Best ever conference

The yearly conference was half way done and we had a delicates dinner with entertainment which was pretty boring. I went to the bar to get a drink and a lady I had noticed earlier arrived just as I did. She was around 5'8 and had a hot looking body and beautiful eyes. As we were both were waiting to be served We struck up conversation and the connection was immediate..
I asked if I could buy her a drink but she declined saying she had to look after some clients until the function was over but would love to have catch up some time if we meet again.
I thought nothing would come of it but as the night was coming to a close I was coming out of the change rooms I bumped into her coming out of the ladies.
Are you ready for that drink I asked? She said yeh why not. Just as we got out to the bar again the call came for our bus to leave. (Not good at this stage)
Anyway we ended up sitting beside each other on the way back to the hotel and our mutual attraction was electric.

We ended up in my room and although we both said we were not interested in anything other than conversation because we were both attached , I couldn't help myself. The moment we touched it was electric. The taste of her lips body and beautiful pussy I can still feel to this day.
I kissed her all over for ages until she said please I want you inside me. I slowly rubbed my cock up and down her already juiced lips and then slid in to the most beautiful sensation and worked into a frenzy of pumping her while she begged for more. She had almost constant orgasms for about ten minutes.
I was about to blow my load and she said I want your come in my mouth.
Just in time I pulled out and she wrapped her lips around my cock and took it deep down her throat. I exploded a massive load into her mouth so much that it spilled down onto her beautiful boobs ever though she was trying to swallow it all. I then licked the rest off her boobs and kissed her passionately.

That was the first of an on going affair that has lasted for over a decade.
I still crave the next meeting we have

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