College girls.
I had been divorced for a couple of years now and at 42 years old was thinking of downsizing to a smaller house, mostly because I felt that the three bedrooms that were not in use were a waste and besides that it would cost much less to maintain a smaller place.
I was reading the local paper and I noticed an advert by the college just down the road from where I lived. They were urgently looking for accommodation in the area for the next intake of students which was due in only two weeks time.
After a few phone calls I agreed to rent out the three spare rooms to three young girl students. I didn’t want boys as I didn’t want the hassles of having them bringing their rowdy mates over for drinking sessions and god knows what else. Besides that I had found that I had always got on better with the female sex than the male and besides it would be nice to have some female company about the house once again.
I spent the next two weeks cleaning and sprucing up the three rooms and making them nice for the girls and I bought some nice feminine knickknacks for the dressing tables etc.
The day came when the girls arrived and I was pleased to find that they were all nice girls, polite and very attractive. My name is Jim I said and they introduced themselves as Sarah, Jane and Pam.
I showed them over the house and told them to treat the whole house as their home and that they were welcome to cook and use the kitchen, laundry and utilities as they required.
After the tour we finished up in the family room which was part of a large open plan which included the kitchen and dining area. I explained that it would be for everyone to use and the house was equipped with WIFI so they could use their laptops anywhere they wished.
I suggested that when they had unpacked and had a shower after their long journey, we should gather in the family room to get to know each other over a meal which I had prepared earlier.
It was late February and the weather was quite hot so I had prepared a nice cold meat salad and a couple of bottles of sparkling wine to celebrate their arrival.
They came from their rooms and I could not keep my eyes off of them. They were all wearing the skimpiest of mini skirts and thin, almost see through shirt tops with only two buttons fastened and tied at the waist and it was obvious that none of them were wearing a bra as the outline of their perfectly shaped breasts was obvious through the thin material.
Oh crumbs, I thought, I could get used to seeing this sort of thing every day, as I ogled their perfect young bodies all through the meal.
After we had finished eating we cleared the table and as Sarah bent over to load the dishwasher a had a great view of her naked shaved pussy beneath her overly short skirt and I saw that she had no panties on.
This was getting just to good and I felt a bulge beginning to swell in my shorts.
I heard Pam and Jane giggling and turned to see that they had watched what had just happened and the physical effect that it had had on me had not gone unnoticed.
The family room was set up with two sofas facing each other and I sat on one with Sarah and the other two girls sat opposite me.
Thanks for loading the dishwasher I said I have a bit of a problem with my back at the moment, I think I pulled it when I was moving the furniture around in your rooms the other day.
All three girls grinned and promised to take turns loading it. “But only if you will oversee the hole thing.” Pam said and they all laughed at her pun.
In the next few minutes I found that they had all gone to school together in Sydney and had all signed up to study massage therapy at the college here in Perth.
“I’ll tell you what, you should let us practice on you, I’m sure we could fix your stiffness for you.” Jane said. “Yes and your back too” Said Sarah. And they all laughed
As we had been talking Pam and Jane had deliberately been opening their legs revealing two beautiful pink shaved pussies and I could no longer conceal the raging hard on that had developed in my shorts.
“Common let’s help you with a nice massage, what harm can it do?” Sarah said and she and Jane took my two hands and pulled me up off of the sofa.
I put up no resistance as they walked me into Pam’s room and pulled the single bed away from the wall into the center of the room.
They helped me off with my clothes and I lay face down in my underpants.
They wasted no time in getting to work on my back and legs and as I lay there I could feel my penis straining against my underpants. It felt so good having three pairs of hands working my muscles in my back and legs and after five minutes I was told to lift up and my underpants were quickly whipped down and off.
The massage continued but this time massage oil was pored all over me and now my rear end was included. Their hands were everywhere, all over me, kneading my rump, I even felt fingers stroking and gently rubbing my anus and as my legs were slowly eased apart my testicles were next to be softly fondled.
Another few minutes passed and then I was instructed to turn over.
I hesitated for a moment or two as I now had a full erection and felt a bit embarrassed but I thought what the hell, that’s what they expect to see.
To my surprise they passed no comment on my throbbing eight inches but I noticed that a smile was exchanged between them and poring oil all over my front they began massaging my chest and legs.
Their soft hands were all over me again but my cock was completely ignored my testicles were massaged my anus was massaged but not my cock.
“Gee it’s hot today” said Sarah and she untied, unbuttoned and removed her shirt revealing her perfect pair of C’s. for all to see.
The other two agreed and following her lead striped out of their shirts too.
