A Fantasy 1st Meeting..............

I walk up to your front door, wearing a black suit and tie. We’ve never met but know each other by sight. I knock, and you open the door slightly, wearing only a bathrobe, loosely tied, with a vibrator sticking out the top of the pocket. When you see me, you open the door wide and step back to allow me access, and as you do so, the weight of the vibrator pulls your robe open, revealing your nakedness underneath; the curve of your breasts, and the lovely V further down.
I step through the doorway, and as you shut the door, I take you by the shoulders, spin you around and push you gently back against the door. I kiss you long and passionately, our tongues hungrily tasting each other, my hands on your hips, inside your robe. I then move down and kiss your neck. As I do, I move my hands up and slide the robe from your shoulders and it falls to the floor.
I kiss your neck and throat, before slowly working my lips down your chest.. I am holding both your wrists gently but firmly against the door, so all you can do is stand there and enjoy the sensations as I reach first your right breast, moving my lips onto the nipple, kissing, licking your areola in circles from the outside, working the circles smaller and smaller until I reach the centre.
Your nipple is now hard and I gently take it between my teeth and nibble, lick and suck all at once. I feel you shudder, so kiss my way across your chest to your other breast and repeat. I then drop to my knees in front of you and kiss the space under your breasts that make you shiver, then down your torso, over your belly until I reach your pubic mound.
You open your legs to allow me access to your pussy, but instead, I kiss everywhere above your hot wet slit but never quite get to where you want me to be. I then move my mouth to your hips, and down one leg to your knee and back up. Then the same on the other side. I can feel the anticipation going through your body....
But then I grab your hips and spin you around so you are facing the door. I stand and kiss your shoulders, and trail my tongue down your spine until I’m back on my knees, where I once again start at your hips and work my way to the backs of your knees and back up. Then I kiss and gently bite your gorgeous arse cheeks, making you jump just a little.
Then I run my tongue up and down your arse crack, making you quiver, with each pass, you feel my tongue go deeper and deeper between your cheeks. Then I pull them open and run my tongue in circles over your quivering bud, again until the tip of my tongue ever so lightly touches your arse. Then I give one very firm lick, from the bottom of your arse to the top, making you shudder violently, at which point I place the tip of my tongue on your anus and push, slowly, deeply, in and out tongue fucking your arse as you moan.
I then turn you around again, with your back to the door, and can feel the tension in you as I know what you are waiting for. You spread your legs as much as you can while standing and I move towards your dripping wet pussy. But instead of giving you what you want, I gently blow on your pussy. Your shivers are enormous. Then I take one of your legs and put it over my shoulder, the door and my shoulder keeping you balanced...just.
I kiss all around your now swollen lips, not quite touching them, then gently lick the outside of your lips, feeling the throbbing pulse within them. I then suddenly take your entire pussy into my mouth, sucking on your labia, while my tongue parts it and vigorously licks your pulsating clit. I move my tongue between clit and you soaking wet hole, sliding it just inside. I keep doing this, your pussy inside my mouth, until you cum ferociously hard, needing to grip onto my shoulders to keep you upright as your body is wracked by the enormous orgasm. As you begin to sag against the door, I double my efforts, sucking the sweet cum juice from you, licking your clit, and make you explode over and over.
When you feel like you’ve had enough, I remove my mouth from you, and pick up the vibrator from the floor and insert it in you. Once inside, I turn it to full and then slowly but firmly fuck you with your vibrator. As I feel you start to reach climax again, I place my mouth over your clit again and suck really hard, all the while the vibrator going in and out.
My other hand goes to your anus and I insert a finger inside. I’m now sucking your clit, fucking your pussy with the vibrator and fucking your arse with my finger all at once. You absolutely explode! I give you 3 more explosive orgasms in this way before removing your leg draped over my shoulder and stand in front of you.
I kiss you deeply and passionately, letting you taste your own cum. As I do so, you reach down and unzip my trousers. You pull out my by now throbbing and rock hard cock, give it a very firm grip, the squeezing letting out a large dribble of precum, which you love. You then give it one more firm squeeze, and use the grip on my cock to lead me to your bedroom, where we begin to have some more fun...
The whole time, from you opening the door to leading me to the bedroom, not a word was spoken between us........

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