you taste amazing. As I continue licking your pussy, you start squeezing a nipple, taking it in your fingers and tugging at it softly. My cock feels so good just drifting under the water. Your legs tighten around me as I stick two fingers into your wet hole. You must be so close to an orgasm as I can feel your pussy contract and shudder with just the slightest touch. With two fingers in your pussy and one in your ass I start to rub your swollen clit. You begin to moan louder and louder as you come closer and closer to orgasm. The sloppy noises coming from your pussy aren’t from the pool water but from your juices as I continue to finger fuck you faster and faster. Finally I can’t take it any longer so I remove my fingers and push your hips down in the water and brush your lips with my cock. But before I push inside of you, you lift your legs from my shoulders and push me away.

You stand up on the step, your wet body glistening in the light. Looking at me with a sly smile once again, you turn and step out of the pool and back into your house. I stand there for a moment, wondering if I should follow you or if you’ve decided that you’ve finally had enough and are waiting for me to leave. A minute passes and I am just about to get out of the pool to go home when you exit your house once more. This time you are carrying a jug of finely crushed ice and an ice stick tray. Not ice cubes but ice sticks. Instead of square they are about a half an inch wide and four inches long. You place the tray and jug by the side of the pool and enter the water, sitting on the step. Pushing the ice stick tray towards me, you lay back on the step and spread your gorgeous legs wide. I take one of the small ice sticks out of the tray then walk up to the step. You wrap your legs around me once more as I lean in and rub the ice onto your lips, your facial lips. I then draw the ice down your chin and neck, between your breasts and I don’t stop until I hit your bellybutton. The cold ice running down your body feels so good in the heat. I trace the ice back up your body and circle each large breast in a figure 8 pattern. I can see your nipples harden once more so I take the ice and begin to rub each nipple with it. Once I’ve touched one nipple I move onto the next, while at the same time sucking the ice-water from the iced nipple. I hear you moan as I take each nipple in my mouth and suck the water from it. Looking at the jug of crushed ice I wonder what it’s for but it is soon forgotten as you relax your legs from my body.

Taking one leg in each hand you spread wide, exposing your pussy to the sunlight. I take another ice stick and softly touch your clit. The coldness of the ice hits you like electricity. I rub the ice up and down your slit. It feels so good you think you could cum right there. The ice makes your lips a little numb but they are still extremely sensitive. I rub the ice all the way down to your anus. It is a very strange sensation having your asshole go numb but it is still a very pleasant one. Rubbing your anus with the ice, I lick your clit once more before wrapping my lips around it. I stop for a moment and reach over and put a small handful of crushed ice in my mouth before I go back to sucking your clit. The combination of my sucking and the crushed ice swirling around your clit is an unbelievable feeling. It’s an orgasmic feeling. Eventually the ice in my mouth melts but I still suck your clit. Finally I decide I want to be inside you so I take action. But first……

First I grab another ice stick. I rub it once more on your anus then I slowly, very slowly, push the ice stick into your ass. You gasp in shock! You try to push it out but I hold my finger there to stop it. I then reach over and take a large handful of the finely crushed ice. You squirm slightly as the ice numbs the inside of your ass. It’s a very unusual feeling. Once I’m sure you won’t push the ice out I take my hand and spread your pussy lips, exposing your very wet hole. I then start pouring in the hand full of crushed ice. Your pussy is small and tight so it can’t take much but still a lot goes in. You gasp and moan in pleasure and surprise. It feels so good as the ice starts to numb your pussy and yet so weird too. When I finally can’t fit anymore ice in, when your pussy is filled to the brim with ice, I slide my cock in. A lot of the ice gets pushed out…but the ice that remains makes my cock go numb almost immediately…and yet I can still feel your pussy contract and spasm around it. I begin to thrust your pussy, pushing the crushed ice deeper inside you. As it starts to melt it starts to drip from your lips. You wrap your legs around me again and sit up. Throwing your arms around me we start to kiss once more as I carry you to the deeper end of the pool. More and more ice melts as I fuck you. The ice stick in your ass has almost completely melted. I squeeze your ass cheeks as I push deeper into you. The water slows down my thrusts but that doesn’t stop any of the pleasure.

As the ice continues to melt we take a deep breath and go under the water. Your breasts are squashed against my chest and I can feel your hard nipples against my skin. We twist and roll under the water, letting our body movements control which way the water will turn us. After almost a minute of this we come back up for a quick gulp of air then go back under again. It is the most manic fucking session I have ever had. Several minutes pass as we continue fucking underwater, coming up for air before going back down again.

You are so close to an orgasm you can almost feel it moving through your body, ready to explode. My cock continues to push in and out of you in this slow, underwater, fucking session. I can feel your pussy start to tighten on my cock so we come up for another gulp of air before going back under once again. A few more strokes…in…….out…….in…….out…….in…….out…….IN! FUCK! I push myself as deep as I can go inside you before I squirt my load. You can feel it reaching deep into your pussy. You begin to shiver and shake with pleasure as you climax. Your pussy tightens on my cock as your juices flow into the water. I continue pumping into your pussy, lengthening both our orgasms. Your legs continue to tighten around my body as you continue to shudder while cumming. After several moments of this and with our lungs burning for air, I push up off the pool floor and break the surface of the water.

Several moments pass as we get our breath back. My shaft is still in your pussy and your legs and arms are still wrapped around my body as I carry you back to the step once more and sit you down. Only then do you let go of me and I pull out of you. My cum, mixed with your cum and ice water, pour out of your pussy. You wait for several minutes before you stand up and exit the pool. As you walk, naked, back into your house, you look over your shoulder and say, “See you tomorrow.” You enter your house and disappear. Exiting the pool, I quickly pull on my shorts before climbing over the fence again. I take one last look at your house then begin to walk back home. I was just looking for a short cut on the way back from the gym when I happened to walk past your fence. Needless to say this path home will become part of my regular route.


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