I was now gazing up at three pairs of beautiful young full firm breasts jiggling above me as they resumed my massage, still avoiding all contact with my straining member.
Another few minutes passed and then. “I’m still hot” said Sarah as she pulled down and stepped out of her skirt. “Me to” the others both said in unison and the next minute I was being massaged by three naked beauties.
I could not resist any longer and I reached up to feel Pam’s D sized breasts which were wobbling just a few inches above my head.
This was just what they had been waiting for.
Both my hands were quickly grabbed and before I realized what was happening both my wrists were handcuffed to the sides of the bed.
“There that should keep you in line whilst we carry on with your massage.” Pam said.
I then realized that this was no spur of the moment thing but that they had planned ahead and set up the cuffs earlier, before dinner.
“We noticed that you liked what you saw when we arrived and it didn’t take much for us to tempt you with our skimpy clothes and sexy innuendoes. You played right into our hands in every sense of the word.” Jane said. And the all laughed at her whit.
“Now we can really start to enjoy you.” Sarah said as she poured a liberal amount of oil over my cock and began to slowly stroke it.
To my surprise the other two began to play with her breasts and pussy and soon had her breathing heavy she released my cock and as the others worked on her she began to heave her hips and she began to thrust forward to meet the fingers which were deeply imbedded in her beautiful pink pussy.
It took only a few minutes to bring her to the brink of an orgasm whereupon she quickly straddled me and impaling herself on my penis and began to ride me cowgirl style.
It was so erotic as I felt my cock being engulfed by her hot tight vagina. She rode me hard for a few minutes and had a shuddering orgasm. Then to my dismay she dismounted before I could cum.
As soon as she had finished with me she and Jane turned their attention to Pam who was soon brought to the same state as Sarah had been brought to and she mounted me and rode me as Sarah had until after a very short time she too had a great orgasm and dismounted before I could cum.
Jane was next and it took only a couple of minutes to get her ready. She was so worked up that she began to orgasm as soon as my cock was inside her.
She rode me through her orgasm and dismounted as the others had.
“how did you like that” said Sarah.
“Very nice” I said “but you didn’t let me cum.”
“Oh don’t worry about that you will cum all you like later. But tell me who do you think of us could cum the most times in say, an hour?”
Remembering how sexy Jane had just been I said “I think Jane perhaps, but I think you could both give her a run for her money”
“Ok if you promise to do all we ask of you we will make sure we cure that stiffness good and properly for you.”
“I promise” I said.
The cuffs were opened and I was released and my place was taken by Jane who was fastened to the bed in a spread-eagled position by a cuff at each corner we want you to help us make her cum as much as we can, non stop for an hour.
This should be fun I thought as we applied plenty of oil and began working on her already trembling body.
The girls took a breast each and I was given a vibrating dildo which I applied to her clit she immediately began to thrust herself up to meet it and as the girls sucked her nipples and kneaded her lovely firm breasts she began to orgasm we kept up the pressure and I slid the dildo into her and as I stroked it just inside her the vibrations on her G spot quickly brought another orgasm. We kept her on the simmer for a few minutes to recover and then brought her to the boil again as I began sucking and licking her clit whilst keeping the vibrator on her G spot. This seemed to drive her right over the top and she writhed and bucked her way through a massive orgasm. As soon as she had come down from the peak of that one I renewed my efforts and the vibrator and my tongue brought her to another orgasm. I seem to have found the failsafe way to force orgasm after orgasm out of her. I continued to do so again and again. She began to moan in a state of delirium as I kept up my onslaught but I kept on ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her.
Eventually the hour was up and we stopped making her cum and released her from her cuffs.
She lay there trembling on the bed as we compared notes and decided that she had orgasmed an amazing 20 times in the hour that’s once every thee minutes.
We had a coffee and a little rest and when Jane had recovered she told us what it was like to be so out of control and being forced to orgasm again and again. She told us that it was the most fantastic feeling that she had ever had, her body tingled all over and it didn’t seem to belong to her, which indeed it didn’t as it had been all ours for an hour.
“Ok” Pam said “it’s time to keep our promise, on the bed with you Jim and we’ll see what you’ve got for us.”
I did as I was bid and was swiftly cuffed to the bed spread-eagled as Jane had been. The oil was applied and the massage began but this time my cock received their full attention along with my balls and anus.
They were in no hurry and took their time to slowly work on me to achieve a pulsating erection.
Pam was the first to mount me, this time without having the others bringing her to the brink of an orgasm first.
