Neighbourhood Watch Part 1

I wrote a three part story for a friend a few years ago and thought I'd post it on here. The first part is more vanilla and then becomes gradually more kinky. Enjoy.

Neighbourhood Watch Part 1

It’s a hot day. The warm sun is caressing your body as you lie in your backyard wearing nothing but your bikini and your sunglasses. Lying on your stomach you finish the chapter of the novel you’re reading before you decide it’s time for some more tanning oil. You grab the bottle and pour some of the coconut smelling liquid onto your hands before you rub each arm and leg. You rub your right shoulder blade and then the left before moving to the sides of your back. Struggling, you try to reach the middle of your back. No such luck.

“Need a hand?” You hear me say from behind you. You quickly turn around and see my head poking above your backyard fence. I had been watching you for some time and I really liked what I saw. “Do you need a hand?” I ask again.

You are unsure what to do. You’re not scared but you’re nervous. Who is this stranger offering to help? I smile at you as my eyes wander...your hair resting against your bare shoulders.... your red bikini barely covering your large breasts....your firm ass covered by a skimpy bikini bottom....your toned legs stretched out on the deckchair. Very nice. You give a small, barely noticeable nod and hold up the bottle of tanning oil in my direction. I don’t have to be told twice. I quickly climb over the fence and make my way past your pool and over to where you are sitting.

I take the bottle from your hand as you roll back onto your stomach. Your nervousness has given way to excitement. I kneel down next to you and squirt some of the tanning oil into my hands. It’s been warmed by the sun. I start with your shoulders. Moving your hair to the side I slide my hands over your skin, making sure the oil covers every inch. I don’t just rub the oil against your skin – I massage it into you, kneading the muscles with my fingers.

You turn back to your book but your eyes are not focused on the words. I move my hands down your back before I come to your bikini string. I grab one end of the string and pull...until the tie is undone. I flick the string to either side and begin to slide my hands over your bare back. I can feel your heart racing as my fingers trace up and down your spine. When your whole back is shiny with oil I very slowly, slide my hands down your side and gently rub the soft flesh of your breast. I feel you tense up but after a few moments you relax, closing your eyes and enjoying my strong hands touching your body. You can feel your nipples harden and rub against the deckchair. My hands move farther down your body and your excitement builds.

I ensure I rub the oil over your hips....but I leave your ass alone. To your surprise, you find you’re disappointed. I re-oil my hands and begin rubbing your toned legs. They are gorgeous....curvy but firm. I grasp your right thigh with both hands then slide them all the way down to your feet. I do this several times before repeating the motion on your other leg. Your whole body is now glistening in the sun.

But I’m not done yet.

I move over and straddle your chair, sitting between your legs. Your bikini bottom has a tie on each side. I slowly pull the left side string until the knot pops undone. I let the string drop and start on the right side. You hold your breath as I pull the string until it too, comes undone. I reach over and grab the top your bikini bottom and pull it down.

Oh. My. God. Your ass is beautiful. I let your panties drop between your legs. My cock is pushing against my hard it’s hurting. I oil up my hands for a third time as I stare at your ass. My eyes follow the curves between your legs and stop at your pussy. Even from where I’m sitting, I can see how swollen your pussy lips are...wet with anticipation. You know I am staring at your pussy and you feel so exposed. A part of you wants to get up and run into the house...but another part of you wants me to touch you....lick you....slide inside you.

With my hands oiled I began to rub your ass. hands slide over your curves....softly but getting firmer. Using both hands I begin to knead and squeeze your ass. You stifle a moan as my hand slid close to your wet pussy. Your hips begin to move sub-consciously...raising up and down slowly. My hands spread your ass....FUCK!!! Your tight brown asshole is so delicious I have to force myself not to lean down and lick it. An audible moan passes through your lips as I take my finger and slide it down your crack....past your asshole and between your lips. You thrust your hips out, trying to force my finger inside you. I smile and pull away and continue to rub the tanning oil over your ass.

I squirt some of the tanning oil directly onto your ass and you sigh with pleasure as you feel it trickle down your asshole and onto your now dripping pussy. My hands explore your body, rubbing the oil in but I ensure I don’t touch your pussy. I know...I’m a tease. I squeeze your ass and spread your cheeks again. This time I don’t restrain myself. I lean down and my tongue slowly circles your asshole. Oh God!!!! You push back against my tongue as you thrust your hand between your legs and start to rub your clit. I continue to lick your asshole while grabbing your thighs and it doesn’t take long before you orgasm. I can feel your asshole clench as you moan with pleasure...your fingers covered in your cum.

Before the orgasm has even stopped coursing through your body you throw your book to the side, stand up and push me onto the chair. A quick pull of my shorts and my hardness is now exposed to the sun. You look greedily at it, before you lie down on the deck chair between my legs. I watch you as you gently touch my hardness – it twitches with pleasure. You smile as you grasp it firmly in your hand. I close my eyes as you kiss the tip and lick away the pre-cum. Your lips spread wider as you swallow my whole shaft. Fucking hell! I can feel my orgasm growing as your lips slide up and down. You lick my cock and suck on my balls as my hips start to move of their own accord. I fuck your mouth as you slurp my shaft.

After a few moments you take your mouth away from my cock and you slide your body up until you are straddling my hips. My hardness is pressed against my stomach and I can feel your very wet pussy against my balls. You kiss me....hard. I suck on your tongue as you wrap your arms around my head. We moan and gasp as our tongues flick in and out of each other mouths. You slide around on my thighs and I can feel my cock push between your pussy lips. My hand firmly grasps your ass as you lean back. I kiss your neck before slowly kissing down your shoulders and between your breasts before taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking on them. You push my head harder against your breasts as I start to bite your nipples. Oh god yes!!

You push me back against the deckchair again. You smile as you raise up a little, before reaching around behind you, grabbing my cock and lining it up with your wet opening....then slowly....very lower yourself onto me. We both end up closing our eyes and sighing with pleasure. You are so warm and tight. Your previous orgasm has made it even tighter. I can feel your cum already dribbling down my balls. With my hands still firmly gripping your ass, you begin to slide up and down my cock. After touching your body and playing with your pussy and ass I know it’s not going to take long for me to cum.

You pull in close and kiss me again. I can feel your hard nipples pressed against my chest. My cock is throbbing, pulsating inside you...engorging itself ready for the orgasm that is so close. Sweat is dripping from our bodies and I can taste the saltiness when I kiss your neck. Oh god yes....the sounds of our moaning echo across the backyard...our bodies slapping together with each thrust. Mmmmmm.....

Your orgasm hits suddenly. I can feel you tighten as you pull me closer, our arms wrapped around each other. You let out a long, loud moan as you cum. I can feel your wetness on my balls and thighs. “I’m gonna cum!” I shout. You quickly slide off me and wrap your lips around my cock. You can taste your cum as you slide your lips up and down my shaft. It doesn’t take long – a few moments later I squirt my warm load into your waiting mouth. I can feel your tongue circling the head of my cock as you swallow it all. Shivers of pleasure run down my legs.

After several moments you pull your mouth away from my cock and swallow the remaining cum. You wipe your chin as you stand up. Glancing at me briefly, you turn and walk back into your house.

I don’t know if you want me to follow you or not. But as you walk away, and I can see your beautiful firm body striding into your house, there is an all too familiar stirring in my groin. You leave the sliding glass door open as you disappear inside. I quickly stand up and follow you into the house.


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