Neighbourhood Watch Part 2

The air-conditioning in your house blows softly on my sweaty skin. As I move into your kitchen I hear a noise upstairs. Climbing the staircase, I enter what appears to be a pool room. A large pool table sits in the centre of the room. There is a folded up table-tennis table in the corner along with a box of nets and paddles. A rack of pool cues sits along one wall. But these are all things I notice in my peripheral my eyes lock on you.

You are leaning back against the pool table, your hands rest on the edge as you watch me...a small smile playing on your lips. I slowly walk into the room, my eyes never leaving your face. Before I’m even half way across the room you hold up a hand. I stop. You point to the floor and then spread your legs a little wider. I understand exactly what you want. Dropping to my knees, I begin to crawl towards your waiting pussy. The lips are sticky with your cum. Stopping in front of you, I kiss your thighs, tasting your deliciously salty skin as I move higher up your body.

My tongue gently dips into your wetness. A shiver of pleasure runs through your body. You lift your leg and put it over my shoulder. I grab your ass as I bury my face deep between your legs. My lips and tongue kiss and lick your pussy. Sucking your lips, I can hear you moan. My tongue finds your clit, already swollen, and I begin to swirl around it. Every time I lick the tip of your clit I can feel your legs shake. The orgasm is close. You reach down and put your hand on my head...pushing me against your pussy. My tongue finds the right rhythm, flicking and licking your clit...your pussy tightens as you cum over my face. taste divine. Several moments pass as you shudder and shake with orgasmic bliss. Eventually you slide your leg off my shoulder and push me away.

As I stand up, you reach into the small rack under the pool table and pull out....some nipple clamps. They are tiny metal clamps, held together with a small silver chain. I bend down and take your left nipple in my mouth. I suck and lick your areolas until the nipple is very hard. I repeat the motion on your right nipple as you attach the nipple clamp to your left. You then add the clamp to your right nipple, tightening them up just enough so they almost hurt...almost.

With the clamps firmly attached, you glance at me briefly before turning away and bending yourself over the pool
table. You spread your arms and legs wide. Your arms reaching across the felt to the corner pockets. I’m not really sure what you are doing...until I notice them. The ropes. There are four nylon ropes of various lengths, tied to each of the table’s four legs. At the end of each rope is a loop with a slip knot.

I take the closest rope and slide your foot through the loop and then tighten the knot. I repeat the action with the right foot. The ropes on the other side of the table are longer, so they can reach your waiting hands. I tie each hand and tighten each knot. Then I stand back and stare.

You are now bent over the table and spread wide. The knots are not tight enough to cut off circulation but you certainly can’t get out without my help. I can see everything – your tight asshole, your very wet all looks so delicious. I reach out and softly slide my hand over your firm ass. Mmmmm...oh so very nice. Then raising my hand....I bring it down with a sharp Slap! You moan with pleasure and pain. Your nipples rub against the table’s felt as you flinched from the slap....bringing more pleasure. “Harder” you whisper.

There is already a fading red handprint on your ass. I slap you again...harder. And again. Every time I slap you, you feel a combination of pleasure and pain coursing through your body. “More. More!” you shout. There are now several red handprints on your ass.

I walk over to the box of table-tennis nets and paddles. Grabbing one of the red paddles I make my way back to where you are. My handprint has already faded to a dull sunburnt colour. I rub the paddle against your ass cheeks. I can hear a small whimper pass your lips. At first I give you a couple of very small pats on the ass. I love watching your ass wiggle with anticipation...with desire. Then...Whap! I bring the paddle down on your right ass cheek. You let out a loud moan of pain...and extreme pleasure. There is now a large red circle on your ass cheek. Three more smacks with the paddle and you are dripping with cum.

I toss the paddle aside and grab the closest pool cue. I run it between your ass cheeks and down to your pussy. Rubbing your clit with the cue I kiss your ass cheeks which are still red from the paddling. I continue to rub the cue between your wet pussy lips, getting you closer to orgasm, while at the same time, lubing up the cue.

When the cue is covered in your wetness I slide it out and begin to rub it against your asshole. Oh my god, yes!!! You struggle against your restraints. You want to just throw me to floor and fuck me until we both cum...but I wait...teasing you....prolonging your desire.

I watch your asshole clench and relax as I rub the hard, wooden stick against it. Slowly....very slowly...I push the
pool cue into your ass....stopping just an inch or so inside. You try to push back against the cue, wanting it deeper, but the restraints hold you. “Please...”you beg. I push deeper.

You moan long and loud as you feel it sliding deeper inside you. It looks so fucking hot...watching the glossy wooden cue stretch your sphincter and disappear deep inside. As I start to slide the cue in and out I can see your asshole clenched tightly around the stick. I am dripping pre-cum as my fingers reach between your legs and push into your tight pussy. With my fingers inside your pussy, I can feel the cue sliding in and out of your ass. Your orgasm is so close. I can feel the tremor in your body, waiting, desperate to be released.

Finally I can’t take it any longer. I want to be inside you...inside your ass. I slowly pull the cue out and replace it with my very hard cock. I watch as your asshole spreads around my cock head and then swallows it. Jesus Christ!!! It is so warm and tight in there. I can feel you twitch and spasm with pleasure. You pull against the restraints as you want control...but can’t have it. Grabbing your hips, I start to slide in and out of your ass...getting faster and faster. We are both moaning and grunting with pleasure. Your whole body shakes with each thrust of my cock. “Cum with me baby.” you pant as our bodies find the right rhythm.

I am so close and then......Fuuuuuuccccckkkkk!! Your ass tightens as you cum and I can hear you squirting on the floor...some of it running down your thighs. I push into you as deep as I can before I squirt my load. My cock swells and you can feel my warm cum filling you up. The orgasms last for several moments....both our bodies shaking with pleasure. Even once they subside, we stay there for a minute as our bodies relax and I can pull out without any pain.

I untie your legs first and then I move to the other side of the pool table and release your arms. There are purple and red marks against your wrists but you don’t seem to mind. You struggle for a moment to stand up upright. My cum is dripping from your ass and your cum is running down your legs.

You smile at me and let out a deep breath. “Swimming Pool” you say before going back down the stairs. This time I don’t even think about it – I follow you quickly down the stairs and back outside.


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