Nth QLD Car Hire

We had been holidaying up north in Cairns and my husband had returned to Brisbane earlier that week for work. I stayed back with family and was leaving several days later.
I was running a little late for my flight back home and rushed into the Cairns car rental office as the attendant watched over my young children sleeping in the car with the air con running.
“Hi” says Greg with a smile as he greeted me walking through the door.
I can feel his eyes looking over my body as it glistens with a light film of sweat from the warm tropical heat!
I was wearing a short dress and through the sunlight of the doorway I knew he could see the light beaming in between my legs as well as the shape and colour of my tiny hot pink g string!
My braless breasts were lightly bouncing as I walked in the door and the cool air con was making them hard and erect!
Greg is sitting at his desk and I couldn’t help but notice a slight bulge in his tight shorts. We have seen him several times through our travels up here and I have always quietly thought to myself that he was semi attractive for a middle aged guy.
I liked his deep blue eyes and how his collared shirt hugged his strong masculine body. Also the faint smell of expensive cologne gave him that little something.
“Your husband is a lucky man” he says to me in a seductive under tone.
He could see me blush as I thanked him for his compliment. I felt so good in myself knowing what he was thinking by the way his eyes were looking over me.
I pulled out my credit card to make payment for the rental car, as I leaned forward to swipe the card I was getting a slight tingle in-between my legs knowing he was catching a good glimpse of my cleavage. I seductively looked up to catch his eyes looking at me but he didn’t even attempt to look away!
The card beeped declined and I tried again. “Looks like its declining!” Greg says to me in a calm voice as he leaned back into his chair placing his hands on top of his head. I couldn’t help but notice the shape of his bulging thick cock through his tight shorts & he caught my stare. I blushed again & was feeling a little frustrated at what to do? “What should we do?” he playfully asked me.
I felt a little guilty about the thoughts that raced through my mind about how I would love to give him the time of his life regardless! “Geez you look stunning today!” Greg compliments again ‘I’m sure we could work something out as I know your plane leaves shortly & we gotta settle this account somehow?” Innocently I responded saying “Can’t you call my husband & he’ll arrange payment?” “The card is declined sexy! But you & I both know what would make me happy!” he says with a cheeky smile. “Look.. Your hubby doesn’t have to know...it’ll be our lil secret ok beautiful!”I knew I needed to leave yet I was thrilled & extremely turned on by the prospect of what was about to happen!
Greg firmly took me by the hand & quickly led me to their back room office area. He left the door open as we entered the room & immediately pulled me in close & firmly embraced me. Our lips touched as I tried to pull away he held my head & passionately kissed me! I loved the feel of his strong hands on my face, the hint of coffee on his breathe, & the bristles of his whiskers against my soft luscious lips.
My body was rushing with excitement as he ran his hand softly up my inner thighs & gently placed it over my now moist pussy! I let out a quiet moan of pleasure as his fingers rubbed my clitoris. He pulled my tiny pink g string aside & slipped his fingers into my wet freshly shaven pussy! “Oh you like that don’t you?” he says as he slipped another finger inside me.
Greg pulls back & unzips his shorts & kicked them off as they dropped to the floor. His thick hairy cock sprung free & I was eager to taste him! He pushed me down to my knees until I was eye level with his manhood. Wow I thought to myself as he had very hairy cock & balls but it was quit thick & tasty looking. I lifted up his cock so I could take his hairy balls in my mouth as I sensually pulled him off with my free hand. “Ooh yeah suck it!” he said as he grabbed my head & forced it onto his rod. I loved the taste & scent of his manliness as I sucked his cock like the hot wife that I am! Greg reached down & fondled my breasts whilst his other hand guided my head up & down on his thick hairy cock!
I reached down in between my legs & rubbed my wet pussy as I worked his cock & balls with my expertise. I was gagging as he forcibly shoved his hairy dick deeper down my throat & this was making me even hotter than before.
All of a sudden Michael walked past the door & stopped! (Michael is a young athletic English guy that has been working there some time now. He is very easy on the eye & around 6’2) “Oh my “he says. “Card declined” Greg states as he pushed my head back onto his dick. I looked toward Michael & thought how much more appealing he was as Greg was still forcing himself into my willing throat. “Come in mate, come & fuck this hot wife, her hubby will never know!” Greg says in a dominant voice.
Michael tears his pants & shirt off as he walks into the room. My eyes widened as I saw his beautifully shaped cleanly shaven big dick spring free! He positioned himself behind me & pulled my hips up until I was in a bent over standing position whilst Greg still forced my head onto his manhood. Standing behind me he rubs my wet pussy from behind as he positions the head of his big hard penis at the opening of my lips. He pulled my tiny G string aside & in one forceful movement he thrust his smooth cock deep inside me until I could feel his smooth balls slapping hard against my aroused clitoris.
