Mechanic - a sequel part 2

This is a sequel to my the first part of Mechanic -a sequel part 1 which I had written using my my previous profile.

After my mechanic's first blowjob experience after the mobile car service, he became a frequent visitor almost regularly every Friday afternoon after finishing his work at the shop.

As soon as I open the door at the 2nd floor apartment unit, he immediately puts down his pants and let me kneel in front of him to give his hard huge 8 inch cock a welcome sucking. And then he will proceed and go to my room and take all his clothes and sit on a couch with his legs spread apart and let me continue servicing and polishing his knob. During the first few visits, he almost have episodes of premature ejaculations. Jason easily gets excited and blow too soon.....But later on, he learned the art of controlling his ejaculations and enjoy a longer time to be pleasured ...

After a few visits, Jason had asked me to be nude as well...And I noticed his cock become thicker, swollen and bigger as he sees my hard cock oozing with precums while sucking his cock..He prefers to be sucked with no hands holding his throbbing monster cock, and just my mouth sucking it, and paying attention to the knob and helmet of his very sensitive uncut dick.

Jason later on got interested in anal play, and started teasing my hole with it...asking me to assume a doggie position on the bed and slowly pushing his hard cock in...until half of its length is inside my tight clean ass, then pulling it out and letting me suck it quickly. Then putting it back, same teasing manner, until the whole length is deep inside me, then thrusting passionately until he ultimately blows, usually pulling out and blowing on my ass cheeks or warm mouth...

I get turned on myself looking at the mirror in the room while his muscular body fucks my nicely shaped ass. Its almost like watching a porno video, which is always live every Friday afternoon.

And Jason became not just a fuck buddy but a good friend. .. He stays a few minutes and we will have some chat and stay nude and have ciggies together out at the veranda where people below can only see our half of our naked bodies..And this comes with the ease of sorting out any of my car problems which he will gladly do for free after a nice fuck and head job. That I had called "friend with benefits"...

When I asked Jason whether he will let another bi or gay guy suck his cock, he replied, "no, Im only comfortable with you and you are the only guy that had ever sucked my cock". For me its quite flattering to hear. Our friendship and sex lasted for a few years almost 3 from what I can recall.

I reminded Jason how I first "seduced" him when I saw him standing beside my car after the test drive. I saw his zipper down, and I casually zipped it up and joked " I think your cock wanted to be sucked. I was so nervous then that he might not take the joke lightly ...but he replied and by whispering to my ear "do you know how?"...I said "of course , one of the best blowjob your will ever have".
"Then what are we doing down here?" "Let's come up in your unit and prove it to me".

Few years later, Jason admitted that on the contrary, I was not the one who "seduced" him. He was so horny that day when he returned my car after having the blown head gasket fixed. He intentionally, put his zip down as his hard cock is feeling "tight" inside his pants. And he was dying to have his cock sucked that hot afternoon.

After a while, Jason felt so comfortable in my place that he began experimenting doing what he watches on porn videos.. He wanted to try and experience how is it to suck a cock.. By all means I said, "of course you can suck my cock too!" His first attempt felt like a pro. I asked him how he learned to do it so good. He replied "by just watching and doing how those girl sluts suck huge cock on porn video"..

I had always fantasise of someday I can fuck his muscular and virgin ass. Jason told me "soon...just be patient.".

Jason then disappeared for a good almost two years. He told me he needed to sort things out with family matters. But he promised to come back once everything is back in order.

One night, I got this anonymous text message from a number that I couldnt recognise. By then, I had moved houses twice. The text message says "do you still live at the same place where I used to visit you?, I knocked there and there were different people who answered the door". I replied, "May I know who is this?" And he replied " This is Jason, I lost your phone number and had been trying to keep track of your mobile phone number which finally found in one of the old tax invoice for the job done on your car". "Do you want to catch up tonight?, It has been a long while". I was so happy and excited to meet Jason again and I immediately texted back my new address. "Are you free tonight?" I asked. He replied, "I wanted to go to your place earlier this time so that I could stay longer and catch up with you".

The Jason I met after a long while, was a more handsome, shaved, and healthy looking guy. Although he had gained a few kilos. He told me, that I haven't even changed a bit and looks exactly the same when he first met me. After some brief chit chats, we went to my room and got naked together. Jason told me straightforwardly, "this time I want you to try and fuck me!". Wow, this has been a fantasy come true. I told Jason, its not that easy but I shall be very gentle. He went to have a shower and have a "clean-up" as I told him, its best to experience first time to be fucked when he is all clean down there. This time, Jason offered to suck me first and make sure my cock gets so hard to make sure I can penetrate his tight, virgin ass. "Am I technically popping your cherry mate?, I joked". "Yes you are buddy", comes his reply. I lay flat on bed while Jason serviced my cock. Damn it felt good...and then when I was so throbbing hard, Jason assumed a doggie position and spread his muscular ass cheeks part. I quickly put some lube and condoms on...but Jason told me he wanted it bare!!. Damn my cock even became harder. I had never tried it before.

II slowly and gently pushed my hard cock into his tight ass and instructed him to breath through his mouth, while I tried to reach my hand to wanked him from behind. It was initially like jamming a hard cock on a cement wall, it was hurting my knob. I told Jason, he needs to be relaxed and applied more lube,

And then slowly, my very red and hard cock went past beyond that tight anal sphincter, and it was an amazing sensation as the whole length of my cock slowly penetrated his ass....bare without the condom. Damn this feels so different!!. And then I began thrusting my way, teasing like what he used to do to me, before giving him a really good pounding. Both of his hands were pulling the blanket and he was moaning so loud, I had to remind him I am now living in a unit, unlike in a house where we could make so much noise as we wanted.

As soon as his ass finally "loosened up", we tried different positions, him riding me, missionary, sideways, etc, and doggie again. Jason said I just him at that right spot that felt so good. I explained that it was his prostate getting "massaged" by my cock from behind. Eventually, I couldnt hold it any longer ...
"I'm gonna blow mate!!". "Blow deep inside me!!". ...Which I long time fantasy had come true. It felt amazingly great...I felt that this time, I am the dominant one who is in control, and felt great fucking a muscular Maltese guy who is willing to be dominated by an Asian guy..

We still infrequently play...but the roles have been reversed. Jason now became the submissive bottom...but I haven't got any complaints.

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