The 6th Story about Kai

Kai was horny, so fucking horny she felt like screaming and it all started when she had received the latest incredibly erotic story from her talented Master but she had made the mistake of asking him to send it to her during her lunch break because she was so excited to see it but all it had done was make her horny and she was not able to satisfy her cravings for sexual relief. all she wanted to do was drop her pants and rub her pussy hard and fast until she came but there were people about and it may be a bit embarrassing so she had been to the toilet twice but each time she was not alone and could not have even a quick play and despite trying to concentrate on her work, the thoughts of a hard cock pounding her pussy and sucking on a cock and balls kept running though her head and so she could not stop herself from putting her hand on her pussy and pressing hard on her clit and even though her work clothes it felt good and so she made a pass over her tits and quickly squeezed a hard nipple but all this did was make her a bit wetter and hornier so she had to stop and try concentrate on her work and watch the clock until it was time to go home and fuck herself until she could take no more.

At last it was time to go home and everybody made a rush to the door but Kai remained because thinking about fucking and sucking and cumming made her a bit slow so the others had left her on her own to finish her work. When she had finished, she checked to see that she was alone and the doors were locked and quickly made her way to the toilet, she was still feeling horny and did not want to wait until after the long drive home to get herself off and she wanted to cum right now. She went into the toilet which was now quiet and she was completely alone so she took out her iPod and again read the story she Master had sent her, it made better reading the second time round and made her even hotter so she quickly finished and at last she was able to get started, she was wearing a short skirt and quickly took her panties and her bra off and dropped them to the floor, but left her clothes on just in case, she lifted one leg on to the toilet bowl so her fingers could get full access to her wet, pink pussy and with her other hand she started squeezing her tits and pulling at her nipples and she closed her eyes and started thinking about what her Master did to her in the story she had just read, how he sucked her clit and licked and tickled her ass, how he slid his cock into her tight pussy, how he pulled her hair while she deep-throated his cock, how he had cum all over her face and tits and belly and how he held her tight while they pissed together..mmmmm.. Kai slid two fingers into her pussy and started to rub hard against her throbbing clit and she wished for a moment she had brought her vibe and she started moaning loudly as visions of cock and cum and piss floated through her imagination and she was getting close to having a massive orgasm and already pussy juices were running down her leg and just as she was about to let herself go she heard a sudden intake of breath and she opened her eyes to see Dan the janitor standing there with his mob and bucket looking with surprise at what he saw.

Dan was an old Indian aged in his mid 60's and due to his very unattractive appearance he was mostly ignored and avoided by the staff especially by the young, attractive females because he was always staring at them and because he was fat, had a ugly, unshaven face he was never included in any of the staff functions and parties but Kai was always pleasant to him. He stood there looking intently at Kai who was too stunned to move, she had her dress hitched up to her waist and her blouse was undone and her breasts were exposed and her fingers were still in her pussy so she remained still - frozen in shock and embarrassment. Dan was the first to speak saying he had always thought she was the most beautiful of all the women and his dreams and prayers had come true seeing her lovely body so it was meant to be that he would find her like this. He said he would think of her, sitting on the toilet having a pee and he would stand in front of her while she sucked his cock and in his fantasies, he would wank on the toilet seat knowing the women would be sitting on his cum. As if in a trance, Kai slowly sat down on the seat and started to pee, Dan very quickly saw this was his golden moment and closed the door, dropped his pants exposing his short, fat ugly cock surrounded by thick, wiry hair and almost hidden in the rolls of belly fat and straddling the sitting Kai, grabbed her long hair and pulled her face into his cock, forcing her to open her mouth and start sucking him. Dan held onto handfuls hair as he forcefully pulled her head back and forth on his thick cock, he filled her mouth with it and she gagged as he smothered her face on his fat, hairy belly. He kept this up for a few minutes, groaning loudly as he fucked her face and forced her into him but he suddenly stopped and let her go, Kai was gasping for air when he told her push her tits together so he could titty-fuck her, Kai was powerless to say no and pushed her tits together on his hairy cock and he rubbed up and down while he ran his dirty hands through her hair, rubbed her ears and over her shoulders and back. They continued doing this for a few minutes, his cock was deep into her cleavage and she could see the tip of his cock dripping with pre cum but he was able to hold back spurting all over her. Again he stopped before he was able to cum, he was loving this and it was a dream come true so he wanted to use her body while he had the chance.

Again he stopped, stood back telling her to stand up and turn around and Kai was in his power and made no protest as he pulled her close and circled around her with his hairy arms and started to squeeze her tits and pull at her nipples and rub is cock up and down in her bum crack. It came as a surprise to Kai to find that she was starting to enjoy this and moved her hands down and started to rub her pussy, sliding her fingers in and out and re-start the pussy juices flowing. Dan stopped playing with her tits and stepping back he told Kai to take off her skirt and bend over and as she did this he thrust his hairy hand between her legs, very surprised to find her fingers already playing with her clit but Kai moved her hand away allowing him full access to her pussy and he inserted his fingers and started rubbing her hard clit then his fingers moved around and he fingered and tickled her ass, his other hand rubbed up and down her legs and over her firm ass cheeks but he could only do that for a short time before he wanted to fuck her hard, so he moved into positions so he could push his fat cock into her tight pussy but he easily slid in because she was so wet and he started to pound her, his balls were slapping against her bum cheeks and he was making noises like a pig, his hands constantly moving over her, squeezing her tits, pulling hard on her hair and smacking her hard on her bum. His fat cock was filling her pussy and Kai was loving it, it was what she needed, a hard cock into her and satisfying her urges. He was making a lot of noise and Kai thought he was about to cum, so she let herself go and had a shuddering long orgasm, the pussy juice flowed out of her and she was able to relax her tight pussy. Dan could feel her having an orgasm so he pulled his cock out and told her to turn around and sit down, as she did this he started wanking hard on his cock and as soon as she sat down he made a loud cry of pleasure and a thick stream of cum spurted onto her face and flowed down to her tits, Kai was surprised at how much cum he had and loved the feel as it dripped down her body. He was still holding onto his cock when he told her to push her tits together and as she did so, a thick stream of piss came out of him and sprayed onto her which although it took her by surprised, she let him do it and she let the piss run down her tits and through her pussy. After Dan had finished he opened the door with a crash and almost fell on the floor, he was exhausted and covered in sweat from his efforts, his dark ugly face had gone pale and he was breathing heavily and he had cum and piss on his fat, hairy belly.

Kai quickly got up and used her panties to wipe herself clean and she put her bra, blouse and skirt on and was just about to put her wet panties in a bag when Dan asked her if he could have them, he wanted something to remember what had just happened and sniff them when he wanked. Kai was happy to let him have them as it sounded so kinky and without a word she quickly left the toilet and hurried to her car. On the way home she went over what had happened and decided that she enjoyed the experience and perhaps, she would let him fuck her again, maybe this time, she would suck his cock and have him suck her pussy, the thought of his ugly, bristly face and fat tongue on her made her pussy tingle and thought to herself, if you enjoyed it once, why stop at that, Dan the ugly old Indian janitor was a lucky man......

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