Greg had his hands laced through my hair & all I could do was make gagging sounds of pleasure as he fucked my mouth with his thick hairy cock. “Oh you love this don’t you? If your hubby could see you now! Oh my god, YES! Suck that cock” Greg grunted at me. Unannounced he shot his thick heavy load into my mouth! I tried to pull back a little but he forcibly held my head onto his hairy manhood. His cum was thick & salty yet a little sweet. I let out a sultry moan of pleasure as I swallowed his cum whilst jacking his hairy cum covered cock off with my free hand.
Greg’s eyes were closed tight as he climaxed & he released his grip of my hair, I can feel Michael pounding his big white cock into me & I look over my shoulder at him. Greg’s cock subsides & I languidly licked the remaining cum residue off his hairy crotch. With that Michael picks me up from behind & moves me over to a small leather couch on the other side of the room. He softly kisses & sucks my neck sending shivers down my spine & goose bumps over my entire sweaty body.
Instantly he spins me around & pushed me hard into the couch.” Show me that sexy arse of yours you gorgeous little slut!” he ordered. I positioned myself on all fours & presented my perfect little round arse to him. “Oh yeah look at that sweet little anal hole of yours just begging for a good fucking!” I watched him spit into his hand & rub it on the pink head of his smooth big cock. He placed the head of his slippery penis against my wanting anal love canal. He pushed my shoulders & head into the arm rest section of the couch as he pushed his plump knob into my aching arse. “Ooh that’s incredible! Wow my goodness that’s good!” he says whilst he momentarily held his big dick inside my warm arse.
“OH MY GOD YEES!” I screamed as he slid himself deeper inside me. My body was tingling with ecstatic pleasure & emotion as I felt him inside me. Michael leaned in blew on the back of my neck before passionately kissing & sucking it. My body is in heaven as he whispered into my ear “You ready for this you sexy hot wife? I’m gonna give it to you hard ok?” “Please be careful” I ask him after he whispered his intentions into my ear. “No way baby your gonna really enjoy this!” he bluntly replied.
The feeling of his big smooth cock inside me is amazing as he slowly withdraws to the point just the tip of his head was slightly resting inside my wet sticky anal love hole. In an instant he drove his hard cock straight into me whilst pushing me into the couch. His hips were hammering into me from behind as his frenetic pace was almost unbearable! I tried to push him back a little but he grabbed my wrists & pinned them behind my back with one hand. “Bet your hubby doesn’t fuck you like this does he?” he aggressively said. With one hand pinning my wrists behind my back & the other pulling my hair from behind he continued to roughly pump his big smooth cock inside my now aching arse.
We were now both sweating profusely as Michael continued to assault my little arse with reckless abandon. My screams were muffled by the fact he was pushing my head into the couch still. “Hold those little slut arse cheeks apart for me!” he sternly said as he let go of my wrists & forcibly placed them on each of my silky smooth bum cheeks. I was holding them apart & know the sight of his cock sliding in & out of my tight arse would be soon sending him over the edge.
The smell of sex in the air is arousing & the feeling of him deep inside me is so stimulating knowing that he may come in my arse without telling me just like Greg had in my mouth beforehand. I could feel beads of sweat dripping onto my lower back & bum cheeks as Michael continued to force himself inside me. “I’m gonna cum in this sexy arse of yours baby!” he tells me. I try to answer but he drives my face into the couch as he thrusts his manhood relentlessly inside me.
I can feel & hear the sound of his smooth balls slapping against my soaking wet pussy with each thrust! The line between pleasure & pain is so close as he pumps my arse violently with his big cock. I continued to hold my arse cheeks apart taking him as deep as possible with each forceful thrust. I was loving the orgasmic emotions & was longing for him to fill me with his hot cum. “Aargh im gonna cum” he screamed out as he ejaculated his entire load deep into my aching love canal! He was breathing & grunting hard with each thrust as his rhythm slowed down to a slow gentle pelvic motion. I could feel his body shudder whilst his cock throbbed inside me.
He slowly withdrew his throbbing penis out of my cum filled arse & grabbed me by the arms, forcing me down to my knees in front of him. Without hesitation I licked his cum covered shaft & sensually sucked his dick clean all the while moaning with pleasure & satisfaction as I looked up into his bright blue eyes.
“Fuck your husband is a lucky man” both Greg & Michael mention again. I now pulled Michaels semi erect manhood out of my mouth & seductively licked my lips as they watched me. I hopped to my feet & quickly shake my hair & adjusted my short loose fitting summer dress. I went to pick up my tiny pink G string off the floor but Greg quickly snatches it up. “We’ll keep this as a memento hey Mel” he says smirking. They both point to the security camera in the corner of the room & say “we’ll keep that footage too & it can be our little secret! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again sexy!”
Michael quickly pulls up his shorts & slips on his shirt. ‘C’mon gorgeous you gotta plane to catch” I smiled shyly at them both & as i was walking out the door i could feel the cum in my arse & in between my cheeks as a sexy reminder of my steamy hot encounter in Cairns.

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