Fridge Frolics

A few years back at my current workplace we used to have a lunchtime walking group. One day on a mid 30 degree day about six of us went and over the hour people got separated. Towards the end of this walk I was with one of our products managers (Helle). Helle was a serious MILF, super fit, A nice set of B cup boobs and liked to talk dirty. She would always put a sexual connetation to an email between her and I. While walking with her she told me her husband liked women who wore no knickers while wearing a mini skirt and that she wasn't wearing any knickers today I instantly got a hard on. When we got back to work we went into the walk in fridge to cool down. As we were in the fridge Helle took off her T-Shirt and her nipples had become hard and were prominate through her sports bra. My hard on had become more prominate through my shorts and she stuck her hand down my shorts to get a good feel and started to jerk me off. We then kissed and then she moved her shorts to one side and told me to enter her soaking wet twat. I got Helle to go to the back of the fridge where I could then pick her up and enter her. Our tongue probing kisses muffled any noise as I thrusted into her. Helle then whispered in my ear to fire my cum into her snatch and I did so filling it with a huge load. As I withdrew I stuck two fingers up her pussy (A lovely mix of her nectar and my cum) and Helle cleaned it off sharing it with me in a tongue probing kiss. We then smartly changed and went back to work. We had quite the affair having sex at least 6 more times. Thankfully she was on the pill so getting pregnant was reduced. Her husband never found out.

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