She rode me with a slow sensual rhythm which very gradually brought me to the brink then she stopped and let me come down a little before resuming her slow ride again. She did this five times before eventually she could stand it no longer herself and instead of letting me come down she began to lose her self control and go for her life, riding me hard and fast. Grinding her clit against me as she bore down hard to get every bit of my 8 inches inside her as far as she could. I felt her young cunt muscles squeeze my cock tightly as it seemed to be devouring it, drawing it into her and as she came so did I.
After all the teasing I had suffered at their hands there was heaps of sperm waiting to invade her and I began to pump it all in great wads into her grasping pussy. OH OH OH YYEESSS OH FUCK OH FUCK YYYEEEESSSSS!!! She cried out and her cunt sucked and milked me dry when we finished Cumming she just sat there feeling the throbbing of my cock diminishing as we slowly came down from our orgasms.
After a while she found the energy to dismount me with my cum dribbling from her pink flushed pussy as she did.
Sarah was standing over me with a hot towel which she had prepared whilst Jane had been riding me and she wrapped my cock in it to clean it and after it was wiped clean she began to suck on it.
It had deflated quite a lot but what she was doing still felt good and after about ten minutes I was surprised to find that she was slowly bringing it back and as the blood began to fill it again and my erection slowly returned what she was doing felt better and better. She began to massage it with warm oil gripping the base of it to keep the blood from draining back.
After about twenty minutes she had restored it to its former glory and she straddled me and slid her cunt down over the full length of it. She began to ride me and she steadily brought me closer and closer to an orgasm.
I had never been able to cum again in such a short time but I felt that I could do so soon.
She suddenly gasped and I felt her orgasm start and her cunt clamped down on my cock as she ground down on me.
Oh no I thought it’s too soon. I’m not there yet.
She rode me through her orgasm and slumped down on me when she was finished.
When she dismounted she said she had noticed that I hadn’t cum but that’s to be expected after such a short recovery time, but Jane was sufficiently recovered to finish me off and after all the Cumming which she had done she will be a bit slow to reach an orgasm too so that should work out well.
Jane straddled me and before she took my cock into her she placed a tight cock ring on the base of my cock. She then began to stroke it by hand until it felt like it was ready to burst. The ring was keeping the blood from draining back out and the head was swollen an purple and very hard and sensitive.
Jane lowered herself onto it and as she slowly slid it into her, the sensitive head was slowly swallowed into her hot belly and the feeling was very intense as all of the nerve endings were pressed out to the very surface of the skin of my cock head.
She began to ride me slowly and steadily and I was soon approaching an orgasm which she sensed and she rode me a little harder as I got closer and closer eventually my orgasm started and as it did I realized that the cock ring would barely let the cum through, which caused the pumping action to turn into a terrific throbbing as I came. She was still riding me steadily as my orgasm finished and she just kept on and on riding my still fully stiff cock. The cock ring was keeping me hard and the sensitive head was being over stimulated but she just kept going.
She was grinning as she quickened the pace and was riding me harder and harder which was now making me beg her to stop.
“How do you like having to just keep on taking it like I did?” she said
Now it’s payback time.
She rode me and rode me and my poor cock was still rock hard. She was thoroughly enjoying herself by working toward her orgasm and she still kept on regardless of my pleading for her to stop.
Strangely enough the pain from my oversensitive cock head began to diminish and I could feel myself approaching yet another orgasm she took great delight in riding me as hard as she could until I eventually came for a third time which was enough to make her cum with me. She was eventually satisfied and climbed off of the bed. She removed the cock ring and my poor swollen cock gradually returned to normal and I was released from my shackles.
We all showered and sat around in the family room still naked.
“We have decided that we will like living with you now that we know how much we like your cock, so how do you like the idea of fucking us every day? Do you think you can keep up with us?” Pam said.
I’ll do my best but not to the same level as today.
“Don’t worry we won’t put you through that again but we will require a good regular fucking I think we will take turns at being your sex slaves and sleeping in your bed in turn and we must submit to anything that you want, without question when it’s our turn in your bed..
“Yes” Sarah added “and on Saturdays we will pick one of us girls to be the slave of all the others and she must submit to being sexually teased by us all during the whole day but not allowed to cum, until finally going to your bed fully sexed up and you must become her sex slave for that night. That should be fun.”
“Oh and one more thing, you must let us practice on you the massage techniques we learn at college every evening just before you take one of us to bed. That should make life interesting for your slave of the day” Jane said with a wicked grin.
Then I submitted to a nice massage by them all where they teased me and kept playing with my cock making me randy and Sarah was selected to be my slave for the first night so we all teased her too.
That was the start of a great first term of a one year course.
Needless to say I won’t be selling my house anytime soon.

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